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A wardrobe in a room is considered an imperial and indispensable element. A wardrobe is a necessity in-home, where all your stuff can be easily stored and well-organized. Putting your stuff and trivial things in the wardrobes helps make your room tidy, clean, and well organized.

Not only in bedrooms but elsewhere in a house, the wardrobe is counted as an essential organizing tool to store all your stuff. By keeping the stuff organized, wardrobes are not only limited to the storage needs only but have a lot to do with the room’s interior and affect the overall look.

Choosing the right wardrobe can easily put an end to your storage concerns. A wardrobe that maximizes space, complements your interiors, offers efficient storage, and keeps all your stuff organized can be the right choice for you.

Searching for the perfect wardrobe can be an intricate and daunting task, as most freestanding cabinets tend to be either the wrong fit for space or lack enough storage for all the stuff. However, choosing the right one is challenging.

Giving impeccable service from every angle, we offer a diverse range of extraordinary luxury wardrobe collections in several categories laced with extreme precision finishing, unmatched level of perfection and efficient storage solution.

Our wardrobe specialist will patiently listen to the considerations and desired aesthetic by providing a truly impeccable design and services. Doubtful about choosing the perfect fit for your room? Here are the best wardrobe collections that can be an excellent go-to option for you. Find the inspiration to maximize the storage space by exploring the wide range of wardrobe styles with true style indulgence.

TEL Kitchens offers you variety of Bespoke wardrobes:

Sliding wardrobe

1. Sliding Door wardrobe

Make a style statement in your room by choosing the sliding wardrobe designs. The wardrobe designs come with an array of lacquered glass, mirrored, laminate, frosted, and many more. You can choose any according to your requirements and style.

The sliding door wardrobes are royalty combined with the desired functionality and come with sufficient storage space that makes them perfect for your grand abode.

Sliding wardrobes can fit into any crevice. These wardrobes are amongst space-efficient wardrobe designs. The wardrobe designs with swing doors take unnecessary space, and that is where sliding wardrobes are the best pick to save space.

Transform your room with a fine sliding wardrobe installation that can hold all your stuff with ease. Wardrobes with sliding doors look sleek, stylish, and contemporary, making them perfect for your room.

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Fitted Wardrobes

2. Fitted Wardrobes

Show off your style and augment your room’s décor with graceful and beautifully designed fitted wardrobes that leave a taste of luxury. If you are looking for a wardrobe design that offers space efficiency and a style statement, then fitted wardrobes are perfect for you.

Fitted wardrobes create more space for your stuff and can be tailored according to the dimensions of your room. A great advantage of choosing the fitted wardrobes is that it maximizes the vertical space available and is excellent to revamp the awkward corners of your room. We believe in creating great wardrobe designs devoid of compromising on quality and functionality.

Unlike ordinary fitted wardrobes, we provide the finest wardrobe design solution with no wasted space. Stretching from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, every inch is utilized, giving you up to forty-five percent more area than ordinary ones. Get twice the space with fitted wardrobe designs.

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Fitted Wardrobes

3.Glass Wardrobes

Glass wardrobes provide the look you need and the style you crave; without compromising on serving the functionality.

When choosing the latest wardrobe designs, glass wardrobes top the list for their aesthetic values. Contemporary yet stylish, opting for a glass wardrobe can elevate the entire look of your room.

Glass wardrobes are trendy wardrobes that provide glam and grace to the room. If you want the elements that are unique and stand out, the glass wardrobes are perfect. Glass wardrobes instantly uplift the bedroom’s aesthetic appeal.

A sneak peek into the apparel and the gear you own. The stunning glass trend is taking over homes with a beautiful appearance and flawless finishes. A vertical mirror or glass can be even better, as you will get to check out the whole ensemble before stepping out.

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Hinged Wardrobes

4. Hinged Wardrobes

Merging style with elegance! Hinged wardrobes never go out of fashion. Hinged wardrobes provide a contemporary yet classy look that goes well with every room’s interior.

Being a traditional accessory of the room, hinged wardrobes are not only confined to the conventional designs only. Try hands-on hinged wardrobes with a trending designing twist. If your room gives you the luxury of ample space to open the doors well, this can be a fantastic choice for you.

Take a breather from traditional choices and try out this designing twist for your room, and we are sure you will never regret it. We believe your space is sacred, and our meticulous process enhances it by providing a truly impeccable design and services.

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Walk-in Wardrobes

5. Walk-in Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are well-admired for matching style and class with luxury and comfort.

Immersed in the fascinating shades of your choice, an elegant walk-in wardrobe arrangement effortlessly balances various textures and materials with an eclectic pairing of décor pieces to get the desired look.

Stack your storage to the rafters, and if you have high ceilings, you can use the extra height to manage all your stuff. The top sections can be used for special occasion outfits, seasoned outfits, or simply beddings.

Rethink your space! You may think that you do not have the dedicated space for an impressive walk-in, but a deep nook with sliding doors added across can be the perfect pick.

Our stunningly crafted walk-in wardrobes are designed to maximize every millimeter of space and include various clever storage solutions.

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Walk-in Wardrobes
White Wardrobe

6. White Wardrobe

Invest in a white wardrobe, and you will never regret it. White is an irreplaceable choice and can offer the desired subtle look to your room space. If you are fond of light colors, then white wardrobes can be a fantastic choice for you.

White never goes out of trend. It can easily match with the subtle and vibrant colors providing the desired outlook to your room’s space. Give your room the desired elegance with efficient storage space.

Our gorgeous collection of contemporary and trending wardrobes harnesses innovative designs to guarantee ample storage space and an immensely satisfying outcome that will make you adorn your room’s interiors.

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Corner Wardrobes

7. Corner Wardrobes

Corner wardrobes offer a fabulous storage solution for the space that otherwise would be an empty one. Perfectly made to fit into the angled recesses snugly, corner wardrobes take full advantage of transforming a room’s awkward space into a prime storage space.

Beautifully designed corner wardrobes are made to measure so that they fit perfectly to the corners of your room that you choose. Maximize your storage space by selecting the custom-fitted corner wardrobes and brighten every nook and corner of your room.

Our gorgeous collection of corner wardrobes harnesses the innovative designs to guarantee ample storage space and covers the left-out void corner spaces in your room.

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Mirrored Wardrobes

8. Mirrored Wardrobes

Add the luxurious touch to your wardrobe scheme with mirror wardrobes hand-painted in the color and style of your choice, blending seamlessly with your room’s interiors. These wardrobes contribute well in changing the room’s overall outlook and endows with the desired grace and elegance by not lacking at serving the functionality.

Mirrors create the illusion of space. If you have a small room space, then mirror shutters can be an excellent choice for you. Make your bedroom look twice as large with the wardrobe designs that come with the mirrored surfaces.

A mirrored wardrobe bounces the light across the room and provides a cheerful touch to the room space. When paired with a curvy mirror and drawers, the mirror wardrobes double as a dresser and endows with sufficient storage for miscellaneous items. Aesthetic Mirror wardrobes designs are crafted with modern fixtures combining unparalleled expertise.

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9. Single Wardrobes

A true style indulgence to cater to your needs! Single wardrobes are practical, functional units for the small bedrooms offering efficient storage space for keeping your stuff well organized and double the convenience. Single wardrobe designs are crafted to meet your needs and provide you additional storage space.

Standing tall with perfection, single-door wardrobes can accommodate all your essential requirements. This space-saving wardrobe has a room for every minute belonging, keeping the entire stuff well organized.

This majestically modern storage solution exudes elegance and fits perfectly in every room size. We offer single wardrobe designs seasoned with innovation, perfection and are laced with extreme precision finishing.

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Single Wardrobes
Wardrobes with drawers

10. Wardrobes with drawers

A bespoke wardrobe with drawers allows you to de-clutter the inside of the closet and organize your stuff so that you can maximize your wardrobe's storage space. Personalize the finish, material, color, and style that match the interiors of your room and spice up your needs with pure elegance.

If you are big on accessories, then choosing a wardrobe with drawers and matching your room's interior can be a perfect pick for you. Wardrobes with drawers uniquely cater to all your needs concerning the storage of all the little stuff.

Give the classy and modern touch to your bedroom with super space-saving sliding wardrobes with drawers and keep your stuff well organized. Mount a mirror to add a touch of luxury to the wardrobe.

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Open wardrobe

11. Open wardrobe

For that accumulated style statement! Open wardrobes perfectly complement the room's interior. Open wardrobes are both spacious and aesthetic and could elevate your room's interior.

Adore your outfits with open closets and be a quick selector for choosing the dresses according to your mood and occasion. Open wardrobes fit everything and fit right in your interior décor's theme.

The wardrobes with open shelves and clothing rails are gaining popularity gradually. You can choose this for seasonal clothing as it is perfect for small size bedrooms. However, if you have space constraints for a walk-in or double or triple hinged wardrobes, then open wardrobes are perfect for you.

Open wardrobes are a practical storage solution providing ample space covering from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

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Grey wardrobe

12. Grey wardrobe

Variety is the spice of life and imperative when putting together an efficient wardrobe system of your choice. You can pick the best functional wardrobe unit from diverse categories offering sufficient storage space to keep all the stuff organized.

If the neutrals are more your comfort and relaxation zone choice, then keep your head clear of grey wardrobe doors and subtle coloured rugs to cosy up the room’s environment. Also, include seating near your shoe space and save yourself from hopping later.

Make sure to include enough shelves, drawers, and cubbies to organize your accessories and garments. Pale grey wardrobe units and soft lighting in the room make an inviting space you will want to spend time in.

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13. Black Wardrobe

Black wardrobes present a sophisticated aesthetic outlook to the room’s interior. When chosen with the right outlook and color combinations, Black wardrobes can exceed your expectations by catching the most of attention in your room.

Eloquently express yourself by translating your idea or concept into a beautifully designed black wardrobe matching your taste and style with offering desired functionality.

The wardrobe brushed with a black matte finish augments the room’s interior and assures to shelter all your requirements. Emanating a glimmer of finesse, we provide truly impeccable wardrobe designs and services to cater to your storage needs with the desired elegance in design.

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White Wardrobe

14. Small Wardrobes

Minimalistic yet modern, small wardrobes provide an efficient storage solution that exudes elegance. Imprinted with either a high gloss finish or a subtle matte finish, the majestically small wardrobes fit perfectly in every small space in your home.

Your anticipations of functionality are coupled with class, and these small wardrobes can accommodate all chunks of your accessories and important stuff. Crafted with modern fixtures, the wardrobe design can spice up your room’s interiors.

Wardrobes that can change your room’s outlook refine your wish with a fine and trendy wardrobe design. We provide this beauteous wardrobe addition in multiple finishes and operation mechanisms.

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Corner Wardrobes

15. Double Door Wardrobe

Simple and sleek double wardrobes can spice up your room’s interior by defining pure elegance with adding the pinch of graceful design.

When paired with a curvy mirror and drawers, the wardrobe doubles as a dresser and provides efficient storage space for miscellaneous items. You can personalize several fixtures to accommodate your stuff including the drawers to store the smaller yet essential accessories.

Using a two-tiered hanging rod system to hang much of the clothing and eliminate the folded clothes that usually occupy needless space. Choose from a selection of laminate finishes or extensive color range and accommodate every chunk of your stuff inside your wardrobe.

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Triple wardrobes

16. Triple wardrobes

Triple wardrobes are the luxurious addition to the rooms that you will never struggle to find space to place your stuff again. The ceiling-to-floor storage of a triple wardrobe offers a clutter-free organization.

Taking the idea of triple wardrobes to the next level, an elegantly designed triple wardrobe can give you a feel of a walk-in wardrobe. It is a great storage option and can be an excellent choice for you due to the full view it provides when you open the doors.

Triple wardrobes are the luxurious and creative way of making a true design statement in your room. Add a beautifully unique wardrobe design to your room that proves ease of accessibility to all your stuff, including clothes, shoes, and accessories.

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17. Bespoke wardrobes

Bespoke Wardrobes check all the boxes. These wardrobes provide a beautiful, functional, and excellent storage solution. Bespoke wardrobes ensure that you are not limited by angle walls, alcoves, or ceiling heights.

Bespoke wardrobes are cleverly designed to make the most of your space. A stand-alone closet leaves gaps at the overhead and sides, creating dead space in your room, but bespoke wardrobes offer excellent space utilization and practical solutions for whatever space you have, no matter how awkward it is.

If your room has architectural features that cannot be removed or an unusual layout, bespoke wardrobes are a perfect choice. Maximize every inch of space with bespoke wardrobes available diverse range of extraordinary luxury wardrobe collection in several categories is laced with extreme precision finishing.

Our bespoke wardrobes are thoughtfully tailored to you and your room! Our exquisite bespoke wardrobes are expertly designed and handcrafted to match your style, expectations, and storage requirements.

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Bespoke wardrobes

18. Loft Wardrobes

Loft conversions are always considered as a great solution for utilizing space in the best ways to improve the appearance of a room as well as maintenance of storage area. When it comes to Loft wardrobes, it may be surprising for some to know how attic closets keep on saving the lives of people from stress with their wonderful support. Such kind of wardrobes can be designed in any way regardless of any specific and fixed patterns.

A loft wardrobe is a witty way to store unwanted mess that you hardly interact with over time. It can be sloped, angled, and curved - depending on the shape and size of the section. Even a small space looks functioning and ideal with the correct fittings and dimensions of a wardrobe. A loft room having plenty of space to keep clothes, accessories and other households truly transform an attic into a happy place.

L-shaped, floating shelves, plain designs, pull over drawers and small fitted wardrobes can be popularly seen in loft conversion roofs in the United Kingdom.

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