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9+ Mirrored Wardrobe Designs Ideas: Unique Wardrobes Designs

Stylish Mirrored Wardrobe Playing With Reflections

Wardrobes are the essential elements that not only provide the storage space but also spice up the room’s interiors

It drastically minimises the need for adding the décor elements.

But out of the variety of wardrobes which one suits the best while offering the desired functionality is challenging to figure out!

As you cannot move your walls to make the area look more prominent.

A wardrobe with a mirror is always preferred due to its practical approach.

But do you know why? Well, it’s for a good reason only.

Mirrors make the room appear brighter and more prominent.

While many wardrobe trends come and go, what survives through the changing trends is the “MIRRORED WARDROBE.” 

Let us get acquainted with everything you need to know about it!

Mirrored wardrobe is still in vogue!

Yes, the Mirror wardrobe is still vogue, and the modern world has made it more desirable. Wondering how?

We will tell you; let us check out the advantages of mirrored wardrobes.

  • Space-saving

Mirrored wardrobes are flexible when it comes to space utilisation.

Mirrored wardrobes make life convenient, and these big mirrors attached to the wardrobe door make the décor stylish.

And additionally, it saves you from the hassle of purchasing a separate dressing unit.

A completely win-win situation!!

  • Aesthetics

Mirror wardrobes are the popular choice for making the room look effortlessly aesthetic.

After all, who doesn’t want their interiors to look aesthetically appealing?

Imagine yourself moving into your home, and the space offers a complete aesthetically appealing environment.

Besides brightening and lighting up the room, mirrored wardrobes make the area look stylish, visually attractive, and spacious.

  • Foolproof

Mirrored wardrobes are utterly foolproof, spacious on the inside, and space-saving on the outside.

It’s a fantastic addition, an aesthetic decor and an alternative to a dressing table.

  • Many Style Options

Mirrored wardrobes come in a wide range of personalization and styling options.

These can be efficiently designed according to the space available.

That means you can easily have an exclusive design for your space as per your requirements and style.

  • Ease of access

Mirrored wardrobes provide easy access to all the stuff kept within the cupboard.

While eliminating the need for a separate dressing, a mirrored wardrobe can be a stylish trending pick for your space; and, most importantly, a functional piece.

Pro-Tip: You can choose a sliding mirrored wardrobe to get more functional benefits within the space.

  • Enhances the lighting

When positioned correctly within a room, a mirrored wardrobe can conveniently enhance the overall lighting and ambiance of the area.

Darker rooms tend to be uninspiring and dull.

Would you like to adjust to the same?

I bet you won’t!

A mirrored wardrobe eliminates this disadvantage by correctly positioning the mirrored cabinet within the space to reflect the natural light while making the appearance pleasant and radiant.

  • Easy to maintain

Mirrored wardrobes do not require much maintenance.

These are easy to clean, and a regular wipe down using a cleaning agent is all you need to keep it looking beautiful for the upcoming several years.

  • Maximised storage

Obviously, that is what a wardrobe is supposed to offer!

But a mirrored wardrobe provides a maximised storage with desired functionality and convenience.

Enhance the space and light with mirrored wardrobes

Let us check out some popular mirrored images to give you an idea.

1. Mirrored Wardrobe Eliminating Dressing Space Requirement

Mirrored Wardrobe Designs

What do you have to say about this three-door mirror wardrobe?

Isn’t it beautiful? Indeed!

This mirror wardrobe with wooden support at all sides provides the desired elegance with durability.

The additional drawer almirah with partitioned cabinets keeps the small stuff and accessories well organised.

Access the essential things at an arm’s distance only and hassle-free.

2. Reach-In Wardrobe With A Rustic Touch

Mirrored Wardrobe Designs

It’s a seamlessly stylish combination of corner mirrored wardrobes with reach in the cabinet.

This reach-in wardrobe allows enough space to keep your stuff well organised and accommodate everything nicely.

Looks like a complete wardrobe style sheltering all the essential stuff and even after covering the corner space, only enhances the room’s overall outlook.

3. With A Pop Of Lacquered Finish Wardrobe Style

Mirrored Wardrobe Designs

A monochromatic fusion of the whole room’s interiors is a top choice for the majority.

The timeless whites with mirrored hinged wardrobes give an appealing look and allow enough light to pass in the room.

The bed’s reflection in the mirror makes the room’s appearance bigger and brighter.

4. Display Your Collectibles With Wooden Wardrobe

Mirrored Wardrobe Designs

This wooden wardrobe with mirrors combines functionality with aesthetics making it a contemporary and convenient storage solution with a style statement.

The added open shelves for the display element allow you to experiment with the interiors or keep the stuff clutter-free.

The tall mirror wardrobe shutter lets you check out the whole look before moving out.

5. Classy Fitted Mirrored Wardrobe Accommodating Awkward Spaces

Mirrored Wardrobe Designs

The Pristine white walls with mirrored wardrobes give a seamlessly stunning outlook to the room.

Here a slanted ceiling is a fantastic excuse to design a sloping wardrobe with several compartments at various heights.

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6. A Glossy Sliding Wardrobe Theme For The Bedroom

Mirrored Wardrobe Designs

Sliding wardrobes never let down.

This wardrobe combination of a sliding mirrored wardrobe with lacquered glass shutter looks classy with the interiors not requiring much of the accessories.

Only a wall with these shining wardrobes is enough to accentuate the look.

7. Wooden Mirrored Wardrobe With A Modern Touch

Mirrored Wardrobe Designs

Wooden wardrobes never go out of style and, when paired with the mirror, eradicate the necessity of securing a particular place for a dressing table.

This enhanced corner wardrobe with a mirror provides durability and assures longer-term use.

This wooden corner wardrobe offers efficient storage space by using every inch of the corner space and transforming it into a space-saving solution.

8. A Soft Toned Mirrored Wardrobe

Mirrored Wardrobe Designs

This deep grey pastel wardrobe combined with a hidden mirror is a trendy yet must-have choice matching the room’s interiors.

Hang it, stack it or hold it!

This elegant mirrored wardrobe offers ample storage space for varied stuff.

When paired with a wooden floor and matching wall colours, it turns out to be a beautiful interior addition.

9. Hinged Mirrored Wardrobe In Classy Whites

Mirrored Wardrobe Designs

This evergreen white mirrored wardrobe with partitions and divided mirrored hinged shutters fits well with every room’s décor and never lacks in enhancing beauty.

This wardrobe offers to shelter all the stuff inside with no mess around.

10. Stylish Mirrored Wardrobe Playing With Reflections

Mirrored Wardrobe Designs

White colour and mirrored wardrobe are a classic combination that will leave everyone in awe.

This timeless mirrored wardrobe beauty accommodating the awkward spaces is an excellent space-saving solution to shelter all your stuff without compromising the room’s beauty.

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How does TEL make a difference?

Before sharing how TEL makes a difference!

Let me ask you a simple question, would you like to live in a space where you don’t have much area to experiment with, and your wardrobe design is also messing up with it?

Well, obviously not!

And that is also true that you cannot move your walls to experiment with!

In that case, you can only experiment with your interiors!

And here, TEL helps you mark the real difference!

With the efficient space-saving solution, TEL Kitchens help you get the best for your space.

And not only this, but also facilitates in

  • Visualise the space with a functional mirrored wardrobe before beginning the actual design.
  • Lets you choose the best fit from various colours, materials, and finishes
  • An efficient wardrobe installation with post-care services
  • Lets you choose from a varied range or wardrobe collection
  • A complete customizable solution
  • And a promise of receiving a high-quality modern wardrobe exceeding the client’s expectations while matching the taste and requirements.

Bottom Line!

Mirrored wardrobes amp up the functionality and add aesthetic value to the room’s interiors.

Are you bored with the traditional ways of having wardrobe style for your space?

Explore the endless possibilities of mirrored wardrobes with kitchen design experts.

Connect now and get hold of the impeccable storage solution.

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