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Project Description

The kitchens are designed with a view to embrace modernity. While some kitchens are made using space-conscious planning, some flaunt spatial freedom.
The furnishings are well-finished, allowing the kitchens to make a statement about class and quality.

A set of ambient lightings brighten up the kitchens enough to aid with visibility while also maintaining a soothing environment.

A marble splashback binds the contemporary and rustic furniture, illuminating lamps and comfortable seating together, pronouncing the kitchens of the Eastlight Apartments as state-of-the-art.

Large living room integrated with kitchen and exotic furniture

kitchen specifications

Modern Kitchen with dining table

  • Choice of lacquer or veneer finish, featuring cutlery drawers, magic corners & vegetable drawers whereappropriate.
  • Feature lighting to underside of kitchen high level units.
  • Composite stone worktop with splashback.
  • Stainless steel undermounted single or double sink as appropriate with single lever kitchen mixer.
  • Siemens integrated single multi-function oven.
  • Siemens integrated microwave oven or microwave combination oven.
  • Siemens integrated multi-function dishwasher.
  • Siemens integrated tall fridge freezer or under counter fridge.
  • Siemens induction hob.
  • Siemens integrated coffee machine.
  • Wine cooler unit.
  • Built-in canopy extractor hood.
  • Pull out waste and recycling bins.

2D Elevation Plan

We built spectacularly customised kitchen sets for Luxe Tower & Eastlight Apartments

Drawing of kitchen elevation plan

L-Shaped Kitchen Plan

The first kitchen option is that of a vastly preferred L-shaped plan.

The kitchens’ aesthetic-usability is more than just a temporary effect. Each space has been designed in a way to keep the clutter away.

Homeowners enjoy tremendous mobility along with the much-needed storage spaces that can accommodate all appliances and supplies.

A closer look at the kitchen plan will eliminate your doubts about the functional deliverables of the design. Although spacious, the plan encourages high accessibility throughout the design.

Straight Modular Kitchen Plan

The second kitchen plan is slightly more reserved.

An elongated fitted kitchen that’s big enough to house the appliances, necessities and more.

Whether you want to exhibit any showpieces or maintain a decluttered ambience, this kitchen plan can effortlessly adapt to a luxury lifestyle. And there’s no compromise on the storage spaces.

Straight Modular Kitchen Plan

Small L-Shaped Kitchen Plan

Small L-Shaped Kitchen Plan

The final kitchen plan is measured.

Space-conscious kitchen design is the need of the hour. This is an exemplary kitchen design achieving the seldom possible feat of a roomy kitchen within a small space.

The L-shape plan flaunts hints of the first kitchen plan but is more meticulously measured to keep it within its boundaries. Even in such a significant restriction, the design doesn’t lose its user-friendliness.

Kitchens Available

For a new experience of life

Delish Gold

A generous shower of golden light often identifies with luxe. Coupled with clever corner utilisation, this kitchen is made to complement a specific lifestyle.

Simply Diced

This collection of cubed storage spaces is lovingly curated to surpass expectations. From appliances to accessories, there is nothing that this kitchen design can’t accommodate.

Grilled Streaks

Don’t like displaying items in the kitchen? This kitchen embraces handle-less cabinets that offer a space-conscious interior and spacious internal storages at the same time.

Grey Ghost (Compact)

Perfect for those who don’t spend much of their time in the kitchen, Grey Ghost is a conservative design that only incorporates what’s essential.

Grey Ghost (Grand)

When it comes to luxury, you can’t compromise. This kitchen design incorporates all the essentials from its miniature contemporary but comes with a dash of extravagance.

Charming Routine

There’s beauty in the most ordinary things. If you appreciate simplicity, there’s nothing better than going for a kitchen design that you’re familiar with and already love.

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