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Worried about your investments getting exploited? Not anymore! With a legacy of 11 sprawling years, TEL Kitchens stands unrivalled when it comes to quality, reliability, customer satisfaction and timely delivery for kitchen new builds or renovation projects. Our holistic and well-knitted team of professionals is highly accountable to all your needs and assures profitability indeed.



Tired of contractors being too lenient with your projects? Ditch the middlemen and enjoy the bliss of working with a high-accountability team that always delivers on time. Whether it’s creating space new housing projects, commercial interiors or large scale residential units, TEL Kitchens has the right expertise that exceeds your expectations by offering speedy, quality-driven and on-time services.



Don’t let your dream space get ruining by inexperienced kitchen partners. TEL Kitchens, a place where your vision and idea gets all the respect it deserves. Turn your presentations highly impressive & professional with our state-of-the-art 3D visualization services that will amp up your proposal acceptance rates. Partner with us and witness your bespoke designs turning into a masterpiece.



Come! Immerse in the world of six immaculate contemporary kitchen concepts, designed and tailored by TEL Kitchens. Discerningly custom-made, every bespoke kitchen design unfolds a unique story and a new inspiration for the modern thinkers with their premium range of finishes, textures and accessories. Handpick the one that suits you the best and enliven a new kitchen experience.

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TEL Kitchens – Think beyond the Ordinary!

Giving life to your vision, space and dreams

From humble beginnings to a world-class legacy, TEL Kitchens over the years, has grown as a renowned manufacturer and installer of bespoke kitchens, exquisite furniture, luxury bathrooms and interiors in UK.

We take pride in being entrusted by #1 choice for both national and international architects, designers, investors and developers to breathe life to their vision.

From traditional shaker kitchens to cutting-edge modish designs, equip your finesse with contemporary kitchen designs offering all-round functionality, practicality, aesthetics and timeless appeal.

Our professional and pioneering 3D visualization and rendering services not only boost your presentations and conversion rates but help you soar high on customer satisfaction.

Being renowned as the most trusted and leading kitchen manufacturers, means extra responsibility on our shoulders. Our exemplary after sale services is a pure reflection of our commitment, dedication and high accountability towards our services and all stakeholders.

From idea conceptualization and full-fledged installation to concierge set-ups and comprehensive snagging inspections, our seasoned in-house team of young enthusiasts takes care of even the minutest of things.

Brand Value matters!

Why let your competitors take the advantage when you can grab the entire share!

Associate with us and take your business to new heights with TEL Kitchens.

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Where style meets functionality!

Kitchen, the new heart of the home, demands innovative and inspiring thinking!

TEL Kitchens comes up with a finest approach that combines modernity with minimalism and create superfluous designs matching your vision, style and reflecting your individualism.

With an illustrious history of transforming homes, TEL Kitchens are the kitchen connoisseurs offering a dynamic range of German, Italian, Classic, Contemporary and British Kitchen designs that are ergonomic as well as purist.

Seamless communication, transparency and our passion for quality have helped us set the unrivalled benchmarks in kitchen manufacturing business not only in UK but overseas as well.

Whether it’s Vista, Aurora and premium Insignia kitchen on latest trends or a classic styled masterpiece, the options at TEL are endless with our bespoke luxury kitchen designs.

Explore the rich spectrum of modular kitchens with an array of finest and branded accessories, textures, colour schemes, appliances, cabinets, wardrobes and finishes, from the TEL Kitchen’s portfolio.

Visit our Showroom to get a hold of striking and appealing designs that speak their own story!

We leave the design choice to you and the task of bringing it into existence is ours.

Schedule an appointment with our design experts today.

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