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The Right Kitchen Accessories Makes Your Chores Easier

Kitchen accessories like cupboards, drawers, will make your life and chores easier so they must be suitable and free up space in your kitchen. They must be functional and suit your style and taste. When you consider durability and ease then you choose between the kitchen drawer runner which gives you full access to your kitchen cabinet or kitchen cabinet hinges. There are so many options to consider when picking your kitchen accessories, but whatever the option you pick, it must provide you with ease and accessibility.

There are different motion technologies to consider when choosing your accessories. The Lift System is a system that raises and lowers shelves quickly and quietly. While the runner system employs a runner that makes opening and closing very easy. An inner dividing system beautifully organizes your drawer and pull out interiors. These systems are to make your kitchen functional and life easier.
TELKITCHEN offers kitchen accessories with great motion technologies to give you soft and effortless closing while also providing ultimate ease.

All Accessories

Choice Accessories and motion technology to make your activities easy

Modern Kitchen with Functional Cabinets

Cabinet Solutions that don’t leave room for mess or clutters

Choose from our array of cabinet applications the right solution for your kitchen.
Put the space under your sink to good use with our sink cabinet unit. Choose the space corner unit If you have spaces in corners. Take advantage of the narrow small spaces for extra storage with our space twin unit. Create extra storage and a step to access higher spaces with our space step unit. Easily access your provisions and get a big storage space with our space tower unit.

Modern kitchen cabinet with vegetables

Gain Full View of Your Cabinet

Open and Close Your Kitchen Cabinet With Ease

A drawer runner system makes use of a runner that makes opening and closing a drawer very easy. Our drawer systems guarantee smooth motion and a carrying capacity of 60kg.
Select from our options of movento drawer system, tandem drawer system, and standard kitchen drawer system for the best system that suits your personal needs. A kitchen drawer on a runner system extends fully to the end thus giving you a great view of the interiors with built-in width and depth.

Drawer System

Perfect Motion System and Budget-Friendly

The Perfect Movement for Your Kitchen Cabinets

When we make cabinet choices, we don’t think about the type of hinges except maybe we need to fix it or replace the hinges. However, a lot hangs on the hinge system in use for your cabinets.
Our hidden door hinge system makes your cabinet door appealing as the hinge is concealed inside the cabinet, and easy to maintain. Choose the perfect motion and durable hinged door design for your cabinet from our clip top hinge system and modul system.

Hinge System

Silent and Effortless Closing

Accessing your cabinet doesn’t get smoother than this

An ideal way of opening higher wall cabinets is the lift system. With the lift system, you get silent opening and closing while it provides excellent access to your interior.
Our range of Aventos lift systems is designed to make opening and closing wall cabinets comfortable and easy. The benefits of our Aventos ranges is that they are durable, and they protect your fingers with its finger-safety feature. Our Aventos HS lift system is the perfect choice for cabinets with cornices

Lift Systems

Gain Quick and Easy Access

Sliding Doors Are Taking Over the Kitchen by Storm

Cabinet sliding doors are becoming rampant as they offer great functionality, design, and safety. A very important aspect of cabinet doors is the ease of opening and closing. The silent system of the sliding door makes for soft, gentle, and silent closing.
The sliding door system has become a new trend and a much more appealing choice for customers. Sliding doors don’t get in the way when spaces are a premium and are not likely to leave you injured.

Sliding Door System

The Key to Clutter-free Cabinet

Beautifully organise your drawers and pull out interior

Organise every drawer and pull-out with TELKitchens’ functional and practical inner dividing system. Put your storage space to optimal use and tailor your interior to meet individual needs. Arrange your drawer with dividers and your pull-out readily accessible.
Give Perfect Order to your drawer with our drawer inner dividing system and see everything you need with one look. Choose from our Ambia-line system or Orga – Line systems to make your kitchen tasks easier and your interiors easily accessible making it stress-free to pick up utensils.

Inner dividing system

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