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Get Wardrobe that fit your style and needs

Your wardrobe is an important piece of furniture in your home. It is the most common furniture in the home after your bed. Consider functionality, your personality, taste, budget and the space available when choosing your wardrobe From FITTED WARDROBES specially designed to fit into your space and avoid any awkward looking space to BUILT – IN WARDROBES if you want to maximise the space in your room.

SLIDING DOOR WARDROBE is designed to fit into small spaces as they have no open doors but instead a door that slides on a track. Meanwhile, HINGED DOOR WARDROBE is the easiest to maintain as it is a door fixed on the wardrobe with simple hinges and it gives you a full view of the wardrobe. A WALK IN WARDROBE as the name implies is a wardrobe you can walk into – a space set aside for your wardrobe. This adds a personal feel and a touch of luxury to your wardrobe.
At TELKITCHEN, we design beautiful and functional wardrobes without compromise on quality

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Pick from our array of wardrobe designs the one that meets your needs and style

Perfect Fit for Any Space

Use your space intelligently and efficiently

Avoid the awkwardness that comes with getting a wardrobe that looks out of place in your bedroom and dominates your space. It doesn’t make your interior decor look good either. Bedroom fitted wardrobes make your room dust-free as there are no spaces to collect dust
With our custom-fitted wardrobes, you can design them to fit your style thus improving the arrangement of your closet. Getting a bespoke fitted wardrobe is a sure way to intelligently optimise your space and as a bonus get extra storage.

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Make Your Room Feel Bigger

Get the Perfect View When You Dress Up

One of the best ways to reflect the light and beauty in your room is with a glass wardrobe. Glass Wardrobes always makes your space feel bigger and makes dressing up for any activity amazing as you get a full view of yourself.
Choose from any of our wardrobe design. The glass fitted wardrobes give perfection to your room and make your floor space larger, while the glass sliding wardrobes helps you maximise the space in your wardrobe for storing your clothing essentials.

tel glass

Get Full Access to Your Wardrobe

Great Storage Option on a Budget

A popular choice for most bedrooms, the hinged wardrobe doors makes your choice of clothes easier as it provides a full view of the wardrobe when opened. Add a personal twist to your wardrobe door with a full view mirror to make dressing-up easy.
As opposed to the sliding door, the hinges on the wardrobe doors are easier to fix as the hinges are readily available. Create your bespoke hinged wardrobes with a custom storage system that suits your style and needs.

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Leave No Dead Spaces Behind

Get a Contemporary Storage Solution in any Available Space

A sliding door wardrobe is designed to fit into small spaces as they don’t need spaces for opened doors but instead slides on a track. Add a contemporary feel with a glass sliding door wardrobe and illuminate your room.
The biggest advantage of sliding wardrobes is that it doesn’t take up unnecessary spaces as the door slides from side to side, so it can be fixed anywhere. Select from our array of materials that suits your design and storage needs.

tel sliding

Your Gateway to Another World

Organise and Store Your Clothes in Style and Luxury

Walk-in Wardrobe is the apex of all closet designs and it is becoming a popular choice amongst renters and homeowners. Not only do they have a great luxurious appeal, but they also create a world where your fashion style speaks so loudly.
With so many walk-in wardrobe designsto choose from, get substantially more storage space for organising your clothes and accessories. Throw in a mirror and you’ve got yourself a dressing room. With more space, you protect your clothes from mildew and mold.

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