Understanding the basic kitchen dimensions

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You have taken the most important step after you decided to invest in your kitchen by choosing TELKitchens. Next is to take the dimension of your kitchen layout, the dimension of the cabinets, the worktops, spaces for the appliances, and other dimensions that we need to create spaces for.
Don’t worry about measuring your space, we will provide you with a site visit free of charge and take the dimensions ourselves for greater accuracy. Also, we are a manufacturing company so we will always get the dimension right as we produce materials onsite.

2D Plans

Create a Fully Fit Kitchen. The size of your kitchen space will determine the design and what you can have in your kitchen. To enable us to fit your kitchen with great precision and detail, our kitchen planner will create a 2D plan so you can have a visual experience of your kitchen. A 2D plan is planning the space of your kitchen to the minutest detail. It is taking into account the space that you have and fitting into that space the accessories – cabinets, drawers, and the kitchen appliances necessary for you to have a functional kitchen.

Drawing of 2d kitchen plan
Drawing of kitchen elevation plan

Detailed Information

Awesome Design and Excellent Finish. We are very passionate about a kitchen being functional and making your chores easier in the same way we are passionate about beautiful kitchen designs.
In this step, our goal is functionality and durability. With the help of a skilled designer, you will choose your kitchen design, the appliances you need, and the brand, cabinet choice, and motion technology, the kind of worktop you want to have in the kitchen. Do you need an island or you want to have a splashback? We fit all these into your 2D Kitchen Design.

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Great Organisation and Workflow. After planning your kitchen layout, the next step for our design team is to draw your elevation plan. A kitchen elevation plan simply gives you a view from the ground to the ceiling of your kitchen layout. Think of this as an eye or frontal view. With elevation, we measure the space from the ground up and fit the cabinets and appliances accurately. This helps with fitting the power sockets and the plumbing installations in the right places so that your kitchen is perfectly fitted and fully functional, with great workflow and organisation.

Sketch of final kitchen design


Pushing Ideas Forward and Beginning With The End In Mind. This is the final stage of the process before we begin fitting and installing your kitchen and its accessories. With the help of our experienced planner, you gain years of expertise in interior designs and this reflects in your kitchen design and style.
Sketching helps us bring your kitchen to live and our awesome creative team uses this process to create ideas that will transform your kitchen into a great work of art. See the Final Picture of Your Kitchen and Anticipate that end even before we lift a finger

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