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Are you looking for a home in pristine condition?

To get one, you might think that purchasing a new build home is the correct answer for you.

But the newly built home need not necessarily mean that you will get an excellent outcome.

Even the new built properties are prone to several minor defects caused due to poor equipment or workmanship.

If you figure out any defects in your new built home, you can itemize and report them to the builders. But what if you have no way out to tackle it?

If you think so then you are completely wrong!

We understand it’s not only frustrating but also unfair to you to pay full price for a half-done house.

Surely, imperfections are part of the charm. But should you be expected to pay for them?

What is snagging?

A snag refers to the minor defects that remain in the property after the building construction work has been completed.

It is something that is broken, damaged, or not fitted properly, giving an unfinished look to the space. It can also include a scratch on a window or a missing hinge on the window or door.

Several cosmetic defects; however, many severe defects can be notified, including the kitchen fixtures and major cracks that are not fitted appropriately.

Any broken unit or even scratch can be considered a sag.

Although it is the contractor’s or builder’s responsibility to perform a thorough inspection of the entire space once it is complete, many fail to do so.

As a result, the property buyers have to bear an additional cost after purchasing the property. At TEL Kitchens, we take care of it all.

What is snagging?

Why is snagging a problem?

Whenever you think about snagging, many defects may hamper the functionality, while others might be associated with aesthetics.

This means that several specific snags can badly affect the property’s functionality while making it look unattractive.

Snags in the kitchen cabinets are the most common example of a problematic snag. This may indicate that the materials used to develop the cabinet are not up to the mark and may tarnish the entire look of the space.

Cracks in the ceiling is another profound snagging list example that represents a larger issue with the property’s structure.

Also, the broken kitchen countertops can be a risky form of snags that may fall while you are working on them, causing a severe issue.

Why is snagging a problem?

What is an ideal sagging list?

While there are ample snags that must not be ignored, since every property has distinctive snags, which are just related to aesthetics while others may hinder the functionality, but the most common pitfalls that you must never ignore include:

Unable to identify door and windowsill snags?

Stuck or ajar door, door snagging, gaps in the concrete and frame, scratched frame, paint splashes his and chips are a few problematic snags in the windows and doors.

Get it identified with TEL Kitchen’s experts!

Door and windowsill snags

Understanding and identifying flooring snags?

Stained flooring is one of the most common snag types that buyers encounter. The stained flooring may include some stubborn stains that might stay for years or some painted splashes.

Not a problem anymore!
TEL Kitchens is here!

Understanding and identifying flooring snags

Kitchen snags, complicated to identify?

A kitchen is the hub of ample kitchen appliances and accessories. Any issue with accessories or appliances, either hindering the look of the space or obstructing its functionality, must be taken care of.

A single kitchen snagging must be taken very seriously as sooner or later, this snag may result in severe outcomes. So, you must have a complete kitchen snagging list to get the desired outcome.

Get the kitchen snags identified with the expert’s help!

Kitchen snags, complicated to identify?

Confused about identifying wall and ceiling snags?

Scratched walls, cracked walls, uneven finishes, and shrinkage cracks around the ceiling edges are some of the huge concerns that require attention.

Get the Wall and ceiling snags identified with experts’ help!

Confused about identifying wall and ceiling snags?

Challenging to identify the wardrobe snags?

Check for broken hinged or slider doors on the wardrobes, common chips, and inappropriately polished surfaces.

Identify it all with the expert’s vision.

Challenging to identify the wardrobe snags?

Bright lighting highlighting the compromised quality?

You should keep an eye on untidy or patchy finishes around the lighting fixtures and switchboards. Also, ensure that the switchboards are well fitted and functioning as promised.

Get it all identified with the TEL Kitchen expert’s vision.

Bright lighting highlighting the compromised quality?
Why opt for snagging service?

Why opt for snagging service?

Snagging is a detailed and careful check of the newly built house to identify the defects in the build.

A snagging inspection can
  • Identify anything that hasn’t been completed to the agreed specification.
  • Identify anything that falls below good workmanship standards.
  • Identify the work that breaches building laws or other regulations.
  • Identify anything that hasn’t been completed at all.

So, do you think snagging is necessary? Or still skeptical about it?

Well, ample experts suggest that snagging is more essential now than ever before!

New builds are at record levels, and constructors are under pressure to complete the house quickly. But lacks in the skilled trades, which is why there is more potential than the final outcome might be erroneous.

To lower down the level of defects in a new build house, TEL Kitchens snagging services are available across the UK.

Why opt for snagging service

Our specialist team of professionals is highly experienced and trained to identify even the smallest issues in the property. With proficient professionals, a thorough inspection will take place to determine the smallest details missed earlier.

TEL Kitchens aims for perfection with its in-house snagging services.

Along with long-term warranties on the kitchen fittings and units, we also provide you with the opportunity to eliminate any imperfection from the property.

We make comprehensive snagging reports that cover both the overview and the finer details of the property. Our auditors are experienced and remarkably accommodating of your requests.

Every snag report is customized and well-organized, with on-site photographs and remarks/comments so that you can take a closer look at the defects.

We remove the spots off of your property and reputation!

Are you interested in getting your house snagging inspection? Get in touch with our snag specialists.

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