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9+ Best Glass Wardrobes Designs | Modern Wardrobe Ideas

10 Best Glass Wardrobes Designs Ideas
“Wanna go for amazing glass wardrobe designs that add elegance and luxury to your room? Keep reading to get hold of some remarkably stylish and sophisticated modern wardrobe ideas.”

What is that first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about Glass Wardrobes?

Luxury & Refinement. Indeed!

The glass wardrobe designs for bedroom becomes a perfect choice when you are looking for storage accompanied with aesthetically appealing designs that even work for limited space.

Looking for design inspiration for glass wardrobe doors designs that turn your bedroom functional, organized and boosts your flair?

A sleek, modernized and cool looking wardrobe is what you need!

Get hold of these 9+ glass wardrobe designs, do a little customization and magically transform your room to look majestically appealing and stunning.

Wardrobe Glass Doors: Adding a Dash of Glam to your Space

The glass wardrobe designs have been trending on the charts and are one of the most loved modern wardrobe designs amongst the next generation.

Glass doors not only enhance the visual appeal of the room but also help create an illusion of having more space.

As the light gets reflected and bounces through the glass, the room gets naturally illuminated and is brightly lit.

  • Using sliding glass shutters turns the entire space functional and enables making the most of the space.
  • Glass turns the entire space classy, contemporary and stylish.
  • Glass sliding wardrobes are available in vibrant and exquisite designs that add elegance and infuse life into the space.
  • Be it mirrored, lacquered, frosted or transparent, glass wardrobes designs just sway your heart away.

These wardrobes have actually become one of the prime elements when we talk about luxury furniture.

On the same hand, it’s important to go for the right design which is perfectly in sync with your needs and requirements plus should also comply with safety, convenience and elegance.

Checkout 9+ brilliantly crafted glass designs that blend functionality with elegance.

9+ Trending, Stylish and Best Glass Wardrobe Designs that Speak!

Transform the space into a pure definition of love and luxury with TEL Kitchens.

Get hold of the beautiful and contemporary glass wardrobe designs ideas for your bedroom.

The work is not finished yet!

TEL Kitchens are connoisseurs in manufacturing bespoke kitchens that are truly made-to-measure as per your style, needs, space and taste.

Get your racks, boxes, shelves, trouser or shoes sections etc customized in the wardrobes and finished with surprising effects.

Pick your favourite now!

1. Classic Glass Wardrobe with Chromatic Sliding Doors

Glass wardrobes with coloured sliding doors  

Glass Fronted Wardrobes with sliding doors work as multipurpose closets having unique and several sections with uneven dimensions.

All these storage divisions are made neatly with cutting edge technologies to bring a sleek and high rated finish.

2. Sliding Glass Wardrobe Doors with Chocolate Brown Panelling

Monochromatic glass wardrobe with light brown shades  

A perfect wardrobe design to show off your prized possessions!

Be it clothes, accessories or decorative pieces, just put them to display and enjoy your guests’ attention to the fullest.

3. Multi-task Fossil Grey Coated Glass Sliding Wardrobe

Multi-task fossil gray coated wardrobe 

Wanna add a style statement to your bedroom?

Check out this design that gives a proper definition of an atmosphere.

Enjoy the perfect blend of motionless and noiseless technologies embedded in this floor to ceiling glass wardrobes.

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4. Bespoke powdered grey Coloured Glass Fitted wardrobe

Bespoke powdered gray closet

The compelling gray wood-work done in this style of Fitted Glass Wardrobe completely complements the interiors of the room.

Purely transparent material leaves eye-catching effects on the viewer and makes it easier to choose the next day outfit while just lying down on the bed.

5. Understated Elegance with Sliding Door Glass Wardrobe

Caramel Glass sliding wardrobes 

Wooden sliding door glass wardrobe is made truly bespoke with glass doors and every section is given a deep detailing.

This stunning design lends an air of understated sophistication in this sleek and modern bedroom.

6. Chocolate Modular Glass Wardrobe

Real Charm chocolate modular wardrobe 

Explore this exclusive and enticing modular glass wardrobe with chocolaty hues and feel that urban appeal.

The beautiful recessed lighting help this wardrobe cut a dash and adds glamour to the room.

7. Meticulously Organized Sliding Glass Wardrobe Doors

A pleasing sliding end glass wardrobe

Create your bedroom stylish, functional, advanced, luxurious and worth-visiting with this most practical and premium quality glass wardrobe design.

With this marvellous set, more than half of your life can be organized well with a sprinkling of elegant and classy look.

8. Fully Locked Premium 4 framed Glass Wardrobe

Fully Locked Premier 4 framed wardrobe 

Discover this beautiful end-to-end glass and glass mirror wardrobe that not only accentuate the space visually but also act as a dressing unit.

You can keep your clothes and other fashion accessories on display while the mirrored wardrobes can be used to keep your expensive possessions.

9. Classy Fashionable Glass Wardrobe for Timeless Appeal

Classy fashionable wardrobe for classy people

The warm and dark hues of the glass wardrobe add life to the design and bring a new ray of positivity each day.

The drawers and shelves are practically well organized to make sure that everything is visible and easily approachable.

10. Peek-a-Boo Fitted Glass Wardrobe Design

Sophisticated blend of slate gray and brownish finish

Don’t want to show entire wardrobe contents to be on display?

Check out this innovative glass wardrobe with solid door wardrobes on each side.

The combination of gray painted wardrobes along with glass wardrobe doors helps to create an eye-catching visual impact and add character to the space.

Bottom Line

Glass wardrobes are a classy, modern and fantastic choice nowadays that adds superior texture and definition to the entire home.

Looking for something that’s offbeat or have some other ideas bubbling in your mind?

Be it fitted, glass, hinged, walk-in or a blend of all, share your design ideas with TEL Kitchens: the leading kitchen and wardrobe manufacturer in UK and unleash the power of bespoke with us!

Our design experts brilliantly understand your requirements and customise the wardrobe designs exceeding your expectations.

Connect with us right away at 020 8610 9655 or drop a line at and bring your dream glass wardrobe design to reality.

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