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Top 12+ Hinged Wardrobes Designs Ideas

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“Confused what to wear on a morning? Explore hinged wardrobe designs that keep these things sorted for you!”

Are the trousers ironed?

Which formal dress to wear in the office meeting?

Hinged wardrobes help you make these decisions fast and quick by enhancing visibility to your belongings in the closet.

But, for a wardrobe that not only serves as a fantastic storage solution but adds definition and décor to space, you need to find that perfect design.

Check out these beautiful hinged wardrobe designs that completely transform the atmosphere as well as the appearance of a room.

But, why hinged and why not sliding? Let’s quickly discuss the differences between the two.

Difference between Hinged and Sliding Wardrobes

Well, both the wardrobes are durable and add value to the space.

Yes, indeed a lot of things depend on the wardrobe manufacture you choose.

What is a hinged wardrobe? Its style, type and space utilization with respect to sliding wardrobe?

The following table throws lights on all your apprehensions regarding sliding and hinged wardrobe.

Hinged Wardrobe

Sliding Wardrobe

Door placement Wardrobes whose doors are fitted with basic and advanced hinged systems fall in the hinged category. When the doors of a closet are having sliding tracks attached to them, they are known as ‘Sliding wardrobes.’
Style These are most traditional and can be manually installed into a closet. Such products are preferred to utilize less space and to give full functionality in modern ways
Type Hinged wardrobes are timeless and cast a classic appeal. Sliding wardrobe contemporary and add a modern appeal to the homes.
Access Hinged wardrobe can be swung open fully and give a full access to the wardrobe contents instantly. Partial access is granted as one section can be opened at a time.
Contents It offers easy storage for large, bulkier items Storing bulkier items is a challenge.
space Hinged wardrobes need proper space to swing open the doors.

No storage space from the wardrobes is used for the doors.

No extra space is required and can be built in even smallest of spaces.

They take a small amount of space for the sliding doors.

Sounds Interesting. Isn’t it?

Now, before moving ahead to best designs tune in to some super cool benefits of having hinged wardrobes in your plac and feel relaxed that you’ve made a good decision.

How hinged wardrobes design add elegance and appeal to the room?

Modern hinged wardrobe doors are pure and optimistic!

Pure elegance, flawlessness and sophistication gets redefined with these hinged wardrobe designs.

Checkout why hinged wardrobe design is important aspect while zero-in on your favourite wardrobe.

1. A clear view

With doors fixed with hinges, the entire view can be seen with ease from the outside of a box.

This is the reason a client loves to have hinged door framed ‘robes because it requires no extra effort and seems so simple to work with.

2. Rapid decisions

In this time of hurry and worry, we rarely have time to make precise decisions.

When everything is visible clearly, an individual can decide which outfit he must wear for the day, faster.

Thus, eliminating the wastage of time in choosing dresses – saves you a lot of time.

3. Easily repaired

In case of any misfortunate, such as crack or break to a hinge or door – they can be easily fixed manually.

Here, the best thing is that if you are enough aware, you can perform the task on your own.

4. Variety and designs

Hinged doors are available in a wide range of designs, materials, colours, and handle quality.

Unlike any other type of closet, it is having a huge list when someone asks for quality along with variety.

Trending, Versatile and Best 12+ Hinged Wardrobe Designs

Discover some of the most trending and versatile modern hinged wardrobe doors designs.

TEL Kitchens – the #1 wardrobe manufacturer in UK helps you realize your dream design with full customizations possible.

The seasoned team of designers, artisans and skilled craftsmen ensure a smoother and clearer aesthetic at your palce with bespoke wardrobe designs made-to-match your space.

1. Floor to ceiling Hinged Wardrobes Design

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This beautiful hinged wardrobe is made up of beautiful high-quality material having 6 doors makes it easy to organize outfits and other small-sized items inside the drawers. The drawers and cabinetry units are made inside the frames.

2. Chocolate Brown hinged door wardrobe design

Hinged Wardrobes Designs Ideas2

Wooden Hinged Wardrobe gracefully builds up by wooden material and provided a finish of dark brown – which a person will truly admire.

Try this design to keep household items such as clothes, shoes, papers, decor, toys, makeup stuff, other documents etc and add a refreshing aura to your space.

3. Hinged Wardrobe Doors with Matte handles

Hinged Wardrobes Designs Ideas3

The beautiful recessed lighting adds up extra beauty and a glam look to the inner side of a closet.

The matt hinged wardrobe adds a style statement to the space with open shelves to keep  the everyday items.

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4.  Elegant and Functional Fitted Wardrobe Hinged Doors

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A light brown hinged wardrobe made up of wood and MDF gives an astonishing and satisfying view to the eye.

The top sections are made for bags and large suitcases whereas the bottom sections are equipped with drawers and open cabinetry units.

5. Modern Hinged Wardrobe Design with Open Shelves

Hinged Wardrobes Designs

Best fit for keeping family stuff at a place – this wardrobe works all in one place.

You can place shoes, outfits, bags, purses, costumes, bottles, and toys.

Speak to our seasoned designers on how to perfectly customise it as per your requirements.

6. Pebble gray double hinged wardrobe

Hinged Wardrobes Designs2

This hinged closet has two divisions to store objects and goods.

The topmost section can be utilized for keeping boxes, cases, hamper, and trunks.

The large size of handles makes the opening and closing of doors effortless and without any noise.

7.  Mirrored modern hinged wardrobe doors

Hinged Wardrobes Designs3

Storage frames with clean and tidy fitting always steal the heart of customers every time they look at this masterpiece.

It covers most of the space and hence suggested best for open rooms and the places having wider dimensions.

8. Contemporary and Sleek Hinged Fitted Wardrobe design

Hinged Wardrobes Designs4

This wardrobe design perfectly blends in with all kinds of interiors be it traditional or contemporary.

The stainless steel handles in these fitted wardrobe hinged doors are lightweight that smoothly controls the functioning of each hinged door.

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9. Modern Hinged Wardrobe Doors design in Pure White

Hinged Wardrobes Designs 2021

This pure white wardrobe equipped with mirrors, handles, drawers and wooden blocks is a true example of noble furniture.

It gives most of the traditional appearance rather than a contemporary appeal.

10. Wall-to-Wall latest Hinged Wardrobe Design

Hinged Wardrobes Designs 2021..

This stunning wall-to-wall hinged wardrobe design is not only captivating but also scores high on space utilization.

The glossy laminates used in this wardrobe design reflect the light and brightly lit the space.

11. Light wood Monochrome Hinged Wardrobe design

Hinged Wardrobes Designs 2021...

Luxurious homes carry this adorable wardrobe to decor homes and secure household things from every edge.

Made of durable, soft, and environment-friendly material, this hinged wardrobe design adds extra beauty and grace to a living place.

12. Multi-tone wardrobe doors hinged

Hinged Wardrobes Designs 2021....

Unique from the rest of the materials – it is a beautiful blend of laminate and wooden finish.

It is a single asset that has a combination of such quality and expensive details and particulars.

Moreover, it has instalments of both shutters and drawers – each specification has a different handle position formed by vertical and horizontal approaches.

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13. Stylish and Glossy Hinged Wardrobe Design

hinged wardrobes (1)

These floor to ceiling hinged door wardrobes are made in two sections.

Upper section can be used to store your large, bulky or things you don’t need or items that you need to store for a long time.

The corner glossy hinged wardrobe is made using glass surface that adds bells and whistles to the room.

14. Portable Light Wood Hinged Wardrobe Design

This beautiful light-wood hinged wardrobe door design has been manufactured in such a way that it can be ported to any place of your choice.

Made with high quality materials, this wardrobe also has open shelves in the middle and on the sides that help you keep everyday stuff.

15. Pearl White and Glossy Hinged Wardrobe Door Design

Give a royal look to your room with this pearl white hinged door wardrobe design that’s not only appealing but in budget too.

Get in touch with wardrobe design experts to know more on how to get this beautiful and sleek design added to your abode.

Bottom Line

We hope you liked and are inspired by these hinged wardrobe designs.

Wanna get these beautiful wardrobes for your space?

Or, Having an idea and want to turn your dream wardrobe into real, then look no further.

Book an online design consultation with TEL Kitchens today – the #1 and the most trusted wardrobe manufacturers and design experts in UK.

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Checkout  – TEL Kitchens Offers You a Variety of Bespoke Wardrobes

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