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Top 12+ Hinged Wardrobes Designs Ideas (Updated)

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“Confused what to wear on a morning? Explore hinged wardrobe designs that keep these things sorted for you!”

Do you often ask for quality and variety in wardrobe designs? Do you want something that fits the ongoing trends, help you decide on clothing faster, and be economically good and aesthetically outstanding?

Modern hinged wardrobes fitted inside your bedrooms, loft conversion, and children’s and living rooms can fill the voids as they are highly versatile and can be personalized according to your preferences.

You can instantly make the home interior exciting, flourishing, and visually appealing.

Step out of the dilemma of choosing what to wear and shift to beautiful bespoke hinged closets for sorting and settling your garments well.

Packed with tons of benefits, the hinged almirah is easily fixed, provides a complete view from the outside to the inside of a closet, and is a great space for storing versatile goods, outfits, boxes, and briefcases.

According to my POV, a person with higher standards, expensive taste in furniture, a fantastic clothing collection, and someone who lives in a family must have fitted wardrobe hinged doors installed.

For that, first, you need to pick the best designs and the GOOD NEWS is; we have a whole collection for you!

So, without wasting time, let’s get straight to check the available articles:

Beautiful Hinged Wardrobe Design Ideas for Your Home

Achieve the heights of satisfaction, and organize your routine productively with cupboards made of hand-picked materials.

Hinged wardrobes add elegance to a room, wondering how? Let us take you on the journey to discover festive wardrobes!

1. Floor to ceiling Hinged Wardrobes Design

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This beautiful hinged wardrobe is made of high-quality material; six doors make it easy to organize outfits and other small-sized items inside the drawers. The drawers and cabinetry units are made inside the frames.

2. Wooden hinged wardrobe classic with pull-out doors

Hinged Wardrobes Designs Ideas2

Have this sturdy and contemporary wooden eight-door hinged cupboard with a dark brown finish for a spacious room and a great organization of clothes, shoes, makeup essentials, papers, and more. It brings a sense of traditional décor inside a space.

3.  Most alluring full wall hinged wardrobe with a matte finish

Hinged Wardrobes Designs Ideas3

Glam up the indoors with this matte closet with six hinged doors and open shelves furnished with recessed lights and high-end interior finishing. Perfect to consider it as a statement piece for your home.

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4.  Sleek and luxury double door hinged wardrobe design for a bedroom

Hinged Wardrobes Designs Ideas4

Raise your bedroom-style stake with this advanced MDF and wood-hinged wardrobe featuring distinctive storage sections from top to bottom, ideal for storing suitcases, hanging blazers, long coats, place clothes stacks, and footwear collections.

5. Charming and unique wardrobe with hinged door style

Hinged Wardrobes Designs

Add creativity and explore the wild elements, style, and textures of this nicely made hinged bespoke cupboard with open storing shelves and hanging trails; it is best for people living with a joint family to store their belongings individually.

6.  Multifunctional pebble gray four door full wall-hinged wardrobe

Hinged Wardrobes Designs2

The beauty of this wooden closet with a hinged door is its ingenuity in keeping different articles in a single place. You can place huge baskets, bags, and small-sized materials and have a quick look in a single glance of an eye. Impressive, isn’t it?

7.  Glossy laminate finish bedroom fitted wardrobe with hinged doors

Hinged Wardrobes Designs3

Check out this perfect hinged almirah with a cleverly planned storage space and various sections inside for storing and reaching out to everything quickly without making clutter around. The attached mirror leaves a luxurious finish and can be used for various practical purposes.

8. Bedroom almirah with hinged door and shelves with a decent finish

Hinged Wardrobes Designs4

Built with supreme material, the wardrobe puts together a room effortlessly with its excellent design, four doors, and fitted frames on the left side; great for people with a habit of placing tiny objects here and there on the bed and table sides.

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9. Royal beauty in white hinged wardrobe with drawers and shelves

Hinged Wardrobes Designs 2021

The essence of beauty speaks for itself through this wild, beautiful bespoke wardrobe that gives us enough storage space for folded garments, packed bags, tools, and kitchen gadgets; it has plenty of volume for keeping versatile stuff safely.

10. Smart and giant wall-to-wall gray modern hinged wardrobe design

Hinged Wardrobes Designs 2021..

Modern wardrobes can transform a room into a fully optimized spot. Imagine waking up to this captivating hinged door wardrobe painted with illuminating solid gray shade and having the capacity to store hard, soft, heavy, and light items.

11. Light wood monochrome bespoke wardrobe for homes

Hinged Wardrobes Designs 2021...

Add a soft beauty to your rooms with this adorable wardrobe style trending nowadays because it fits almost every house interior, every room, and every lifestyle. Made by the best wardrobe manufacturers, this article can serve you even for more than decades.

12. Expensive artistic wardrobe door hinged design with multi-tones

Hinged Wardrobes Designs 2021....

Crafted by blending laminated and matte wooden finish to bring you this jaw-dropping design of a hinged cupboard with six doors and multiple drawer sections, making it a complete furniture accent for household goods, daily used items, and outfit collection.

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13. Ultra innovative six-door glass and wooden hinged wardrobe with glossy finish

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Showcase your hinged cupboard and the brilliant arrangement with glass and wood wardrobe to keep your daily task simple and the interior contrast dynamically pleasing; we love this high-end almirah made with cutting-edge technology.

14. Exclusive portable wooden hinged wardrobe design with shelving,

keep your space clean with this portable, lightweight wardrobe with shelves at the side and in the middle; place it anywhere you want. The four hinged doors open widely, function smoothly, and make zero noise.

15. Pearl white, glossy hinged wardrobe with high rise six doors

Give your home a rich look with this luxury hinged wardrobe door design that is eye-catching and fits your pocket. Make your abode inspired and clean with this mirror finish cupboard.

Difference between Hinged and Sliding Wardrobes

Both wardrobe types add beauty, style and value to the space. And people around choses the one that they think will fit their needs at its best. Here we have listed some of the main differences you can read.

The following table throws lights on all your apprehensions regarding sliding and hinged wardrobe.

Name Hinged Wardrobe Sliding Wardrobe
Door placement Wardrobes whose doors are fitted with basic and advanced hinged systems fall in the hinged category. When the doors of a closet are having sliding tracks attached to them, they are known as ‘Sliding wardrobes.’
Style These are most traditional and can be manually installed into a closet. Such products are preferred to utilize less space and to give full functionality in modern ways
Type Hinged wardrobes are timeless and cast a classic appeal. Sliding wardrobe contemporary and add a modern appeal to the homes.
Access Hinged wardrobe can be swung open fully and give a full access to the wardrobe contents instantly. Partial access is granted as one section can be opened at a time.
Contents It offers easy storage for large, bulkier items Storing bulkier items is a challenge.
Space Hinged wardrobes need proper space to swing open the doors. No storage space from the wardrobes is used for the doors. No extra space is required and can be built in even smallest of spaces. They take a small amount of space for the sliding doors.

The Bottom Line

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