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How Much For A Luxury Kitchen?

How Much For A Luxury Kitchen

What image comes to your mind whenever we talk about a luxury kitchen?

A kitchen space with all the amenities, exclusive appearance, and expensive materials is what you get to see, right?

But is that really true?

Does it have to be the same as it appears in your imagination?

Well, if you think so, then probably you are wrong!

Because luxury doesn’t always have to be expensive!

And surprisingly, by the end of this blog, you will get to know the solution where your luxurious kitchen won’t be expensive at all!

Let us dig into everything you need to know about it!

What is called a luxurious kitchen?

Forget about what comes into your imagination about a luxurious kitchen.

Just give it a thought: what makes a luxurious kitchen?

  • Is it a huge kitchen space?
  • Or a kitchen with expensive material?
  • Or is it a glossy, shiny material giving a rich look to the space?

If you thought and considered any one of these, it still does not sum up the luxurious kitchen elements.

Yes, you heard that right!

A luxurious kitchen gives an aesthetic appeal to the space with all the high-quality materials that are not heavier on the pockets too!

How does a kitchen give a luxurious feel?

When creating a luxury kitchen space,

  • The elegance
  • The high-end appliances
  • The finishes
  • The colors
  • Elegant detailing
  • And even the functionality

Everything is paramount.

And most importantly, whether your kitchen design preference is classic, contemporary or historical, there are interestingly an infinite number of ways to make a luxury kitchen.

Therefore, making a point of being selective about all the must-haves for a high-profile luxurious kitchen.

What is the cost of a luxurious kitchen?

With high-end kitchen projects, various factors affect the total cost of a kitchen space.

However, some of the essential factors to be considered include:

Area of the kitchen

The cost of a kitchen highly depends upon the total space.

The larger the area, the higher the cost will be affected.

Amount of cabinetry required.

The number of cabinetries highly impacts the kitchen costs.

Kitchen cabinets are indeed one of the essential parts of the budget for a luxurious high-end kitchen.

Because all you want is to have completely customised solutions.

And ultimately, the style, materials, and quality used to make cabinets affect the overall price you are going to pay.

Quality of materials

The material’s quality drastically impacts the cost.

The lower material doesn’t cost as much as the higher quality materials.

However, getting the higher quality at pocket-friendly prices is all you gotta search for.

Other factors

  • Type and number of integrated appliances
  • Any customised elements
  • Luxury fixtures and fittings
  • Cost of kitchen design professional
  • Any preparation work required
  • Any change of layout or expansion of kitchen space

However, all you need to do is get a quote from kitchen design professionals to identify the cost of a luxurious kitchen design for your space.

How is TEL Kitchens giving the luxurious kitchen?

TEL Kitchen believes and functions with a motive to give a luxurious impact to a kitchen space devoid of putting it heavier on the pockets.

With the trust of delivering high-end kitchen designing projects, TEL Kitchens has marked an excellent standard in crafting luxurious kitchen spaces.

With bespoke design solutions, functional cabinetry, intelligent lighting, real wood, and elegant finishes, natural stone and aesthetic appeal are combined with the elements of a luxurious kitchen. That is what TEL Kitchens designers are proficient in delivering.

And along with this, the professional team of designers tries to simplify the access to the entire luxury kitchen design process.

Key Takeaway!

It is highly recommended to hire a kitchen design professional to ensure a perfect functional project design plan for you.

This not only saves you from making costly mistakes but also provides you access to high-quality materials in a cost-effective manner.

Bottom Line!

The pricing factor is always in consideration when it is about designing a kitchen space.

However, when the kitchen design is about having a luxurious appeal, the expectations get way different.

But a luxurious kitchen is not a matter of having all the expensive elements only.

And that is what TEL Kitchens has proved with the delivery of ample projects with the desired luxurious appeal.

Explore the trending kitchen design ideas with TEL.

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