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10+ Beautiful Open Wardrobe Designs Ideas

beautiful modular wardrobe designs

Open wardrobes or what we commonly call them as walk in wardrobes, dramatically transform a space by adding a sense of organization and practicality to it.

Looking for design inspirations to make your dream open wardrobe appear as stylish just as the clothing it holds?

Check out these beautifully curated 10+ open wardrobe design ideas that are well-organised, spacious, well-lit and are knitted out with an amazing closet system.

10+ Open/Walk-In Wardrobe Designs We All Must Know In 2021

1. Stunning luxurious open wardrobe idea with rich shades of brown and gray

modular wardrobe designs

A wardrobe with various storing sections having decent colours and lightening.

It made a hanging of outfits, overcoats, and dresses easy and stressful free along with small shelves for folded items.

The entire wardrobe is equipped and stored with a glass door that is fixing over tracks of slides.

2. Expensive & prime wardrobe design with a gentle blend of brown and powder black

open wardrobe design

Here, you all can see a small dimensional room has been beautifully transformed into a refined wardrobe with different divisions for hanging and folded outfits.

On the right side, a section made for footwear is the most classic way to keep the best collection in open wardrobe designs.

3. Comfort zoned white glass and mirrored walk-in ‘robes

modular wardrobe designs

Work wonders for narrow rooms. With the middle installation of drawers, the burden of small items can be reduced.

A luxury sitting behind cabinetry drawers adds extra grace to the entire construction.

4. Loft wardrobe with several frames, shelves, and drawers

modular wardrobe designs

This white open wardrobe is a great set for loft rooms and is best suitable to keep children’s clothes.

White-coloured material gives a pure fashionable look to the place.

Numerous sections are one of the best things about this design which make it unique and more efficient.

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5. Stunning open designed wardrobe for alluring storage solutions

modular wardrobe designs

If you want a sensible and durable-looking wardrobe with strong features – consider this eminent blend of dark and light-shaded materialistic items.

It promises to stay by your side in the long run.

You can sit and do work on a laptop while looking at all the great collections you have.

6. Monochrome tan browny & gloss-finished wardrobe

modular wardrobe designs

A combination of a room having a chair and couch within an open wardrobe.

Different shelves hold all essential for regular usage.

A more creamy and glossy outer look provides the classic texture to almirah. 

7. Anchor gray huge cabinetry unit to simple storage

modular wardrobe designs

The closet attached to a room makes it easier to reach out and pick out the desired essentials and goods.

Have a seat here also to perform any task that needs more focus and a peaceful environment.

Add more lights to enhance the beauty of the space.

8. Catch your dreamy world by humble open wardrobe designs

modular wardrobe designs

Are you a resident of mountain areas?

Do you ever think of shifting to a hilly station? If yes, then this choice suits them best.

The mirrored or transparent view makes it worth having a wardrobe with various shelves.

It is more of a relaxation zone and a modular view.

9. Dark brown wooden 3 sectional wardrobe

modular wardrobe designs

Everything at a single place and a person with less space available but willing to have an open wardrobe design can adapt it.

It will work for both clothes and footwear.

Large suitcases can also be placed at available fixed spots.

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10. Pine brown wardrobe with wide drawers and hanging space

modular wardrobe designs

If you are tired of wardrobes that are fixed to the floor, then try this floating closet with a detached base to the ground.

Gives every illusion to make a room look wider than it is.

11. Desert Sun floor to ceiling full-fledge open cabinetry unit

modular wardrobe designs

Such wardrobes do not believe in dividing up spaces and be limited.

Here, in this contemporary style, no divisions are built only different sections to place items have been made.

WOW! What a masterpiece.

12. Wardrobe unit with a texture of ash brown hinged doors

modular wardrobe designs

One of the most unique and stylish choices – equipped with a hinged, open, and glass door 0pen wardrobe.

Pick out any of the frames to keep your favourite clothes safe and secure.

Live in the joy of having a wonderfully sophisticated closet.

Bottom Line

Without any doubt, walk in or open wardrobe designs are the attention stealers.

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