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15+ Best Wardrobes With Drawers’ Designs Ideas

Wardrobes With Drawers' Designs Ideas

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Your creation, your life!

Wardrobes are indeed important in our lives. When we wake up in the morning and start off the day, the first thing we do is – open the cabinetry unit to take the toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, or cleanser from the cupboard of a vanity unit. Next, after getting fresh and taking a shower – you would probably open the door of the fitted wardrobe inside your room for taking the garments for the day.

Bedroom cupboards are considered to be the most appropriate fit for the term ‘wardrobe’, from this I mean to say that many people think this furniture is only made for rooms.

Whereas in kitchens, bathrooms, drawing rooms, libraries, showrooms, gift shops, grocery shops, and various articles are kept only on wardrobes or sometimes we call them cabinetry units.

As we know, over time, every invention turned into its better version. Many experts, professionals, craftsmen, manufacturers make several changes to existing objects for the betterment of society.

Every mathematical theory and physics definition, all technical inventions, and chemical reactions have been modified and got changed into miraculous versions of them. That causes a huge positive impact on the entire system of discoveries – one discovers and the other corrects and improves it. Can you see, Strength in unity?

The same thing happened in the case of wardrobes. Once in a while, a long time ago nearly about in the 14th Century, a Roman Soldier invented an armory to store all weapons securely in a wooden box. Gradually, the idea went public and was adapted by the kingdom of the entire country.

But a cupboard design of that time was way more different and stranger than wardrobe designs of today.

What was the difference between the earlier wardrobes?

  • They were smaller and are typically constructed by wooden with some very deep designs crafted. All of them had handles that were way more heavy and hard to deal with.
  • The material that was common among all pieces was oak, satinwood, teak, and veneer.
  • Royal societies used them to show they are wealthy and can afford any designer and high-quality made closet.
  • Those cupboards were extravagant and classy in all ways in which someone can feel pride. Usually, 5 to 6 men was a common count to pick heavy wooden armories.
  • Now, everything has changed, life is simple and sleek. Technology has been going not only beyond the skies but beyond the planet and the entire galaxy.
  • From the Victorian period of the 19th century to now, full-length and free-standing wardrobes are admired and utilized by all kinds of people regardless of occupation. Only limited and premade furniture ruled the world during those days by which people were quite impressed and satisfied.
  • With passing time, requirements and expectations of a client rose from being content with the service and the item they get to not even being sure about the choice they made for a house bedroom, kitchen, or living room.
  • A very few customers get to have a good fit while the rest of others complain about dimensions, colours, paint, doors, and almost everything.

Someone once said so wisely that –

“Your unhappy customers are your big source of inspiration!”

This quote speaks for itself and has taken the furniture and manufacturing industry to the next level. From unhappy, non-satisfied and complaining customers – the firm has decided a brilliant alternative for delivering the products in such a manner that gives every control of specification into the hands of a client!

Yes, you heard it correctly!

This intelligent and extraordinary solution is ‘Custom-made designs’ or ‘Bespoke wardrobes’.

Bespoke Wardrobes – Turn Your Imagination Into Reality

The best thing about a custom-made, tailor-made or bespoke wardrobe is that – a closet that can be made according to the taste, need, demand, desires, size, colour, material, fitting, and texture that only YOU want. It makes you feel confident about your purchase and invested money.

With bespoke furniture and architectural designs, it has been seen that the influence and efficiency have been improved. They last longer with full performance. Great craftsman and engineers having years of experience work with technologies for making your ideas work.

  • Bespoke articles are durable, luxurious, and timeless.
  • Moreover, they never lack quality, resistance, and relation with the environment.
  • A cupboard is already very personal belonging to a person and when turned into bespoke it becomes a real art that is meant to serve a person to the fullest.
  • It reflects our personality and tells who we are, how do we think and how do we live.
  • A client can visualize the product even before its complete construction and gets goosebumps on getting a beautiful and super sleek production.

Learn About The Wardrobe With Drawers

When a cabinetry unit to keep clothes is more about just a hanging space, a top, and a bottom, and has other attires such as different shelves, especially drawers to place garments, articles, objects, and items. Such wardrobes can be known as ‘Wardrobe with drawers’.

The size of a drawer including length and width can be changed and customized as per available space and budget. A customer can choose its material, furnish and also several drawers he wants to operate with.

Advantages of wardrobe with drawers

  • It provides the best storage solutions by increasing the space to store objects.
  • Drawers work timeless and are typically made by durable material under high-end technologies that give a motionless and sophisticated outcome.
  • To store the small-sized essentials, cupboards with drawers are all you need to ensure safety at the highest peak.
  • Regardless of fitting drawers to a clothing wardrobe, only a single cabinet unit with drawers can be crafted – it makes the interaction simple and functionality better.
  • You can get access to drawers even without opening the doors of a wardrobe.
  • Small-sized drawers can be utilized to store jewelry, watches, ties, belts, and brushes. The medium-sized drawers are better to keep documents, books, papers, makeup items, toys, décor objects, and even folded clothes whereas suitcases and footwear are meant to be kept in large drawers.

Therefore, we can see such closets are multi-functioning and an owner can make it in use the way he wants. They look traditional and classy when fitted single and a modular approach can be achieved when installation is done along with the wardrobes.

Top 15+ Stylish Wardrobes With Drawers That You Must Have In 2021

1. Charming fitted oak woody wardrobe

Wardrobes With Drawers

If you want to add a brand new appearance to your room along with providing a great storage solution then this piece must be added to your wish bucket list. A drawer in the built-in clothing cupboard has various unique and different styles having the same finish but not the size.

Thus, every drawer is worthy enough to face the keeping of all kinds of items with an outstanding approach to secure them.

Material is very strong, safest, and does not produce any scratching noises while moving inside and out. With the light-weighted handles, the entire procedure becomes effortless. 

2. Deep black fantasy wardrobe with translucent view

Wardrobes With Drawers

Look at this classic and modern piece with a large storing space that has dedicated to you only. The black colour of the entire furniture sets the heart to the moon and it becomes hard to take eyes off from such an amazing designed wardrobe.

This walk-in wardrobe has glass fitted at doors to reflect natural light which adds beautiful endurance to the place.

Now, you have more than enough space to keep all outfits neat at a place with style. The very top storage section present at height keeps rarely used items such as large cases and boxes.

3. White hidden open wardrobe with multi drawers

Wardrobes With Drawers

An open wardrobe attached to an existing room is aesthetically fit any place. It changes the looks of a room and eliminates the clutter we usually leave on beds and chairs, just go to your attached wardrobe zone and play with drawers and sections while setting up every object with care and love. With the unique sizes of storage space, all types of articles are easy to keep inside those working sets.

4. Matte textured wardrobe design with drawers

Wardrobes With Drawers

This type suits best if the owner has a narrow or lesser space for fitting a ‘robe. Experts have commendable ways to utilize any available space in most working ways that help clients for keeping their stuff out of stress.

The engineering wood with a smooth finish and sophisticated texture gives a fashionable appearance with numerous drawers, shelves, and boxes. In case, you do not own such a heightened apartment – the size can be cut out to the present conditions of a room.

5. Narrow wardrobe with supreme lightening

Wardrobes With Drawers

Gentle room with a gentle wardrobe! Leave the thinking that your room will not become a perfect fit for any kind of wardrobe style. The designs and craft ideas are superior in all wild and stunning ways that you will have no longer choice than going with the specially made set of wardrobes for you.

Everything you own hides behind a room with a single door and extracts the beauty of fabrics and supreme materials when an individual put his feet inside those dreamy closet. The wardrobe is equipped with even-sized shelves and random drawers with handles that are timeless and a luxury.

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6. New trendy open modular drawer closet in brown shades

Wardrobes With Drawers

Bring the enduring wardrobe with drawers at your place and look all aspects of your life getting better. A person can organize – fold, hang, keep and put down his garments so nicely that every time he wears anything the entire mood and frequency shifts. Adorable lightening and light brown finish with lacquer set the atmosphere of a kind blend.

7. White MDF cupboard with various sections

Wardrobes With Drawers

Go with a more neutral, classier, and more elegant drawer-fitted wardrobe furniture to live life in cool white tones. The wardrobe is fitted at the corner with an open address and perpetual results.

The white finish provided to shelves, and sections make the flooring and other focal points of the room attentive. A customer whose room has definitions, décor, and art and has something to show can go with the white choice of cabinets with drawers.

8. Wood brown wardrobe with numerous cabinets

Wardrobes With Drawers

A freestanding wardrobe to store all kinds of regular essentials to which one can have easy and direct access is here, in front of you. Imagine waking up and looking for important stuff and you do not have to wander here and there – just look what your drawer cupboard has to offer for you.

Including four sections that have hanging as well as shelve space – blazers, jeans, shirts, bedsheets, covers, and other metal attires can be stored at the desired spot. Though the bespoke set has been made open and can be shielded with curtains if you want.

9. Double fitted wardrobe with mirror and drawers

Wardrobes With Drawers

A double wardrobe with two sections, multiple drawer sections, shelves, storage spots, and a mirror utilizes less space in a room. A person who does not demand a large, heavy, and complicated closet must go with this admiring design.

In the less area – an owner can keep more while looking at the things clearly with sliding door. The front mirror can be used as a dressing mirror and the handless drawers to store quickly needy essentials.

10. Triple alluring cupboard white wardrobes with drawers

Wardrobes With Drawers

A modular wardrobe with four shutters installed by hinged doors with a white finish and brown color interior stands out all dresses and fabrics on opening the door. Hanging, cabinetry, and drawer units are inbuilt to this fabulous closet.

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11. Lovely regular cabinetry unit with white and brown textures

Wardrobes With Drawers

Sliding white wardrobes with drawers can be accessed from any side is consists of a total of 8 in number shelves and a single open space for hanging outfits. Such type of cupboards works well in the office to keep more documentation and paperwork files.

The whole furniture is engineered with standardized technology that contributes to making an inspirational structure for keeping expensive stuff with style and security. On the other side, a brown wooden cabinet unit with various sections dedicates to keep minimal-sized items such as books, newspapers, magazines, etc.

12. Black bean brown uniform finish wardrobe design

Wardrobes With Drawers

Step inside and openly designed wardrobe having cheerful chambers just like a king. The wooden work is blending with the room outside and giving it enough space to breathe. All family members can utilize this walk-in wardrobe with built-in handless drawers and numerous sections.

The mirror complements the outlook. The clothes remain out of the fear of humidity, insects, dust, and dirt with a long-lasting attire of wardrobe.

13. Modular burnt wooden brown cabinet unit

Wardrobes With Drawers

As we mentioned earlier that not all wardrobes are meant to be used as a cloth keeper but are utilized to place other important things such as technical objects including hardware, computer, laptops.

Here, such wardrobes are mainly crafted for companies that work digitally and are mainly made of wooden material to strict the passage of current by ensuring safety and protection. The switchboards can be utilized as per need and the other sections for storing notes or notebooks.

14. Funky and fashionable new contemporary drawers

Wardrobes With Drawers

The beauty of this wooden and MDF-made drawer board speaks at only a single glance. It has been made uniquely from the rest of Wardrobe Designs – including horizontal, vertical, and square cabinet units that are enduring.

15. Fine blended tri-colored designer modular wood wardrobe

Wardrobes With Drawers

A wardrobe with a contemporary and traditional appearance suits people who lack decision-making. It is a graceful combination of open, close, walk-in, hinged, and sliding wardrobes.

Hinged and integrated doors, various sections, drawers, and large storage for hanging stuff along with a mirror that create an illusionary effect go well with homes and showrooms with extra space and more storage area. Headlights and downlights appeal to every charming edge of the existing place with warmth and peaceful vibes.

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16. White units with Royalty taste in drawers wardrobe design

Wardrobes With Drawers

Walk-in wardrobe designs with hinged doors and handled drawers control all stockpiles. Homeowners rarely choose such designs and are often picked by organizations that conduct camps, or have boarding schools. The universities with common closet rooms popularly own this furniture having a common style to eliminate dilemma and discrimination among scholars.

The Bottom Line 

Furniture may sound like a simple thing to choose but it is not really when comes to practical life. Wardrobes are not only used in homes but various industries, companies, and even religious places for keeping the records well in an organized manner. It is not just that look matters but also the item is expected to work wonders in terms of functionality and endurance.

From the ample choices of Wardrobes UK, it is common to get confused to go with only a single choice. But this is what we are here for, to help people making their day-to-day life easier and settled.

Experts talk to clients and bring out needs to work accordingly. More often they survey the place that is meant to be fitted by a wardrobe for optimal results. List out all your wants and choose the best-suited piece of art.

Leave your valuable comments and queries down below in comment sections – we would love to suggest and guide each one of you.

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