pinterest Top 15+ Best Sliding Door Wardrobes Designs And Ideas

Top 15+ Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs Ideas

Top 15+ Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs Ideas

Are You Looking for A Sliding Door Wardrobe?

Did I just hear Yes?

Then This Blog Is for you!

Wardrobes have surpassed the traditional purpose of offering storage space only and have come a far way to be seen as a trending way of contributing style to your room’s interior.

But wait!

Just tell us one thing!

Can you imagine your room space devoid of a space-efficient solution?

Can you adjust yourself in a messy space due to insufficient storage space?

Impossible indeed.

Without a resourceful wardrobe, it is even impossible to imagine your stuff organised.

And this does not only apply to the small rooms only.

Even the larger spaces require efficient storage space solutions.

And that is what a sliding wardrobe is proficient at!

Find the wardrobes that tie in perfectly with the room’s décor

A sliding door wardrobe provides enough storage space and doesn’t even overcrowd the room.

Here are a few sliding door wardrobe designs by the TEL Kitchens experts!

1. Stay Timeless with White Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding Door Wardrobe

You cannot go wrong with white!

Keep your clothes crisp and lit up the room with space-saving glossy sliding white doors!

Offering various space utilisation options, this sliding wardrobe is an excellent solution for keeping all the stuff organised.

2. Simple And Elegant 3 Door Sliding Wardrobe Design with Ample Space

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Acquire the effortless elegance with this grey and off-white combinational wardrobe design!

This glossy sliding wardrobe delivers the desired grace and enhances the room’s outlook.

This combination of white and grey with a high glossy shutter is classy and modern in design.

Plan it the way you want to!

3. Creating Magic With Mirrors On Sliding Doors Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Contemporary sliding wardrobe in warm wooden with a modern glass touch!

Not fond of maintaining the full glossy or mirrored wardrobes?

If yes, this combination of wood with the added touch of glassy material in the middle can be the right pick for you!

4. Liven Up Your Room With Subtle Sliding Mirrored Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Space efficient sliding wardrobe design with style statement!

The subtle grey colour adds elegance to the horizontal mirror design in shutters, creating the area’s illusion and making the room look bigger than usual.

Pro Tip: Add a sitting nearby and save you from hopping later while wearing the footwear!

5. Sliding Wardrobe with Warm Wooden Vibes

Sliding Door Wardrobe

This wooden sliding wardrobe is an apt choice for people choosing conventional at heart!

This wooden shutter sliding wardrobe spells luxury well without even over imposing the design.

PS: Add some earthy vibe to your room by choosing the lightest shades of brown or off-cream on the walls.

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6. Grand And Plush Space Saving 2 Door Sliding Wardrobe Design

Sliding Door Wardrobe

This eye-appealing grey sliding wardrobe has room for plenty of stuff.

With this wall, floor-to-ceiling sliding wardrobe, the requirement for additional storage is minimal and can accommodate all your stuff well.

7. Sliding Wardrobes Delivering Effortless Elegance in Pretty Pastels

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Lacquered glass doors with a glossy and opaque finish!

This off-white sliding wardrobe provides an excellent light reflection while keeping your stuff organised well and out of sight.

Pro-Tip: You can use a mix of wood or other materials, adding a unique effect to the design.

8. Stunning And Space Saving Wardrobes

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Simple and elegant!

This high glossy grey and white sliding wardrobe can turn your dull space into a super lively and space-efficient zone in the room when planned and accessorised well.

PS: It’s a design and colour perfect for all ages.

9. Simple And Elegant Wardrobe Design With A Touch Of Rustic

Sliding Door Wardrobe

This wooden finish wardrobe is a classy and all-time favourite choice!

It’s a contemporary wardrobe design in warm wood with a mirror shutter giving an efficient storage space solution.

10. Space Efficient Wardrobe With Style Statement

Sliding Door Wardrobe

An incredible addition to the room in an elegant glass sliding door wardrobe!

If you are fond of pastel or light colours, this can be the right pick!

Organise your stuff the way you want to with plenty of storage space and keep the room clutter-free.

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11. A Classic Wood Finish Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobe

The understated elegance of glass with a playful combination of wooden theme with subtle grey colour!

This rustic glass sliding wardrobe efficiently provides enough storage space to accommodate all your stuff and accessories in one place.

Pro-Tip: Add shelves to the colour theme to keep your small stuff and other belongings well organised.

12. Liven It Up With A Cool Grey Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobe

A combination of subtle matches with appropriate lighting!

This subtle mixture of grey and white came out in the picture to be a soothing and elegant look providing the desired outlook.

13. Classy White Wardrobe Matching Interiors

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Pristine white to match the room’s interiors!

This white glossy finish wardrobe design is the perfect addition to the room, offering excellent storage for all your belongings and an ideal fit to enhance the room’s interior.

It’s time to bid goodbye to all your storage woes with this elegant yet functional installation!

14. Glossy And Seamlessly Stylish Wardrobe Design

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Adorn your room’s interior with high gloss wardrobe finishes!

This glass wardrobe does great with the rooms that already employ floor-to-ceiling glass windows to offer some mesmerising views.

PS: Glass doors add variety to the room without compromising beauty.

15. The Understated Elegance Of Glass Wardrobes

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Stylish and contemporary! This sliding glass wardrobe design elevates the room’s entire look.

The metal frames to this glass sliding door glam up the overall look and provide elegance matching the room’s interiors.

See how beautifully this whole wardrobe is organised?

This glass shutter acts as a perfect see-through while keeping your clothes and other stuff safe and clean from dust.

16. Pretty White Wardrobes Adding Aesthetics

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Stay timeless with this white sliding door wardrobe!

White never goes out of style, and when you have sufficient space to experiment with, this walk-through cabinet with sliding doors wins the whole game.

Keep them sliding!

Wardrobes can make or break the room in real!

Whether it is about the design only or serving functionality, or both!

Sliding wardrobes are those stylish picks that are

  • Trending
  • It helps you when you are low on walking space
  • Keeps your room’s interiors up to date
  • Maintains the charm within the room
  • And most importantly provides an efficient storage solution to keep it all uncluttered.

How do TEL Kitchen design experts make a difference?

TEL Kitchen Design experts have a proficient team that not only provides an efficient storage space solution but also

  • Provides 3D Renders to visualise before actual designing
  • Enable you to choose the best out of distinct finishes, colours, and materials
  • Lets you opt from the diversified range of extraordinary wardrobe collection
  • A complete installation with post-care services
  • And a promise of getting a high-quality wardrobe solution that fits well in your pockets!

Bottom Line

If you are bored with the traditional wardrobe doors, slide-out for a change.

Confused with making a decision?

Explore the trendiest wardrobe types with the kitchen design experts and make a wise choice today!

Get in touch now and give your search a full stop with the excellent storage space solution for your home!

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