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12+ Fitted Wardrobes Designs Ideas | Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

12+ Fitted Wardrobes Designs Ideas

Are you looking for a fitted wardrobe design idea for your room?

If yes, then we bet this blog will be an answer for you!

Obviously, everyone requires enough storage space in their rooms to keep it all uncluttered.

And that is what a fitted wardrobe provides you with!

But a little differently!

It does so by utilising every inch, nook, and corner of the space.

Let us get acquainted with the trending fitted design ideas.

But before we move forward. 

Do you Know?

Fitted Wardrobes are not a type of wardrobe because every wardrobe is a fitted wardrobe that is installed within a space or attached to a wall.

So, if you are searching for fitted wardrobes and your search is unable to make a reliable output for you, then try refining your search with the name of the type of wardrobe!

Let us see what wardrobe type name can help you out with this! 

Types of Wardrobes

  • Sliding Wardrobes
  • Glass Wardrobes
  • Hinged Wardrobes
  • Walk-in Wardrobes

Now, try searching online with these names and see what exciting outcome you will be getting.

Trending fitted Wardrobe Design Ideas

1. Steady warm grey wooden fitted wardrobe

Fitted Wardrobes Designs (2)

Designed explicitly to cater to all your needs!

This beautifully made fitted wardrobe has pure elegance, beauty, and timeless quality that are perfect for keeping the room’s interiors trending and accommodating.

2. Matte finish wooden walk-in fitted wardrobe

Fitted Wardrobes Designs (3)..

You speak, and we act!

Make your space more personal with this walk-in wardrobe design. This unique tailor-made walk-in wardrobe works friendly for all types of items.

The shelves of various sizes and fitted cabinets brush up the functionality.

3. Light almond textured fitted wardrobe with warm wooden finish

Fitted Wardrobes Designs (4)

This light almond texture wooden wardrobe optimises the functionality of the room and transforms the smaller space into a beautiful asset.

4. Charcoal Grey oak wooden loft wardrobe

Fitted Wardrobes Designs (5)

Do you have an uneven rooftop!

Well, nothing to worry about.

This vertically made black wooden-handled wardrobe can handle the uneven spaces and transform them into a functional yet adorable home space.

5. Handleless hinged glass wardrobe

fitted wardrobe designs 2021

This glass wardrobe design is a royal and high-rated luxury made with extraordinary combinations, boasting a unique level of excitement.

6. Graphite Grey Fitted Wardrobe

Fitted Wardrobes Designs (6)

This full-coverage grey-themed wardrobe optimises the space nicely while eliminating the clutter spread around the room.

Durability, flexibility, efficiency, and a qualified approach are the elements that make it stand out from the rest.

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7. MDF Finished hinged wardrobe in pretty whites

This floor to ceiling wardrobe looks finely seamless, light-weighted, clean, and effortless.

This wardrobe design is an excellent choice, giving a full stop to all the storage woes.

8. Lovable glossy and deep blush pink lacquer wardrobe

Fitted Wardrobes Designs (1)

This light-weighted hinged wardrobe with sober colouring and glossy finish complements every home’s interiors.

9. Miller fitted wardrobe with segregated TV storage and drawers

Fitted Wardrobes Designs ideas (2)

This wardrobe design is an adorable blend of hinged and open closets stealing attention at a peak level.

Look how effortlessly the entire setup is adjusted with much ease and intelligence.
And the gold-plated handles leave a luxurious finish to this wardrobe design.

10. Deep Brown Teak Wooden Fitted Wardrobe

Fitted Wardrobes Designs ideas (3)

Get a special and unique feature designed closed for your room with this dark chocolate brown fitted wardrobe.

This wardrobe design gives a graceful outcome transforming the appearance from dull to strongly influencing.

11. Freestanding neutral library wardrobe in MDF finish

Fitted Wardrobes Designs ideas (4)

This wardrobe style is a super-amazing combination of functional shelves.

Such wardrobes don’t require much of the walls, only one side needs to get attached to the wall for a stronger backbone, and you will get a completely functional piece.

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12. Hinged wardrobe with a drawer set

Fitted Wardrobes Designs ideas (5)

This is one of the most prestigious and excellent wardrobe styles suitable for both open space and smaller bedrooms.

It’s an integrated wardrobe design with glossy white and powdered brown cabinet doors blending well to nourish the surroundings.

13. Combinational fitted wardrobe with warm wooden touch

This combination fitted wardrobe with open and drawers set up in warm woody touch enables you to adore the closet and keep your tiny stuff well organised simultaneously.

14. Luxurious wardrobe design with attached mirror

fitted wardrobes (4)

Call it a luxurious wardrobe style, an open one, or a complete combinational setup; this wardrobe design has the beauty element with ample storage space to handle your storage woes.

Since you have explored ample ideas created by the TEL Experts, did you get the answers to all your queries?

Even if you still have a doubt, do not hesitate to get in touch now!

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TEL Kitchens have a proficient team of professionals that not only adds a full stop to your storage woes but also lets you acquire the following!

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  • And assurance of getting a wardrobe solution fitting well in the actual space.

Bottom Line!

Wardrobes are one of the essential assets that play a crucial role in keeping the room space uncluttered.

However, selecting the perfect choice for your space can be a little tricky.

And when it comes to choosing the wardrobe types, things get way complicated.

But not anymore!

Explore the trendiest wardrobe types with a click only and make a wise choice today!

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