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Granite Or Quartz Worktop Which Is Best?

Granite Or Quartz Worktop Which Is Best

Granite and quartz are hard stones usually used for construction. It has always been a tough choice between granite and quartz. Without a doubt, the two materials are also the best in their way. They are the most important stones required for the design of the house. However, people get paralysed when they need to make a selection of a kitchen work plan.

If you ever find yourself stuck with a choice between the two.

We got your back, Keep Reading!

We will provide you with many factors, facts, and specialities about both. Depending on your needs and taste in design, you can simply vote for your favourite material. Then let us take this one step further.

Features of a Granite Kitchen Worktop

Features of a Granite Kitchen Worktop

Granite is an igneous rock found abundantly on Earth’s surface and can be taken from the mines and volcano with superior technologies and machinery.

Composition of Granite

Granite is a 100% natural stone that is found in a volcanic eruption in the magma of the earth’s crust. It is found mainly in light colours with random, but not uniform and plane textured surface.

It is unique because it is natural and has admirable shades of colours. Granite is a ‘GOD Gifted’ rock; construction workers need to take it from the earth.

Tolerance Power of Granite

Being raised from the high temperatures on Earth, Granite is resistant to higher temperatures means it can tolerate hot pots and pans without any effect and stain on the surface.

Granite is prone to cracks and breaks as they are natural and thus has to be extremely rigid and hard. Proper maintenance is required to keep it prevented harm. Though Granite Worktops are harder, still they can break easily as compared to Quartz.

The surface of the worktop is not so good when it comes to absorption, in other words, it is porous and thus will not maintain the dryness over the top. Anything spilt on the worktop goes inside, the material.

The other best thing about Granite worktop is that they do not fade even when placed in sunlight. Therefore, can be installed in an open area such as hotels, parks and play ways.

Colour Availability of Granite

A worktop made of Granite has limited colours as nature will only produce colours according to Eco’s conditions. However, Granite can be modified with a variety of colours according to the demand of the market.

Cost Price of Granite

The cost price of granite worktop is reasonable, and anyone can purchase them for a traditional look. As Granite is purely natural, it can have several defects and that adds to the cost of refining and fixing.

Features of Quartz Kitchen Worktop

Features of Quartz Kitchen Worktop

Quartz is a man-made stone mainly composed of Silicon and Oxygen. The further components are added to make the material more reliable, durable, and suited for bringing the best out of the material.

Composition of Quartz

Quartz is an artificial stone made up of crushing the Quartz and mixing the composition of the other required elements. It is 92-95% material is made of crushed quartz and the rest includes pigments and resin. Other tiny and essential materials can be added depending on the design requirement.

The worktops made of quartz give the most luxurious and modern appearance. Also, a sleeker and cleaner look can be attained by installing a Quartz Worktop.

Tolerance Power

It is heavier than granite and cannot be broken easily. Therefore, we can say it is more durable than granite.

Being nonporous, the cleansing can be done easily, and spilt material does not affect the top finish and quality of the worktop. Thus, no requirement of sealing the surface.

It is a germicide and keeps the surface free from harmful bacteria and germs. Engineers mould quartz into a strong stone thus there are no chances of getting cracks and breaks on falling even heavier objects.

They are not prone to high temperatures, thus cannot be trusted by hot pots and pans. Also, they cannot be placed in sunlight and open area. Intolerance of sunlight results in fading colours.

Colour Availability

The worktops constructed from Quartz have a range of colours. Since the product is purely man-made, thus anything desirable can be polished over the material. Texture can also be variable and Bespoke.

Cost Price of Quartz

Quartz worktops are designed according to the needs of the kitchen. The material is flexible, uniform, sleek and smooth. Thus, the cost can be higher than that of the Granite.


You have read all the major aspects of both stunning materials. They have unique and special features according to specifications. Though Granite is limited in designs, colours and textures. Also, it is having some chemicals that might affect health to a little extent. Yet, worktops made of granite has the natural beauty and smell of the Earth. A person, who is a great lover of traditional and timeless style must go with the choice of ‘Granite.’

On the other hand, Quartz is moulded by the man himself that makes it stand out from the rest. It can be customized as per the demands.

A person, who likes more advanced designs, simple but graceful features, luxurious and elegant in the place, must go with the choice of ’Quartz.’

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