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Stunning Fitted Kitchen Design Ideas by United Kingdom’s Expert Kitchen Designer

Fitted Kitchen Design Ideas by UK Experts

Are you looking for a remodel of your kitchen now? But really confused about where to start?

If yes, then you are not alone!

As you may find ample modern fitted kitchen design ideas online by scrolling the device but are they really functional for your kitchen space? Will they really work for your kitchen space?

Well, that’s pretty challenging to conclude. Not all kitchen design ideas are functional for your space.

Read this blog till the end and get all the answers concerning designing your kitchen space.

But above all, the kitchen ideas are not only to the one suggesting the designs in the dreams only but also to be practical.

This includes everything from efficiently utilizing the kitchen space to adding functional equipment that not only serves the purpose but also adds aesthetics.

Let us get acquainted with the stunning kitchen design ideas to start with your kitchen remodel.

Trending kitchen design ideas

Contrasting countertops

Contrasting countertops

Contrasting worktops with cabinetry adds style and aesthetic appeal to the kitchen space.

You can experiment with the dark granite worktops with oak wood cabinets that will not only help differentiate the kitchen area but also add a significant level of warmth and sophistication to the space.

Smart Kitchens

Smart Kitchens

Technology has gone to an unexpectedly greater level that even the kitchen space is not left.

Integrating the technology appliances and smart concepts in the fitted kitchen designs can take the entire level up.

You must have to check some motion-sense equipped kitchen faucets that can automatically sense the hands’ presence underneath.

Apart from the faucets, you may find ample smart technologies that are easily incorporated into the entire kitchen design.



Yayy!! Colors are intrinsically becoming a part of modern kitchen designs. So, no more tedious kitchen colors anymore.

Although the white color in the kitchen provides a classic look and can be quickly used in any kitchen style or design, this time, not only white but a pop of color is ready to do the wonders.

From having a different wall color to having the pop of colors in the backsplashes or any other form, the color palette is ready to bring a beautiful, magical feel in the appearance that will never make the cooking experience a tedious one.

Streamlined material, textures, and designs

Streamlined material, textures, and designs

No streamlined doesn’t have to be boring always. With the simplified case, we meant a fitted kitchen units with a diverse range of materials and textures.

A wide array of materials with different textures and colors is all set to do wonders.

An aesthetically appealing appearance of the kitchen space can never make a cooking experience boring, and that is what the streamlined process does.

Whether you consider interesting textures, ceiling treatment, wooden beams, natural tones, floor tiles, or beautiful backsplashes, everything can add a punch to the space without even hindering the appearance of the space.

Quartz still reigns supreme.

Quartz still reigns supreme.

Yes, quartz still remains the top choice when it comes to choosing high-end kitchen countertops.

The Quartz material is actually a durable choice that is anti-microbial and easy to maintain. Gone are the days when there was a lack of variety in this natural stone only in terms of finishes and colors.

But all thanks to technology, now one can easily choose the perfect match for their kitchens from a wide range of colors and realistic stone patterns.

Choose your exclusive style based on your choice and get yourself rewarded with a unique style that is only yours.

Effective storage solution cabinetry

Effective storage solution cabinetry

If you love to keep your kitchen space well organized and clutter-free, then effective storage cabinetry can now help you keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free in a realistic manner.

One of the major foundations of functional kitchens is effective storage, and if the storage is inadequate, then you will certainly be faced with endless storage challenges.

To address these challenges, you gotta look for some effective storage solutions to your kitchen space with no messy area.

These efficient storage solutions can include drawer dividers for cutlery, pullouts for spices, roll-out trays.

Tray dividers, appliances garages for small equipment, wastebasket cabinets, deep drawers, and many more. These all will make it easier to store the kitchen essentials.



Hardwood is still the popular one when it comes to best kitchen floorings, but ceramic flooring is no less liked than it.

Ceramic flooring is getting more attention, and all thanks to the technology, you can now opt for the best one matching your kitchen space from a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles.

And the best part is that you can also get ceramic tiles that look exactly like the hardwood flooring.

So, if you want to get that hardwood look in your kitchen space but are looking for an easy material to maintain, then ceramic tiles can be your preferred choice. Indeed, a win-win situation.

Also, when you gotta consider the size of the tiling, you will get a wide array of sizes in the tiles that you can opt for.

Multipurpose kitchen islands

Multipurpose kitchen islands

You will be amazed to know that the kitchen islands are no longer the traditional styles that undoubtedly squeeze into the space but also hinder the kitchen passage.

Being a multipurpose addition in the kitchen designs, these blend well in the kitchen space, providing a seamless look.

One of the best additions to the kitchen islands is that the innovation has brought so many changes to the kitchen islands that incorporate the single-level larger sizing with multiple uses.

You know that you will still run out of space even after having much storage space. But with the modern kitchen island designs, storage is no more a problem.

You can easily get some additional storage to the space and keep your fitted kitchen design mess-free.

The kitchen islands are designed in such a way that it creates impact and makes a style statement in the kitchen design.

Well, you will be happy to know that the kitchen islands are going to be the most adopted trend in the kitchen designs serving functionality while maintaining the aesthetics of the space.

The year 2022, with pretty and larger kitchen island designs, will become a jack of all trades.

Pretty backsplashes

Pretty backsplashes

Do you think that backsplashes are the only functional piece that keeps your kitchen’s cooking walls free from stains and oil splashes?

Well, if you thought so, then we must tell you that you are completely wrong!

Backsplashes can be the pretty additions to the kitchen space that not only serves the functionality but also gives you a variety of options to decorate your kitchen space.

Whether you choose the glossy backsplashes or you go for some subtle tile backsplashes, kitchen backsplashes always have new trends that can actually be the style statement of your kitchen space.

Connecting with the outdoors

Connecting with the outdoors

Well, kitchens are no longer a space created at the end of the house with no excitement as kitchen designs have come too far from it.

People connect their kitchens to an outdoor space and add a specific entry point from the kitchen to that outdoor entertainment area.

This can easily be designed by installing a glass door in the kitchen, and the connection will be crystal clear. Admire the beauty of nature along with the cooking.

Mix and match

Last but not least, mix and match metals or any other two styles are trending. We often got queries like the mix and match concept will work for a kitchen design?

Well, the answer is absolutely yes!

Mix and match concepts add a character to the space, but the important thing to be emphasized here is that only if it is done appropriately!

Yes, you gotta be really careful about that as a poor mix and match can also lead to a big blunder in the kitchen that will make your kitchen look clumsy.

So you need to plan it appropriately. Seek professional help if you need it but do not take risks in this case.

Bottom Line!

The above-mentioned fully fitted kitchen or small fitted kitchen design ideas will undoubtedly take your kitchen to remodel planning to the next level. All you need to do is plan it all carefully, and even a single change in the kitchen space can make or break the entire look.

Seek professional help if you need but do not experiment with it anyway. If you are skeptical about professional help, TEL Kitchens is the name you can count on!

TEL Kitchens is a premier brand in kitchen and home designing, giving you the best solutions and efficient space utilization to cater to all your requirements with no mess up.

Up with an idea? Call us now @ 020 8610 9655 or visit TEL Kitchen to explore the trending kitchen design ideas for 2022.

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