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How Much Does A Custom Kitchen Island Cost?

How Much Does A Custom Kitchen Island Cost?

Kitchen designs have different types from which people make suitable choices that fit their needs and desires. Island is often seen in every modern kitchen that is fitted nowadays. It is an extra piece of worktop meant to support the kitchen meal preparation or sometimes utilize as a dining table.

Size of an island

Islands come up in different sizes and shapes offered as per the standards and specifications of a company. People tend to install an enormous island in open kitchen designs and small-sized narrow or L-shaped kitchens. Depending on its size, the cost price per square meter is assigned by the expert.

A Material Used In Manufacturing

TEL Kitchens provide a bespoke range that means a client has complete independence in choosing the materials he wants to see in his kitchen.

The Islands are generally made up of stones such as Porcelain, mineral rock, laminate, granite, and quartz. Depending on the quality and lifespan of the material, the cost price range is decided.  

Additional fittings add extra cost.

Islands can be customized with different accessories such as dishwashers, lighting, cabinetry units, and anything a client desire. All these collectively contribute to the cost price of an island.

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