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Transform Your Kitchen by TEL Kitchens: Get Complete Kitchen Solutions

Transform Your Kitchen by TEL Kitchens: Get Complete Kitchen Solutions

Unfold Innovation and Excellence with modern kitchens

TEL Kitchens is the name people call for designing a contemporary well-furnished and modular kitchen in London.

With the legacy of 11 years, we are planting dynamic range of Italian, German, Vista, and Premium Kitchens with elite interior and subdues functionalities.

We inspire clients looking to design and install seamless kitchens & accessories with seasoned artists owning exceptional skills.

Our backbone is our allegiance and devoted in-house team, talented artists, 3d renders, architects and labour who collaborate tightly to meet the client’s desires.

Let us know more about the bespoke and budget friendly kitchen solutions.

What made us the UK’s #1 Choice for Modular & Bespoke Kitchen Fittings

TEL Kitchens is primarily a kitchen design specialist in the United Kingdom and has been dealing with the best kitchen services for over a decade! 

Our sparkling background reflects our top-notch projects:

  • Luxe Tower: A successful delivery of 89 porch-appealing kitchens with A-one finishes.
  • Manhattan Apartments: A 34 high-quality ergonomic kitchen designs, which was a challenge.
  • The Copper work: inspected site, planned, designed, and rendered the most engaging 23 exquisite and modern modular timeless kitchens.
  • Matchstick Apartments: 17 graciously crafted modern kitchen designs with magnificent looks delivered in promised timeline.
  • Botanical Loft: 37 kitchens designed with aesthetic appeal and embrace modernity.
  • 228 Grange Road: 5 stunning, sleek, and modern luxury kitchens integrated with modern appliances, accessories, kitchen units and wardrobes

Similarly, there are many unmentioned projects that narrates our generosity.

Lately, TEL Kitchens proudly completed the delivery of 700+ customized kitchens in the UK with flying colours; it is indeed a remarkable milestone for our entire team.

  • At TEL Kitchens, we focus on making space as equally functional as making it visually attractive.
  • We formulate handless cabinets, seamless fittings, worktops, splashbacks, excellent storage units and much more.
  • All our cabinetry is designed with top-quality timber, the best in the industry wood, and our backsplashes & worktops are carved with luxury finishes.

When you choose a kitchen fitting service from TEL Kitchens, you will see no two kitchens are entirely the same. Our range of services can transform any home into a masterpiece.

Discover TEL Kitchens’ Popular Kitchen Design Services Below

Italian Kitchens: Unleash the Italian Cuisines with Italian Kitchen Designers in the UK 

TEL Kitchens are among the top results when searching for the best Italian kitchen companies in the UK. Italian culture is at the forefront for its deep artistic talent, architects, antique art, luxe materials, and royalty.

They are integrated with a rustic ambience to ultra-modish methods while keeping a delicate balance b/w modern and minimalist.

  • Our modern Italian kitchen specialists focus on adding contemporary finishes with light shades, integrated kitchen appliances, rich lighting fixtures, and hidden storage units.
  • Traditional Italian kitchens are the epitome of classic love, comfortable furniture, casual and natural décor & furnishing elements featuring warm colours and textures.
  • We incorporate a premium charm into both traditional and modern Italian kitchen designs.

The ideas of bespoke Italian kitchen designs by the best London kitchen fitters are ideal for any generation’s tastes and preferences.

German kitchen designs: Streamline your home looks and feels with precisely designed German kitchen trends

Germany is acclaimed for its advanced engineering, design, and heritage. It has always been a KING in the kitchen industry. Our experts know how to combine essential features to design a German cooking space.

We get sophisticated edges from the floor to the roof, elegance in every inch and glamour in the complete kitchen looks.

  • The innovation used in designing and fitting German kitchens by superior manufacturers leaves appealing looks and practical designs to make it easy while working in the kitchen.
  • Our team designs clever storage solutions with pull-up pantries, integrated appliances, smart kitchen tools, high-grade materials, laminations, and lasting surfaces.
  • We always remember to sprinkle modern technology onto our kitchen design services to perform swift functions.
  • We feel privileged to personalize even the expensive kitchen designs according to the clients to fit their pockets.

TEL Kitchens’ policies never hurt anyone and German kitchen costs are a witness to it.

Custom Built-In Bespoke Wardrobe: Handcrafted Wardrobe designs by TEL Kitchens

Custom Built-In Bespoke Wardrobe

TEL Kitchens give a range of fitted wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, and sliding and double-door wardrobes in diverse designs, finishes and luxe materials. We target to configure each cupboard as per your requirement, space, and storage needs. The sleek and modern wardrobe designs help you organize your goods smartly.

  • From high-quality wood to distinctive metals, wardrobe designs in the UK radiate opulence and last for decades. Our team prioritize minor details to make the finished product flawless and perfect.
  • Here, cupboards for kitchens and bedrooms are designed per the room’s layout and configuration for maximum space utilization.

Get perfect bespoke wardrobe designed by top-rated craftsmen who give attention to the details to ensure superior touch and quality.

Kitchen Cabinets: Unforgettable and Uncluttered Kitchen Experience with Best Cabinet Units

TEL Kitchens is a popular kitchen cabinet designer in the UK who uses natural materials and smart fitting methods to bring clean output. Plywood, Bamboo, Oak, Maple, Cherry wood, Hickory, Birch, Hardwood etc., are expensive luxury wood types used to get a sophisticated taste in any kitchen.

  • Our luxury bespoke cabinet units for bedrooms, kitchens and living areas are precisely designed in the UK and delivered around the globe.
  • The sustainable materials keep your home safe and naturally built.
  • Handless cabinet designs with noiseless motions make the everyday joyful and easy.

Redefine your home with the elegance of the best kitchen cabinet designs with significant strength and beauty.

Flawless & Luxurious Kitchen Worktops –Precision Worktop Fits with the best kitchen countertop designers in the UK.

Add a wonderful character to your cooking area with modern worktops that fit seamlessly into your kitchen and lifestyle. We quickly adapt to different choices and kitchen requirements of clients to customize.

  • The most popular kitchen countertop materials are quartz, stainless steel, porcelain, granite, solid wood, and recycled glass. Here, the best kitchen manufacturers swiftly install after inspecting the site and deciding the compatible fit.
  • Clients who love natural stone can opt for granite and quartz for kitchen worktops because they are non-porous, versatile, and resistant to heat and scratches.
  • Our traditional and contemporary kitchens speak of perfection that lasts with countertops made of glass, wood, quartz, granite, and recycled materials. They are exceptionally durable and have the slightest possibility of cracking, chipping and staining, even over time.

Have a look on how varied materials for kitchen countertops boosts the practicality and looks inside your kitchen.

Aesthetic Splashbacks, Kitchen Appliances and Trendy Accessories: Give A Quick Update to Your Kitchen Space

Appealing splashbacks, innovative high-end kitchen accessories and appliances are the essences of modern kitchens because they provide a clean finished look and protect and save interior décor, effort, and energy.

TEL Kitchens in the UK is the epitome of designing quality material splashbacks, smart kitchen appliances and accessories.

  • Available in a range of plush materials, designs, and shapes – they support heat and water resistivity and are antibacterial and durable.
  • Our luxury splashbacks offer customized options, enhance kitchen appearance, leave a stunning visual impact, are easy to maintain and are heat resistant.

The modern kitchen appliances are operated with just one touch.

Free Standing and Wall mounted Premium Vanity Units: Beautifully crafted by TEL Kitchens.

Be confident with exclusive vanity units to make your bathrooms and cloakroom aesthetically pleasing and functional. TEL Kitchens designs vanity units only with the best materials ranging from solid natural wood, marble, porcelain, and engineered glass.

  • There is ample space for keeping daily essentials in the drawer organized, while the countertop has enough space for often used items such as brushes, facewash, hand wash, soap, etc. We use materials like marble, glass, granite, and quartz for a luxury touch.
  • The sleek handless drawers slide smoothly, leaving excessive luxury drops around your place and the bespoke vanity designs have vast mirror options: framed, frameless, LED features, and more.

We plan and construct bespoke vanity units handcrafted with personalized designs and intelligent features.

Media units and Office Desks: Grace up your place with the best furniture designing company

TEL Kitchens transform your working environment with beautifully crafted customized office desks and chairs into the most engaging, soothing, and creative space.

Now you can enjoy TV shows, web services, warm family time, and a productive day at the office with the convenience of well-designed media units and office furniture designs in the UK designed by skilled hands.

  • Multimedia units are designed to support various screen sizes with every kind of look, whether rustic, vintage, or modern classic. They are made of durable, natural, high-quality wood that lasts long.
  • Media units with different sections keep your magazines, favourite books, sound system and cable boxes. The sturdy and adjustable shelves are designed to carry multiple weights.

Complement the living space and TV room with the best custom-made media unit designs to have a remarkable experience.

Bespoke Home Furniture Designs: Most Beautiful and Comfortable Home Furniture

Made from the finest materials, the company puts its years of experience and attention to detail into every stroke. Furniture sets of polished wood meet today’s lifestyle and can be personalized for user convenience.

  • We are the best furniture designing company that avoids excessive decoration and ornamentation over elegant office desks and modern home furnishings. And it made our home furniture best for every room.

Complete Luxury Kitchen Designs and Installation Services by TEL Kitchens

Complete Luxury Kitchen Designs and Installation Services by TEL Kitchens 

The best kitchen manufacturers, TEL Kitchens, take pride in delivering complete first-class services within the client’s budgets. Our professional and certified designers work round the clock after taking projects from scratch and complete before the time limits. Essentially, we provide complete services from start to finish line.

No independent services are entertained. Our talented team is always ready to bring your dream storage solutions to life with complete wardrobe services.

However, our clients openly contact us for further renovations, kitchen modifications, appliance fittings and the finest kitchen ideas. Our team is always available to guide our clients about trending kitchen extensions and complete room services.

Kitchen Rendering and VR (Virtual Reality) Services by TEL Kitchens

It should not sound surprising if we tell you that the UK’s number one kitchen fitters have an in-house holistic team for rendering their premium projects.

The best kitchen renders of TEL Kitchens are acclaimed as the most qualified figures to stand for each project practically before consumers. The immersive effects and explicit photorealistic models perfectly reflect the work we planned and will execute!

With Renderspoint, we polish up our customers rendering experience visualizing each accessory’s outer looks, material, colour, texture, and appearance, including furniture and décor.

Our exceptional 3D rendering and visualization services help people understand and experience each kitchen design just as realistic projects.

Wait, we are NOT DONE yet! 

We care for our customers’ needs even after successful project deliveries. Our services are extended to Snagging inspection and Services After the Sale.

Snagging Inspection: A Surety of a Well-Developed and Error-Free Build

The snagging process is done once after the construction is completed. It ensures minor issues within the fittings that may lead to dangerous outcomes later.

Snagging includes the following listing:

  1. Inspecting overall appearance and finishes that include paintwork, wall and ceiling finishes, floor and doors, windows, and other furniture laminations.
  2. Electrical connections: switches, sockets, wiring etc., are inspected by the qualified team.
  3. The plumbing team at TEL Kitchens look after the taps, faucets, and all plumbing connections.
  4. Snagging for the kitchen knob, exhaust, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems is performed to check installation bugs.
  5. Cabinets, drawers, wardrobes, kitchen countertops, splashbacks, lighting fixtures and other fittings are closely checked.
  6. Lastly, the snagging experts inspect the drain system and ensure the smooth functioning of emergency fire alarms and safety equipment.

You may not completely understand it yet, here, have a quick information about TEL Kitchens Snagging process.

Outstanding After Sale Services: An extra mile covered by TEL Kitchens

TEL Kitchens, the best kitchen manufacturing and installing company near me, commit to giving seamless support & maintenance for your stress-free experience.

We go beyond the purchase with the best customer care services as our commitment to provide after-sale services in the UK brings satisfaction to our customers.

Heartily dedicated to addressing your concerns, we supply support and assistance long after you bought our services.

TEL Kitchens saves its clients from spending extra on post-maintenance services with After Sale Services Policy.

Now you know, where you are investing! Doubtlessly a WISE investment you can ever make.

TEL Kitchens: Bespoke & Inspiring Modern Kitchen Designers of the UK

Experience the ultimate luxury and artisanry with the fastest-growing kitchen design company in the UK.

Get ready to taste the exciting kitchen designs where artisans work to understand your vision and put life into it. With the reputation of excellent history in designing breath-taking kitchen fittings and embarking on classic designs, shades, quality materials and more, we are the trusted choice of millions of Britishers.

Meet ambitious standards of quality and innovation, while the kindest customer services are a bonus. Tune in with the masters of kitchen designs.

Grab your phone and contact at 020-8610-9655 talk to our kitchen experts.

Book a FREE Site visit and have a no-cost consultation with us.

We are happy to discuss your unique requirements and all packed to deliver the one for you.

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