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Top 10 Bespoke Italian Kitchens Design | Modern Kitchen Ideas

Strikingly charming Italian Kitchen Design!

The most remodeled and renovated part of any home in the UK is the kitchen with 54% of homeowners saying they have had a job done in their kitchen because of functionality, efficiency, and design trends.

If you are looking for trendy ideas to inspire you for your kitchen project, either you are buying a new kitchen, or you want to upgrade your old kitchen, a bespoke Italian kitchen design will be perfect for you.

In this article, you will find out why Italian kitchens are trending, the elements that make a kitchen luxurious, and 10 classic Italian designs that are timeless to inspire you when deciding to build your dream kitchen.

What is a Bespoke Italian Kitchen Design?

Kitchens are no longer what they used to be before now. They have moved away from being just a place where you make your meals to become a style and luxury statement, and at the center of this trend are Italian Kitchen Designs.

Bespoke Italian Kitchens are fit-to-measure contemporary kitchens built with high-quality accessories to give you a tough and durable kitchen that can withstand the heavy use of the average kitchen, while also adding aesthetics to your interior décor.

Advantages of Bespoke Italian Kitchens

  • Durability,
  • Disease-resistant properties,
  • Fire and heat resistant,
  • Exotic appeal,
  • Use of technology,
  • Appliances to make your chores lighter and comfortable, and finally,
  • They are energy efficient.

Elements of a Luxury Italian Kitchen

A luxury kitchen is very detailed, well thought out, and precise. With almost every kitchen designer and builder in the UK laying claim to the word “luxury” but instead delivering a cheap imitation and ignoring or better put neglecting the fine details that make for a genuinely customized contemporary luxury kitchen.

A luxury kitchen stands out because of its architectural layout as it utilizes everything around the house to create the perfect kitchen that leaves jaws dropping and hearts aching. Here are 5 things that make a kitchen design luxurious and high-end;

Materials – Luxury kitchens are a work of art. Only the best materials are pooled together like a puzzle and made into one giant masterpiece – detailed, lavish, enchanting, and functional.

Lighting – Aside from its obvious function, a kitchen uses natural and artificial light to set the kitchen appearance tone. A well-lit kitchen creates an ambient aura. A Luxury kitchen uses lighting fixtures as design statements

Custom Cabinets – Cabinets set the design and functionality of kitchen spaces, and luxury kitchens are designed with custom cabinets crafted with the best materials for beauty, character, and longevity.

Energy Saving and Efficient – Luxury kitchen designs feature eco-friendly appliances and use fewer resources while performing at peak level. Luxury kitchens have LED lighting, HVAC systems, and more, keeping money in your pocket while improving your carbon footprint.

High-end Appliances – The appliances you will find in a luxury kitchen are high-end appliances built by leading brands. These appliances are sleek, sustainable, efficient, and durable, improving the home’s resale value and providing temperature control while allowing for gourmet cooking.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us dive into the next decade’s top 10 classic Italian designs.

10. Estivale – A kitchen that makes your life simple

Estivale1 italian kitchen

The Black Picasso marble gives aesthetics to functionality to the central worktop. Another feature that adds to this marble and brass handless kitchen is the new Glix shelving practical storage solution for all your cooking activities; a pantry, a boiserie wall, and a display cabinet so that everything you need is in plain sight and quick reach.

This kitchen is built around a massive island central to the appeal of this kitchen design and practicality

9. Inside – Good Health, Great Kitchen

A kitchen that catches the eyes as soon as you step in, this Italian kitchen is fully functional. With fully integrated kitchen appliances and an optional space created by the cavity cut through the monolith. Drawers with dividers for a tidy space.

To safeguard your health and your family’s health, your kitchen has a white and wooden finish that lasts 5 times stronger than the average material and is heat resistant. This material is also scratch-resistant and anti-bacterial

8. Arte – An Ever-Present Design

This kitchen is a merger of traditional kitchen design and contemporary modern kitchen design. A combination of Meta box, Space Twin, and cabinets with sliding doors gives this handless kitchen an effortless and practical storage solution and organising your kitchen.

A gloss polyester finish provides this kitchen with a shiny feel, alongside a porcelain stone worktop to give you an exotic look and a functional piece of kitchen accessory. The kitchen appliances are stand-alone units.

7. Eco – Functional and Eco-friendly

Who says you can’t have an eco-friendly, fully functional, and glamorously designed kitchen? This eco-friendly kitchen is a work of art with fully integrated kitchen appliances for your everyday kitchen use.

This kitchen has excellent storage options with handless cabinets that run on state-of-the-art motion technology to make closing and opening your cabinet a very comfortable and noiseless activity. This kitchen also has a functional and aesthetical-looking worktop that is 100% water-resistant.

6. Extra – Possibility Behind Every Door

A fully handless kitchen with both open shelves and drawers, this Italian kitchen is a work of art with each detail planned to perfection. With fully integrated kitchen appliances, open your cabinets and see your fridge, oven, wine cellar, and pantry – talk about practicality.

A wooden kitchen table that doubles as a worktop and an extended breakfast bar, and elegantly finished with high-quality laminate and white matt finish for a kitchen that can weather the storm.

5. Factory – Simple Design Yet Exquisite and Practical

The purity and serenity that this kitchen exudes make this a must-have kitchen. A combination of metal surface and wood gives this kitchen a minimalist, natural flow. With titanium finish for the doors and cabinets – expect an indestructible kitchen that can match your heavy activities in the kitchen.

This Italian kitchen with fully integrated kitchen appliances comes with cabinets with hinges for easy maintenance and durability – and custom-fitting for your utensils, glasses, and dinnerware.

4. Glas – The Trending Kitchen for Open Spaces

A very modern kitchen optimal for open spaces, this fitted kitchen is a creative masterpiece that perfectly complements the entire living area’s interior design.

A significant point of this handless kitchen is the accessories. A combination of meta box, space larder gives the perfect cabinet solutions running on hinges, runner, and sliding door motion technologies add flair and functionality to this kitchen. With fully integrated appliances, this kitchen has excellent worktop solutions.

3. Ku45 – Simply Functional

Steal the spotlight in your living area with this kitchen masterpiece. Designed with rigid materials to withstand your heavy lifting, this kitchen is simple in its design and very practical.

The first thing you will notice about this kitchen is the marble worktop, non-porous and hygienic – easy to wipe down and scratch-resistant. This simplistic handless kitchen is fitted with fully integrated kitchen appliances to help you with your chores.

2. Surface – Tailor-Made kitchen the way you like it

This kitchen is genuinely bespoke and adapted to your living space. Crafted with indigenous designs and materials, this kitchen is both durable and practical. For storage options, the cabinets have a combination of open shelves to give a quick glance and a box system for your kitchen utensils.

Cabinets come with inner dividers in different shapes to effectively organise your kitchenware and cutleries. This kitchen design also comes with a quartz worktop and a breakfast table with chairs.

1. System – Eco-friendly but Fully Functional

Think of this as your kitchen in a box. This eco-friendly kitchen has excellent cabinet solutions to help you store your tools and kitchenware. An imposing feature of this kitchen is the kitchen finish – Callaleto Walnut – this finish has anti-bacterial qualities, anti-moulid, and anti-fungi.

This makes this kitchen very hygienic and heat resistant – it can withstand a temperature up to 240 degrees Centigrade. Finally, this kitchen is durable as it can’t be scratched by knocks, impacts, and stains.

You can incorporate any of these designs into your kitchen design and if you need any help, don’t hesitate to book a free kitchen design consultation with a designer who will get in touch with you to create the Italian kitchen you have always dreamt of without any strings, and you have no obligation to work with us.

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