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20+ Stunning Kitchen Ideas You’ll Be Tempted To Try

Elegant Italian Kitchen Design in Miami White!

If you are looking for kitchen designs Ideas then this article is for you.

Magically transforming your kitchen into a functional wonderland is an exciting project to take on but as 45% of kitchen owners have regrets about their kitchen designs, it can be very tricky especially when you dont know where to start from.  

To help you create the kitchen you have always dreamt of irrespective of your budget, this article explores everything (well, almost everything) you need to consider before you pick any kitchen design you see off of a catalog and want to replicate the same in your kitchen. 

In this blog, you will find out the different kitchen types, knowing which kitchen layout goes best with your kitchen space, and conclude with 20 stunning kitchen ideas from TEL Kitchens design catalog to create a perfect kitchen for you. 

Fitted Kitchens VS Freestanding Kitchens  

A fitted kitchen is a kitchen that is fixed into place either on the walls and/or floor while a freestanding kitchen comprises many different pieces of furniture not set to the floor or wall and can be moved (in theory). 

While there are upsides and downsides to both kitchen design types, choosing a freestanding kitchen allows you to create a unique space where you can match and mix colors and materials as you see fit. 

With a freestanding kitchen, the design possibilities are endless and cheaper as theres no need for a kitchen fitter. The downsides are vast. With kitchen spaces in the UK no longer what it used to be, a freestanding kitchen leaves spaces wasted that can otherwise be put to great use. You lose the seamless, sleek, and space-optimizing look that a fitted kitchen provides. 

Bespoke Kitchen Design

While many DIY stores and national kitchen companies sell off-the-shelf kitchens, kitchen specialists like us create the ultimate kitchen from scratch to meet your specifications. The glaring benefit of this is that the kitchen is created with you in the middle of ituniquely designed to suit your lifestyle, design taste, and needs, while also taking advantage of every available space. 

Of course, there is a downside to this – with the level of work and perfection, a bespoke kitchen comes at a higher price, but lets face it, perfection and excellence always come with a price 

Kitchen Layout Ideas 

In all, the kitchen layout of any kitchen falls into these six broad categories; 

  • L-shaped kitchens 
  • U-shaped kitchens 
  • Island kitchens 
  • One wall or Single-wall Kitchen 
  • Peninsula kitchens 
  • Galley kitchens 

Now, to the best part… 

20 Stunning Kitchen Ideas Youll Be Tempted to Try 

As the market leader of high-end kitchen designs in the UK, TEL Kitchens boasts a wide range of Bespoke Kitchen Designs, and the 20 modern kitchen ideas were pulled out of our Vista, Aurora, and Insignia design catalog to open your mind to endless possibilities when it comes to creating your kitchen. 

1. A Great Canvas for Creating Memories 

What makes this kitchen stand out is the island with an extended breakfast bar. This waterfall-style island has an anti-bacterial, non-porous quartz worktop to safeguard your familys health.

The island has a waterfall style. With open shelves and a British cabinetry range for storage options, this kitchen is a fully integrated kitchen that suits your lifestyle and makes your kitchen activities smooth and enjoyable. The addition of wood gives it a contrasting and yet beautiful appeal. 

2. Reflect Your Style 


A kitchen in its purest of forms that comes with an island with a breakfast bar, this British-styled kitchen has a premium white glossy finish that gives a mirror effect to your kitchen and is also very easy to maintain.

There is a Glass Splashback for this kitchen design that is both beautiful and functional. It gives your kitchen an appealing look while its oil and grease-resistant nature make it easy to wipe off the stains caused by your kitchen activity. 

3. Stylish Design and Full Functionality 

The handless kitchen style and matt finishing give uniqueness and modern touch to this kitchen and gives you an enduring and durable kitchen that is easy to maintain and doesnt add to your cleaning chores. 

A wooden island that also doubles as a breakfast table gives practicality to this kitchen. As for kitchenware storage and organization, an open shelve design for your British cabinetry range gives you a great solution. 

4. Beautiful and Practical 

This Handless Italian Kitchen Design is a modern fitted kitchen styled to give your kitchen a great appeal while being functional and at the same time create space for movement in the kitchen with fully integrated appliances.

Lights beneath the cabinets to give you visibility to carry out shores when its late combined with a Glass Splashback resistant to oil and grease makes cleaning easy. Ample storage and organising solutions with open shelves and kitchen drawers 

5. Never Alone 

How Much For A Modern Kitchen?

This modern kitchen design is built with one thing in mind – family. Hanging lights from the ceiling gives it an aesthetic appeal combined with an excellent storage solution as it has fully integrated kitchen appliances and plenty of pantry space, makes this kitchen highly practical and organized

Black durable and easy to wipe quartz worktop that leaves no mess in the kitchen and a breakfast table with seats designed with wood give the kitchen a down-to-earth aesthetic feel. 

6. Superficial is the New Beauty 

Modern Italian kitchen styled with simplicity and elegance to give off a one-in-a-kind look. Entirely integrated kitchen appliances give more room to maximize space and free-flowing movement in addition to a breakfast table that makes this a fully functional kitchen to suit your taste. 

Handless Italian kitchen cabinetry range with simplistic motion technology makes this cabinet easy to maintain coupled with a breakfast table with a wooden look and wooden designs in the kitchen makes your kitchen look very exotic and stylish. 

7. Big and Spacious 

This is a modern Italian kitchen with fully integrated kitchen appliances and plenty of space for a large family and enough seats to bring the whole family together over breakfast or only to just hang out – a great place to cook, laugh, and create memories.

Integrated appliances make more room for free flow or movement and are a great storage solution as it has more pantry units. Italian cabinetry range with Anthracite and white matt finish withstanding the activities of the average kitchen.  

8. Falling in Love 

This L-shaped Italian kitchen designed with opposing colors of Anthracite and white Matt makes this kitchen strikingly beautiful and creates a feeling of awe that you will never get used to.

A modern fitted kitchen with integrated appliances and shaker style for the cabinets. The Spanish cabinetry range comes with Anthracite and white Matt finish for the cabinets making it scratch-resistant and enduring. Italian style open shelves for quick and easy viewing. 

9. Bright is Beautiful 

This L-shaped Italian kitchen design with a glossy finish to reflect the joy and love around the kitchen. A fully fitted kitchen with integrated appliances, a quartz worktop for your kitchen activities, a breakfast table, and this kitchens mirror effect make it look more significant and practical.  

A combination of Glossy White kitchen cabinets with great motion technologies to make opening and closing effortless and noiseless and open shelves gives you room for storage and organization. 

10. Spotless 

This Italian kitchen is designed with the finest of materials to make your chores simpler, give your kitchen a great appeal, and very enduring and durable. The use of Anthracite doors with Matt finish provides this kitchen with absolute serenity and purity.

 Handless kitchen cabinets give this kitchen a contemporary modern look, and the use of Matt steel channel finishes conceals fingerprints on the cabinets. Fully integrated appliances and a quartz raven worktop complete this piece of art. 

11. White is the Design King 

The classic Italian kitchen design with ample storage solutions and integrated appliances gives the open kitchen space and freedom to move around.

Modern kitchen cabinets with an Italian finish offer durability to your accessories, and cabinets with handles and great motion technology make opening and closing your cabinets noiseless.

A durable Quartz worktop to withstand your kitchens heavy usage and is easy to wipe down and a breakfast bar at the kitchencenter makes this kitchen unique. 

12. Love and Kitchens 

A German-fitted kitchen with integrated appliances and lights under the cabinets gives credence to this kitchen. A combination of Quartz Worktop – a healthy space for your cooking activities, Breakfast Bar make setting the table for you to have a quick meal smooth, and an Island makes this kitchen design fully functional and easy to clean. 

Open shelves make organising your kitchen utensils very simple and giving you a tidy space. Lights underneath the cabinets make chores easier. 

13. Efficiency is the Key 

This kitchen is a German Design, and it is the ideal fitted kitchen with a brick splashback and a solid laminate worktop with antibacterial properties, scratch, and impact resistance meaning it can withstand the heavy use of the average kitchen and is very easy to maintain and wipe down.

A breakfast bar and open shelves to help you start your day as a champion and give you a complete view with one look. 

14. Check all the Boxes 

If you are looking for a beautiful, functional kitchenthis is the kitchen of choice with a great storage solution. Designed with a high-quality Matt Italian finish for the kitchen cabinets to give you a lasting and durable cabinet, this kitchen has fully integrated kitchen appliances and plenty of spaces for your storage solutions.

A quartz worktop with non-porous quality to make your cooking safer, and chores efficient. 

15. Stylishly Built to Last 

A combination of wooden laminates and white Matt finish for the cabinetry range gives this Italian kitchen design a stylish look and a homely feel with larder units for ample storage space for provisions of all kinds to make your everyday kitchen use more straightforward.

Handless kitchen cabinets and built-in appliances make this a modern fitted Italian kitchen combined with wooden laminates, matt finish, and quartz worktop, all with enduring qualities to give you a durable, cost-effective kitchen. 

16. Beam with Pride 

Choosing the perfect kitchen with vivid attention given to every detail doesnt get better than this piece of kitchen art. Fully handless kitchen cabinets with incredible motion technology make the simple act of opening and closing your cabinets feel unusual and extraordinary.

Italian concrete laminate effect for a durable and easy to maintain cabinets  and integrated appliances and a quartz worktop to handle your kitchen use without stressing, 

17. A Cook’s Paradise 


Show off your taste with this Italian kitchen with the copper material mixed into the design to give this bespoke kitchen a luxurious look. An anthracite matt finish provides this kitchen with purity and serenity.

A handless kitchen cabinet with a copper channel for opening and closing your kitchen cabinets and fully integrated appliances make this kitchen both practical and up-to-date. Safeguard your loved ones health with a quartz worktop – a healthy worktop for your cooking activities.  

18. A Family Kitchen 

Bring the family together and paint sweet pictures together with this kitchen masterpiece as your canvas. Have a safe worktop to prepare your meals with a quartz worktop that is spill-resistance, scratch-resistant along with an Island with extended wooden breakfast, and set the table with ease.

Dont worry about oil or grease spills when cooking as this handless Italian kitchen design comes with a glass splashback – cleaning is a piece of cake. 

19. A Chef’s Dream 

The perfect contrast with a white kitchen and dark wood with anthracite matt finish gives this kitchen its own appeal. An island with a quartz worktop and an extended breakfast bar adds functionality.

An Italian kitchen design with open shelves to make arranging easy and give you a quick look, this kitchen has fully integrated kitchen appliances. A combination of open shelves, drawers, and cabinets gives you ample storage options for organising your kitchen. 

20. 50 Shades of Functionality 

An island with a quartz worktop and an extended breakfast bar adds functionality to this beautifully styled kitchen. An Italian kitchen design with open shelves to make arranging easy and give you a quick look, this kitchen has fully integrated kitchen appliances.

A combination of open shelves, drawers, and cabinets gives you ample storage options for organizing your kitchen. A variety of light wooden Italian laminate and Anthracite for the cabinets makes it durable and easy to maintain. 


Getting your dream kitchen begins with claiming your free kitchen design visit and having one of our specialist designers sit down with you. The end of that sit-down is the beginning of your dream kitchen coming to life. 

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