Key Cucine Eco

Bespoke Italian Kitchen Designs with luxury

Functional and Eco-friendly

With carbon footprint reduction and going green to protect the environment and boost general wellness, this Italian kitchen design is TEL Kitchen’s successful experiment combining passion and environmental sustainability.
A modular handless kitchen with integrated appliances and superb motion technology, this kitchen has a functional worktop at the heart of the kitchen, adding to the overall aura exudes’ design statement.
The apex of this design is the materials used to bring it to life. The environmentally-friendly material is a composition of fibres generated from recycled paper and non-petroleum based resins – a rigorous and highly durable material that is very hygienic and sustainable.
This kitchen also comes with a handless design and cabinets with integrated appliances combined with motion technology.
At the centre of this kitchen is a functional worktop that adds to the appeal of the design.

Designed Beyond Trends
Category : Italian Stone : PaperStone Finish : Matt

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