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7+ Stunning elements of a contemporary Kitchen

7+ Stunning elements of a contemporary Kitchen

Over the years contemporary kitchen design has evolved to be more functional, organized and more practical. Read the post to discover the key elements of a modern kitchen that leave you spellbound!

 If bespoke cabinetry, high-tech appliances and sleek look impress you, then a contemporary kitchen is your ideal pick!

The kitchens today have become more practical, functional and organized as compared to conventional kitchens that we have decades ago. 

The contemporary kitchen design focuses more on organization, sleek, spacious and ergonomic designs. 

Depending on your needs, lifestyle and requirements you can easily renovate your obsolete kitchen into a modish one.

Stunning Elements of a Modular Kitchen Design

When we talk about modern kitchens, minimalist and asymmetrical décor are in trend. The cabinetry, flooring and moulding are kept pretty simple and feature only desired embellishments.

Let’s have a look at key elements of contemporary kitchen design.

1.  Beautiful Cabinets

Beautiful Cabinets

Cabinets add to the style statement of a kitchen. 

Whether handles or handless, cabinets are the ones that accentuate your vogue and add to your personality. 

Talking about trends, full overlay cabinets are in. To make the design appear seamless, the doors of the cabinets make a little or no show. 

You may opt for shaker-style or slab-front designs having sleek lines. Most of the modern kitchen design omits the necessity for hardware to achieve a clean and minimalistic look.  

Some of the designs do offer knobs for drawer pulls when it comes to lower cabinets and drawers.


  • Handless designs
  • Full overlay cabinet designs
  • Deep and spacious drawers
  • Clever usage of corner areas
  • Integrating lift and other motion technologies
  • Concept of open shelves to segregate the cabinet space

2.  Resilient Worktops

Resilient Worktops

Worktops serve as an integral part of contemporary kitchen design

Natural Stone worktops such as granite, marble etc are indeed one of the favourites of the homeowners but are closely replaced by more affordable and resilient engineered materials such as Quartz, recycled glass. 

If you wanna go for a rustic appearance, wood butcher block countertops can be a better option to consider. 

Don’t like grey, beige or putty coloured worktops? Don’t worry!

The latest technological advancements allow you to choose from a variety of colours, inlays, textures and patterns for your worktop.

Modern worktops such as concrete worktops are much more durable, affordable, practical and stain-resistant.

3.  Patterned Splashback  

Patterned Splashback

Tumbled stone, glass mosaic tiles, slate and other ceramic tiles help you create awe-worthy splashbacks.

Most of the modern designs in the kitchens prefer neutral colours, an eye-catching way to add pattern and depth to the entire kitchen decor.

Splashbacks indeed give the homeowners an opportunity to showcase their personality and personal preferences incorporated in your contemporary kitchen.

Other options include a full-height concrete or marble splashback with little or no ornamentation.

4.  Kitchen Islands and Counters

Kitchen Islands and Counters

When it comes to contemporary kitchens, one of the most cherished options is still the island kitchen.

An open-plan kitchen with an island area is growing in trend for larger kitchens. Even for small kitchens, this can be achieved by removing a wall and attaining more space.

Go ahead, add a colour statement to your kitchen by giving a beautiful splash of colour to your worktop different from your cabinets or other kitchen elements

Breakfast counters or bar counters are the new in-thing that can be seen as one of the prime features of the modern kitchen design. 

They separate the kitchen area from the dining area/living room and add to more family time.

5.  Versatile flooring Options

Versatile flooring Options

When it comes to flooring options, wood and tiles still grab the lion’s share. 

But, natural options such as marble, ceramic tiles etc may not be that affordable to all and may cause a dent in the pocket.

Vinyl flooring is increasingly becoming a popular option when it comes to practicality, affordability and looks. 

Vinyl planks, vinyl sheets and rolls come in a variety of options and perfectly imitate stones and wooden flooring options. 

Resilient vinyl flooring is not only budget-friendly but is easy to maintain, long-lasting and 100% waterproof.

This is the reason, the modern kitchen design incorporates vinyl floors for the kitchen, bathrooms and are preferred for building connectivity between living areas and kitchen.

These floors are best for high-traffic areas, shockproof and soundproof as well.

6.  Geometric angles

Geometric angles

Be it angles, curves, squares, circles, diamonds, triangles and other geometrical shapes have found their way in the modern kitchen design. 

These geometrical shapes can easily be incorporated in:

  • Furnishing 
  • Lighting fixtures 
  • Windows
  • Counters 
  • Wall décor

Apart from that, the focus is laid on the usage of horizontal lines and the entire design is based on linear congruence. 

This includes flooring, backsplash, the layout of cabinets, counters and even tile accents.

7.  Vibrant Colour Choices

Vibrant Colour Choices

Just the name the colour you love to get your kitchen to be in, it’s in-trend.

 Yes, neutral and subtle colours do give a fresh and sleek look to your modern kitchen.

But, even if bold and bright hues are your taste, then a mix-n-match can give your kitchen a state-of-the-art look.

You can go for two-toned cabinet colours or strike a colour contrast between your island and your cabinets.

Upper and lower cabinets can also be colour coded separately.

8.  The Lighting appeal

The Lighting appeal

When it comes to modular kitchen design, different types of lighting can be integrated and incorporated for different tasks that’ll create an awe-inspiring look to the kitchen.

Some key features to look for in a contemporary style kitchen are:

  • Pendant lighting fixtures or overhead lighting for breakfast counters/bars, island kitchen etc.
  • Beautiful under cabinet lighting.
  • Concealed lighting fixtures on the ceiling for ambient lighting.
  • Go for a mini-chandelier for a truly mesmerising look.

9.  Sleek, minimal Hardware

Sleek, minimal Hardware

One of the worth watching elements in contemporary kitchens is the use of sleek and minimalistic hardware, definitely not loud or ornate.

Get hold of different eye-catching hardware options from international brands that are truly inspiring with their soft closure, striking finishes such as brushed nickel, chrome, stainless steel. 

10.  Modern and energy-efficient Appliances

Modern and energy-efficient Appliances

Unlike archaic and older appliances, modern appliances are much smarter and more energy-efficient. 

To give an industrial look to the kitchen, you can go for stainless steel appliances and can arrange them in geometrical accents to give a sleek look to the arrangement. 

The modern cook-tops, ovens, microwaves and dishwashers have smart and latest control panels that augment the contemporary look.

Smart devices today can even be accessed by your smartphone and can be operated at any part of the globe.

Smart and programmable refrigerators, ovens, stoves etc make your contemporary kitchen design more convenient and exciting.

It’s these kitchen appliances that accentuate the overall look and add functionality to your entire kitchen.

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