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Matt Finish Kitchen Cabinets’ Ultimate Pros and Cons: Kitchen storage cabinets

Pros & Cons of Matte Kitchens Cabinets

Matte kitchen cabinets and countertops have become an excellent trend in traditional and contemporary home interiors that provide a rich and ultra-sleek look.

Although the matt materials are popular, they might not be the right type of finish for your kitchen space. 

The trends generally pop up at such a pace, and everyone wants to go with the trends. But are they actually right for your kitchen space?

Let us get acquainted with all the essential information concerning the same and clarify the doubts. 

Are the matte kitchen storage cabinets and countertops right for you?

Matte kitchen cabinets and worktops are stunning examples of the trends that have taken kitchen designs to the next level.

They generally do not reflect light or reflect lower light but can be perfect for traditional or modern kitchen styles.

So, whether you have a modern appearance of the kitchen space or a traditional one, matte finishes can give that much desired elegant look to the space. 

Materials you can opt for!

1. Laminates


Laminates are one of the most popular materials for kitchen cabinets and countertops. It is laminated onto MDF core or practical core boards, and when it comes to designing modern kitchens, the Italian laminated is often used known as Fenix NTM.

These are extremely durable materials that give a perfect super matte finish. A soft-to-touch material that comes in a variety of colours.

Properties of Laminates

Laminates are

  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Soft to touch
  • Lower light reflectivity
  • Impact resistance
  • Heat resistant
  • Hygienic
  • Suitable for food
  • Thermal cleaning of superficial micro-scratches
  • Easy to clean

Choosing a laminate material leads to designing the cabinet doors consisting of 2 parts.

  • One is the surface that is made of the laminated material
  • Another is the edge that could be an edge-tape or laminate.

2. Paint


Another material used to give a matte finish is matte lacquer. To give that rich matte look to the space, two types of paints are used, including Polyurethane and acrylic 2 component lacquers.

These two paint types are designed specifically to give the kitchen cabinetry and millworks a finishing look.

Polyurethane lacquer has the lowest sheen at 10% that means it reflects only 10 percent of the light.

On the contrary, acrylic paint has the lowest sheet 2% that is significantly lower than the poly ones.

The advantageous fact about choosing matte finish paints is that they are formaldehyde-free.

Along with the materials, here are a few queries that you must get answered while considering designing matt kitchen cabinets and countertops.


Can Matt material be used for Modern or Traditional?

One of the matt finish’s strongest points is that it can easily be used with any kitchen style. The matt finish blends well with the kitchen appearance while giving it a smooth, subtle, and elegant look. 

Uniform or contrasting? Which look goes well with the matt?

Well, the initial thing that you gotta be clear about is that what exactly looks like is your choice?

Whether you wanna pick a consistent theme that is a matt effect across all the kitchen worktops or cabinetry?

Or do you want to mix it with a bit of semi-gloss or glossy material?

Whatever you choose can work well and provide the desired outlook. 

But here, a pro tip comes that you can choose to add a little shine with the glossy material while choosing the material.

Since the matte doesn’t reflect light, so it doesn’t make the appearance of the kitchen bigger, and that is where the glossy addition helps.

Which colour will look the best with the matt finishes?

That purely depends on your colour choice. But remember that the light-coloured cabinets and drawers can help you make the feel of the kitchen space more open and larger that is often preferred for the smaller kitchens. 

However, If you already have ample space in your kitchen and you are looking for a futuristic kitchen design with an elegant and sophisticated look, then the darker shades are the best choices for you. 

Floorings: Glossy or matte? Which will look better with matte cabinets?

Floorings are the essential factor to be considered that can help your kitchen space make a style statement.

But at the same time, floorings are often neglected.

But along with the floorings, one question that arises here is whether to choose matte or glossy flooring?

Well, tiles are often used for the gloss flooring that looks striking against the matt worktops and cabinets.

And if you have any plans to choose the matte finish tiling, then it provides a more subtle look and is easy to maintain in the long run. 

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What about the walls?

Matt finish lacquers are the popular choices that sit well with any kitchen design. And to break up the entire kitchen design, you can add the glossy effects on the walls. 

Do the appliances also affect the matty look?

Gone are the days when the kitchen appliances came only in a single tone. Nowadays, even kitchen appliances, including cookers, ovens, fridges, and several others, are available in matt and glossy finishes. 

You can easily choose the style and material that blends well with the contemporary look of your kitchen space. 

Pros of choosing Matt cabinets

  • Trendy

Matt cabinets look interesting due to their subtle appearance in any colour of your choice. Instead of losing its shine a few months later, the matt finish kitchen cabinets look the same for years, devoid of compromising on appearance.

  • Soft to touch

If we say that one thing is sure in the matte materials, it would be that with a matt kitchen material, you are going to get the warmth and pleasant touch that other materials never offer. 

  • Leaves no traces

Matt materials are generally more resistant to fingerprints and everyday dirt. As they reflect no or little light, no imperfections are visible at first glance. Even on the matt surfaces, the fingerprints are not marked. 

This is specified with the matt finishes only as they do not leave any fingerprints, which don’t happen with high gloss or satin finishes. 

  • Elegance

With the matt materials, you can get a unique elegance in a diverse range of colour options. A matt finish generally gives pretty and careful details to the kitchen space. 

  • Not all matt materials are the same.

If you think that matt finish is matt and it is all the same, then you are completely wrong.

Yes, you heard it right!

Not all matte surfaces are the same. Every matte surface has different nanotech material, lacquers, and laminates with diverse satin, texture, super matte, soft touch, and anti-fingerprint finishes. 

  • Variety and rich appearance

Matt finish kitchen worktops and cabinets offer a wide range of sophisticated, elegant, and modern designs in diverse materials, lacquers and laminates. 

And the matt finish range never lacks in giving that much desired rich and elegant appearance to the space and the functionality.

Cons of matte finish  

  • Opaque look

Since matte finish surfaces reflect low light, they absorb more light than reflecting it, which is why it provides a significantly more-opaque appearance. 

As they do not reflect light, it won’t make the room’s appearance any bigger, and if you have a smaller kitchen space, this is probably not your pick. 

  • Cleaning

While we talk about cleaning the matte finishes, the cleaning of the matt surfaces can be pretty difficult compared to the glossy ones. Although the imperfections are not easily shown, it is pretty challenging to get rid of them when they do. 

Bottom Line!

Matte finishes in the kitchens are stunningly beautiful, full of character and dramatic choice.

It is an increasingly popular trend that blends well with the other finishes and creates a striking appearance that you will definitely love spending time in. 

Planning the kitchen space has a lot more to do rather than just providing an appearance. You gotta consider the functionality and appearance altogether.

And yes, when it comes to both matte finishes, cover it all, but it might not be the suitable pick for every kitchen type.  

We hope you have got a better idea of the matte finishes for your kitchen storage cabinets with this blog.

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