pinterest Modern Kitchens Design: Functionality, Beauty and Good Taste

Modern Kitchens Design: A Combination of Functionality, Beauty and Good Taste

Modern Kitchens: Functionality, Beauty and Taste

Modern Kitchen designs not only reflect spaciousness and increased functionality but also define the homeowner’s taste and individuality. Read the post to find out some amazing and awe-inspiring modern kitchen designs by TEL Kitchens.

When we talk about modern kitchen or contemporary kitchen design, it’s all about creating functional, convenient and calming spaces that mark the style and character of the homeowner.

Whether you want to go for a German Kitchen or an Italian one or even a bespoke kitchen, the stunning modular kitchen designs by TEL Kitchens UK make you fall in love with your kitchen every time you step in.

Inspiring Modern Kitchen designs by TEL Kitchens- The most trusted Kitchen manufacturer and installer in UK

Looking for something whimsical and bright or warm and homely, the professional designers at TEL will inspire you to think out of the box.

Shaker style or completely handless, the wide range of modern kitchen designs suit the needs, taste and budget of every kitchen.

With a wide spectrum of colours, choose from a wide array of cabinet designs – matte or glass, shaker style or handless!

Whether you are in love with bold colours or pop for neutrals, there’s nothing mesmerizing as a sleek and trendy modular kitchen design pattern. 

These kitchens have a timeless elegance and never go out on style. Italian, German or tailor-made bespoke kitchens by TEL Kitchens allow you to blend the aspects of contemporary designs with modern styles. 

Have a look at Modular Kitchen options offered by TEL Kitchens

Over the years kitchen has become the heart of the home.

From meals to family gatherings and from study to gossip sessions, the modular kitchen is all about celebrating cooking, art and family time.

Get inspired by these beautiful and stunning Kitchen Designs by TEL Kitchens.

  1. Italian Kitchens
  2. German Kitchens
  3. Bespoke Kitchens
  4. Vista Kitchens (Standard British Kitchen)
  5. Aurora Kitchens (Contemporary German Kitchen)
  6. Insignia Kitchens (Premium German & Italian Kitchen)

1.  Italian Kitchen Design: Where Luxury meets Functionality

The soul of an Italian kitchen design is all about offering a clutter-free and well-organised experience.

The traditional Italian kitchens inspired a classic, rustic appeal and were more related to big kitchens.

But, the modern Italian designs tend to give your kitchen a clutter-free, completely functional, organized and spacious look irrespective of their size.

The Italian kitchens by TEL Kitchens are characterised by warmth, utility and timelessness.

Characteristics of Italian Kitchen designs by TEL

  • Italian Kitchens are warm, Inviting and cosy.
  • Natural stone worktops/surfaces.
  • Traditional, rustic wooden cabinets for a classic touch
  • Choose between handless, shaker or slab style cabinets for vintage or a modern look.
  • High-quality, spacious, clutter-free design
  • Innovative and unique accessories
  • Beautiful aesthetics

2.  German Kitchens: Sleek, modern and Innovative

While Italian Kitchens are more about building an emotional connect, German kitchens favour practicality and innovation.

German Kitchens by TEL Kitchens are known for their high engineering standards and designs.

These kitchens are quickly gaining popularity in the UK due to its minimalistic design and elegance it imparts to the entire home.

Characteristics of German Kitchen designs by TEL

  • The German Kitchen UK designs come in beautiful handless designs with full or partial overlay cabinets giving them an enticing appeal.
  • Minimalism is the heart of every kitchen design.
  • Precision-driven techniques, handless designs and resilient materials make the German Kitchen by TEL hardwearing and durable.
  • Choose from a wide range of cabinetry systems, worktops, appliances, finishes etc that truly make you undergo a European feel.

3.  Bespoke Kitchens: Designed as per your Dreams & space

Bespoke Kitchens by TEL Kitchens are completely flexible and are tailored to fit in your kitchen space, budget, taste and needs.

Instead of getting the kitchen fitted in a flat pack, these bespoke kitchens allow you to achieve a greater sense of finish and style as well as optimize the storage space.

No two kitchens are same! And TEL Kitchens completely understands that.

From cabinet styles to worktops and from splashbacks to lighting, the bespoke Kitchens at TEL are exclusively made by high-quality materials that last for years and offer a perfect fit.

Premium Modular Kitchens Designs by TEL Kitchens

4.  Vista Kitchens: Classic English Kitchens

Vista Kitchens by TEL Kitchens are one of the premium lines of kitchens exclusively crafted to meet the British standards.

These luxurious British kitchens incorporate a unique sense of style, statement and signature of the homeowner.

Witness the perfect blend of contemporary architecture and British aesthetics with bespoke Vista Kitchens.

5.  Aurora Kitchens:  Contemporary German Kitchen

Looking for best engineered German kitchen designs that reflect contemporary design with minimalism? Aurora Kitchens by TEL Kitchens are the perfect pick for you.

With a promise of trust, reliability and high-quality, Aurora Kitchens by TEL Kitchens are ergonomically designed to suit your needs, style and lifestyle.

Aurora Kitchens by TEL Kitchens- A perfect integration of bespoke designs and latest technology!

6.  Insignia Kitchens:  Premium Italian & German Kitchen

Looking for Stylish, In-trend and Premium Kitchens Designs? Insignia Kitchens by TEL Kitchens are the ones that rule your heart and space.

Being the leaders on interior industry, these modular kitchen designs are about great ergonomics, majestic designs with bespoke functionality.

Choose from a wide range of cabinet options, door textures & patterns, accessories and latest technologies to make your kitchen stand unique, appealing and bewitching!

Modern Kitchens Design Ideas by TEL Kitchens

1.  Immaculate Italian Kitchen with matte finish

Immaculate Italian Kitchen with matte finish

This impressive Italian Kitchen design having open shelves and matte-finish cabinets casts a sleek and timeless appeal.


  • Island kitchen with spacious design and filled with light.
  • Ultra-modern and minimal design that catches attention.
  • Open shelves add glamour to the area.
  • Dedicated wall cabinets with recessed doors
  • Superbly integrated kitchen appliances.

2.  Modern Island type Italian Kitchen

Modern Island type Italian Kitchen

This spectacular Italian Kitchen design takes the heart away with its serene and mesmerising ambience.


  • Majestic island kitchen with base covered and open cabinets.
  • Spacious designs encompassing spacious 7 tall units that make the kitchen clutter-free and organised.
  • Great use of colour contrasting between base cabinets, worktop and tall units.
  • Recessed laminate and matt finished cabinet doors give a chic look to the modern design.
  • The table added to the worktop allows you to store the commonly used items handy.

3.  Compact yet sleek Italian Kitchen

Compact yet sleek Italian Kitchen

This Italian modular kitchen offers a modish look with it L-shaped design striking a beautiful contrast of colours.


  • The white coloured storage cabinets turn the atmosphere of the kitchen lively and inviting.
  • The sleek open shelves on the side wall accentuate the wow-factor of the kitchen space.
  • The recessed lighting adds a touch of sophistication to the modern kitchen design.
  • The full overlay cabinets with slab style doors make the kitchen appear uniform, clean and spacious.

4.  Engineered and handless Modular German Kitchen

Engineered and handless Modular German Kitchen

This stunning Modular German Kitchen just set the right vibes for your dream Kitchen.


  • Completely handless island kitchen that serves the dual purpose i.e. cooking area with breakfast counter.
  • Modern appliances such as chimneys, microwave and oven are the show stoppers.
  • Matte base and overhead cabinets along with tall units turn the kitchen spacious, clutter-free and well-organized.
  • The beautiful granite worktop and slab area complete the look.

5.  Luxurious German Kitchen with full-overlay cabinet design

Luxurious German Kitchen with full-overlay cabinet design

This spacious and striking L-shaped kitchen with island perfectly adorns your space.


  • Made from white marble, this German Kitchen design is given an L-shape with an island acting as your breakfast counter cum dining table.
  • The recessed and concealed lights allow ample lighting during the dark times while windows keep the kitchen naturally lit.
  • The full overlay tall and overhead cabinets beautifully draw a clear contrast with base cabinets with matt laminates.
  • The design incorporates a designated space for every appliance.

6.  Premium German Kitchen in Blue

Premium German Kitchen in Blue

Want to give your kitchen a stunning makeover? Get inspired by this amazing handless premium modern German Kitchen.


  • The entire kitchen is in shade of blue with beautiful contrasting granite worktop and white overhead and base cabinets.
  • This handless design comes with 7 tall units with integrated appliances with a full-overlay.
  • The partial-overlay base cabinets beneath the worktop give you additional space to store your things.
  • The worktop also acts as a perfect breakfast counter for a small family.
  • The granite splashback makes the kitchen awe-worthy and compelling.

7.  Exquisite and handless Bespoke Kitchen in Brown

Exquisite and handless Bespoke Kitchen in Brown

Check out this completely handless, modish and exquisite bespoke kitchen to fit your choice.


  • This beautiful bespoke kitchen is tailor made to suit the needs of a modern home.
  • The appealing worktop counter and splashback completely adds to the style quotient of the homeowner.
  • The spacious cabinets make sure that all consumable sand non-consumables have their own designated space.
  • Ample lighting by overhead vent in ceiling and windows makes the kitchen beautifully lit.

8.  Bespoke Kitchen Design with wooden flooring

Bespoke Kitchen Design with wooden flooring

Planning for kitchen renovation? Have a look at this beautiful kitchen design for a breath-taking look.


  • Completely handless design with full-overlay cabinet style.
  • Well accomplished tall units and open shelves concept.
  • The recessed cabinet lighting, windows and glass doors ensure abundance of lighting.
  • Two counters available that can easily be used as preparation area as well as breakfast counters.
  • Adjustable side rack can be used to store all your clutter causing stuff and gives you a mess-free kitchen.

9.  Blending modish & traditional designs: Bespoke Kitchen

Blending modish & traditional designs

Searching for best designs that incorporate both contemporary and traditional designs? Have a look at this beautiful bespoke kitchen by TEL Kitchens.


  • Full overlay cabinet designs for tall and overhead units while following a half-overlay for base units gives a unique appeal to the entire kitchen.
  • The open shelves in base cabinets allow you to store the everyday essentials, chinaware, books etc.
  • Installing of modern cabinetry over bricked wall is a perfect example of blending modish and traditional kitchen design.

Welcome to the world of bespoke and Modern Kitchen by TEL Kitchens

Be it handless or shaker style Kitchen, the design experts at TEL Kitchens help you streamline your ideas into a perfect modern kitchen backed with a stylish and sleek finish.

Looking for a kitchen manufacturer that offers a personalized modular kitchen designs in UK?

TEL Kitchens are the pioneers and unrivalled leaders!   

Explore our portfolio for best of Italian, German and bespoke kitchen design ideas that blend functionality and style for a space that is state-of-the-art as well as inviting too!

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