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United Kingdom Kitchen Design Trends to follow in 2023 (updated)

United Kingdom Kitchen Design Trends to follow in 2023

Kitchen trends keep changing with time and seeking a remodel of the kitchen definitely calls for getting acquainted with the kitchen design trends 2023.

There are so many different kitchens design ideas that are not only functional but also trending and aesthetically pleasing.

The homely furniture’s symbiosis and striking accents permit the kitchen spaces to become increasingly representative of individual styles, expressions, and tastes.

As we approach the new year, we have undoubtedly realized the essentiality of having a kitchen design that is multi-faceted along with adding aesthetics to the space.

From smart kitchen tools to warm wood cabinets, colourful kitchens and elegant marble additions, we have got it all covered here only! So, no more scrolling in between different tabs.

Here our list of the latest kitchen designs spares no shortage of the design trends. Let us dive into the best kitchen design trends to follow for the upcoming year.

Popular kitchen design trends 2023!

  • Pops of colours

Pops of colours

Gone are the days to settle for the dull colours in the kitchen space as colour pops will certainly make a comeback in 2022.

Since the kitchen space is the most used space of the home, there is indeed a natural inclination to make the entire space feel more personal.

Adding colour pops to the kitchen space weaves a personality and charm. But along with the colour combinations from the palette, you can also play well with various finishes to get the desired look.

  • Welcome the natural lighting

Welcome the natural lighting

The idea to bring natural lighting to the space is to let the natural light fall across the wide range of material grains.

This will bring in the warmth and an illusion of expanded space.

  • Backsplashes


The backsplashes with a popping colour or matching with the slabs will be thriving in 2022 to add the look and feel to the entire kitchen space.

Backsplashes give the ability to match the current design of the space and turn up the kitchen’s aesthetic.

The best part is that it eradicates all the grout lines and makes a kitchen space aesthetically appealing.

  • Statement hoods

Statement hoods

If we talk about the 2022 kitchen trends, then architectural statement hoods will be a huge upheaval in the kitchen designs in the UK.

Creams and whites paired with earthy hues and darker combos will be used to create some drama in the space.

This year the trending marble-inspired quartz worktops will become the most beloved option for the kitchen space and will solely be enough to add aesthetic appeal along with durability.

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  • Herringbone Floorings

Herringbone and Parquet flooring is the hot choice in homes right now. This is predicted as a trend that is all set to continue into next year.

It is well known for adding warmth and texture to modern and contemporary kitchens.

When we talk about the herringbone flooring, it not only needs to be timber only; it can be any other flooring type like porcelain and LVT.

  • Marbles everywhere

Marbles are the durable choice that not only provides functionality but also shouts high-end quality and luxury.

To add the desired look and feel to the space, you can choose the creamy or white shades of marbles contrasting with the bold blues and greens.

Veined marbles are all set to rock in kitchens of all sizes and are likely to be a great kitchen trend in 2022.

  • Adding warm woody touch to the kitchen

Though the woody kitchen ideas might not be anything new to the kitchen space, but how designers are incorporating it in the kitchen spaces and celebrating the beauty of warm wood in the kitchen space is worth trying.

With the pretty wooden textures and styles, 2022 is undoubtedly to be a trending kitchen design that exudes style while encouraging a strong connection with nature.

  • Smart appliances

Now that you have just thought that the kitchen appliances are doing everything as much as possible to make the manual tasks easier, they even got smarter with a blink of an eye.

Yeah!! You heard that right. And the smart kitchen appliances are all set to grow in the year 2022.

From the ovens to fridges, and everything that makes your work easy, have become smarter now, and the possibilities are indeed endless.

Not only this, but even the boiling taps and several others can also do wonders. So, you gotta watch carefully the appliances that you can incorporate into the heart of your home.

  • Mesh fronted cabinets

Associating nicely with the metallic touches, mesh fronted cabinet units are on the rise.

Mesh fronted cabinets offer a pleasing compromise between the solid fronted and glass units.

  • Minimalist kitchen design

The coming year will see a plethora of minimalist and sleek kitchen designs.

he minimalist kitchen designs offer a serene retreat with fuss-free details, clean, polished texture, and straight lines.

  • Mixing in vintage and antiques furniture

Who said that the kitchen furniture has to be the same for the entire space?

You can choose to mix match the kitchen furniture from diverse ranges, and sources with a different original purpose are definitely on the rise.

But while choosing the mix match set up, you need to be creative as the awkwardly matched furniture can compromise the entire aesthetic appeal of the space.

  • Glass partitions

A glass partition splits the space devoid of compromising on the natural light or feeling of togetherness. Do not miss out on anything while you are cooking in the kitchen.

The glazed partitions are the trending pick of 2022 because they define the area and also create an illusion of the space devoid of having to be a completely open plan.

  • A single open shelf kitchen style

With so many trends going on in kitchen designs, the risk of visual overload is always holy.

While looking to plan a kitchen remodel, you need to be very careful about the colours, the designs, and the additions so that the outcome comes out to be simple and elegant.

  • A fresh take on the oldies design

When we talk about giving a chance to a fresh take on the oldie’s design we mean the white kitchen designs contrasting with the rich woods and soft curves.

It gives a modern mid-century flair to the complete modern kitchen setup.

The dark walnut cabinetry with smart bespoke detailing, light marble backsplash, and worktops draw the attention to creating an illusion of the space while keeping the kitchen’s appearance look fresh.

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  • Statement stoves

Gone are the days to settle for the traditional stove additions to the kitchen space. You can choose some conventional, strong, and beautiful range of stoves that mix innovation and realness.

  • Double Islands

With the shift towards larger space kitchens, island kitchen styles have become essential to enhance functionality.

The new kitchen design ideas 2022 suggest putting for a pair of island units that have become a luxurious yet expensive addition.

  • Handle-less kitchen designs

The latest kitchen design ideas are all about free-flowing designs with multi-tasking that enhance the look of the kitchen space.

And we must say that the technological advancements in even this field have opened the doors for something that wasn’t even thought of earlier.

One such innovation in the kitchen design field is the handle-less kitchens that provide a sleek look to the space.

It can easily be incorporated into the entire kitchen space with contrasting colours and materials to add interest.

Handle-less kitchen design styles are one of the biggest, interesting trends for 2022.

  • Roll out Pantry

We often heard about the pantry additions to the kitchens, but the roll-out pantry addition is on the rising trends list this year.

The greater advantage of a roll-out pantry is that its storage capacity is enough to accommodate your kitchen stuff nicely and keep the kitchen space clutter-free.

  • Floating shelves

Ample clients like the concept of floating shelves. Since they are not only functional but also allow doing experiments and adding an aesthetic element to the space.

It provides a perfect spot to show off the attractive kitchen accessories collection. It makes your kitchen more of a living space than just a cooking space.

  • The trending lived-in look

Do you also want a kitchen that screams itself that comes in and relax?

Well, if yes, then we are sure that you will love the lived-in look for the kitchen space.

The incorporation of the lived-in concept to the kitchen space embraces the idea that a kitchen is a multifunctional space in the home.

You can easily get the lived-in look by fitting a seating area, wood-burning stove, plenty of shelving, and a lot of cosy nooks and corners in your kitchen.


From smart kitchen tools to warm wood cabinets, colourful kitchens and elegant marble additions, the above-mentioned kitchen design trends can inspire your next renovation and take it to the next level.

So, what do you think? Will you be implementing any of these latest kitchen trends for the next year remodel plan?

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