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How to fit a splashback?


Fitting Splashback comes after you’re done with measuring the surface and the portion, fixing the portion, and cutting the material of the splashback. In today’s trend, Splashback is a new normal for a kitchen. They enhance the functionality and the looks of a kitchen. You can fit any type of splashback depending on your taste and the interior of a kitchen. They prevent the effect of steam and heat from harming the surface.

Different types of Splashbacks to fit are given below. You can fit all these splashback following some simple methods.

1. Glass

2. Ceramic

3. Marble

4. Stainless Steel

5. Timber

6. Tiles

7. Stone

8. Brick

9. Metal

Regardless of the material, they are made up of; all splashback can be fitted with a similar procedure. Only a little difference can be seen in the cutting methods of materials.

Method 1: Fit A Splashback Using Screws

  1. Cut the material into a proper size as required. You can make use of any cutting tools depending on the toughness of a material. Such as Handsaw, jigsaw, chisel, chain saw router and many more.
  2. Sand the edges and trim the required area that you think requires refurnish.
  3. The additional changes can be made according to your interest. You can paint and add extra colours to a splashback.
  4. Now, with the help of a partner place it along the wall.
  5. Take Screws and drill each of them with the help of an electric hand drill.
  6. Firstly, fit the corners to provide support to the surface, it will also ease the process of further fitting.
  7. Go slow and carefully, we don’t want to break or crack the material.
  8. Choose the screws according to the material you are fitting.

Method 2: Fit A Splashback Using An Adhesive Agent

  1. Clean the dirt, dust, stains, and rough surfaces from the top of the wall that is supposed to cover with a splashback.
  2. Use a Grind machine in case the damage is severe, it will clear and wipe off all the unwanted particles and spots from the wall.
  3. Put the adhesive on the matte side of a surface by placing it upside down. Cover the tabletop when leaning the material on it to avoid scratches.
  4. Make dots on the surface with adhesive and add a similar agent to the wall edges.
  5. Press the splashback against the wall until they both strongly attached.
  6. After 24 hours of patience, again add adhesive to the corners and wall edges for perfectly fitting of a splashback.

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