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How do you refurbish a kitchen table top?

How do you refurbish a kitchen table top?

A Kitchen tabletop can be worn out over time due to excess usages in preparing, cooking and even eating meals. The stains and sports set permanently on the tabletop if not taken care of properly. But don’t worry!! Now, you can spend more time with your favourite tabletops and furniture. We are back with new ways in which you can transfer the looks of a kitchen or any type of table.

Finding out the optimal ways to refurbish a kitchen table top saves you money, time and probably life. You don’t need to carry professional background to repair a damaged tabletop; just a few initiative steps and patience are all you need.

Accessories you may need while working with the respective process will be listed below. You can purchase any of them from your nearby drugstore easily. The rest of the items can be easily found in the home.

1. Clean Cloth

2. Cleanser

3. Sandpaper

4. Vinyl Coverings

5. Paint Brush

6. Paint Colours

Clean The Tabletop

Clean the tabletop

Though you could have skipped the cleaning step, you must not. Otherwise, you won’t get a sleek and uniform finishing. To make tabletops like a brand new, It’s mandatory to:

  • Clean the surface with a clean cloth and using a cleanser, it’s recommended to take any of the basic cleansers that you use at home.
  • Remove the cracked surface and wooden pieces if any. You can do it with a chisel and sandpaper.
  • Wipe off the old and damaged layer of material from the tabletop with sharp sandpaper.
  • Taking warm water and a rag, clean the remaining dust, dirt and small particles from the table surface.

Method 1: Cover The Kitchen Table Top With Vinyl Coating

Vinyl is famously known as a decorating and protecting material especially in kitchen fittings. They provide an extraordinary exterior and number one protection from the outer conditions. Vinyl can be attached to a kitchen table top easily in simple ways.

  • After cleaning the kitchen tabletop, apply the glue to vinyl coating papers and the surface of a table.
  • Pressing the vinyl on a kitchen table-top, cover the entire surface with the coating of vinyl.
  • Remove the air bubbles side by side.

Method 2: Paint The Kitchen Tabletop


Commonly used methods by people are painting, painting and painting!! People love to paint; they add it to everything they could modify on their own. The same is implied in the case of kitchen table tops. Thus, you can too follow the trend if you wish. Take your favourite colours and water paintbrushes.

  • Paint smoothly and evenly on the tabletop and let it dry for 30 minutes.
  • After drying the 1st coat, apply the second one with the same amount and sequence.
  • Apply at least three coats for better grace and finish.

Apply A Gloss Paint Or A Lacquer

Apply A Gloss Paint Or A Lacquer

In case you just don’t fit with the idea of going with plastic, vinyl and paint coverings. It means you probably are a lover of gentle, elegant and sober things. In such cases, we recommend you to go with a glossy paint that is transparent and naturally recover the damaged, stained and dull surface of kitchen table tops. A Lacquer can also be applied after painting the surface.

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