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Reflective kitchen accessories for your style and functionality!


Stylish kitchen accessories for great tastes!

Experience the fascination of cooking in your kitchen space with innovative kitchen accessories, making your cooking time a pure pleasure.

Kitchen accessories save your time while helping you keep your kitchen space, and gadgets well organized.

We understand how essential it is to keep your kitchen surface clutter-free and well organized. And so our wide range of kitchen accessories is sure to have just what you are looking for!

With no messy look in the kitchen space, the kitchen cabinet accommodates all the essentials in a well-organized manner.

With the high-quality kitchen accessories, now is the right time to speak to the TEL Kitchens design experts about how the stunning kitchen design and accessories for the kitchen can put real value to your home.

We pride ourselves in giving passionate attention to everything from planning, designing, manufacturing to installation.

Whether you have a classically English-style kitchen design choice or a contemporary one, our handcrafted kitchen design solutions with innovative kitchen accessories to keep it all uncluttered are exquisitely designed and built to the requirements.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

We are creative with the wider kitchen accessories range so you can be creative with your kitchen space!

With the innovative bespoke kitchen design solutions, we use the entire space intelligently to provide you with the best storage solutions. Whether you like to use the space under the sink or wanna utilize the corner units or any other, TEL Kitchens experts provide innovative cabinetry solutions for all. Create a functional unit in your kitchen space to keep it all uncluttered and well managed devoid of any hassles. Easily organize your kitchen by embedding a variety of kitchen storage solution styles and enhancing the space to manage the kitchen utensils and other essentials.

Discover and inspire!

Kitchen Drawer units for smart storage!

Kitchen drawers are the topmost choices when it comes to organizing the smallest kitchen essentials.

A kitchen drawer unit has room for every essential irrespective of its size. A drawer system is generally made of a runner that makes the closing and opening of the drawer systems easy, noise-free, and smooth.

Our bespoke kitchen drawers guarantee the smooth motions of the units with a carrying capacity of 60 kgs.

And the best part is that with TEL Kitchen’s wide spectrum of drawer options including movento drawer system, standard kitchen drawer system, and tandem drawer system, you can choose the best one matching your taste, and needs.

A kitchen drawer unit generally extends fully to the end to provide a great view of interiors with built-in depth and width making your experience hassle-free.


Traditional kitchen cabinet hinges match the style!

Kitchen cabinet hinges are the crucial part of the storage systems providing a smooth motion to the units.

Hinge systems are the traditional kitchen cabinet accessories that match every kitchen design and style. Being an evergreen choice in the kitchen spaces, matching every cabinet style, hinge system never lacks in adding functionality to the space.

With the variety of options, choose the perfect motion and design for your cabinet from the hinge and module system.


Want to access the higher wall cabinets with ease?

Lift systems are the answers for that effortless access.

Lift systems are the ideal way of opening the higher wall cabinets. Get easy access and smooth to all the cabinets with the kitchen cabinet lift systems.


TEL Kitchens’s wide range of Aventos lift systems is designed to make the operations of the wall cabinets easy and comfortable.

The perks of choosing the Aventos range is that you will get a durable cabinet with complete ease of access. These are the perfect choices for cabinets with cornices.


Trendiest kitchen cabinet door style marking perfection in the kitchen!

Sliding door cabinet systems are the trendiest choices offering an excellent appearance, design, and functionality.

The essential aspect of such cabinet styles is the ease of access as the operation feasibility provided by these is leaving a greater mark on the design industry.

It has been an appealing choice from the past few years, giving a seamless look to the entire space.

While blending well in the entire kitchen design, the sliding door kitchen cabinet provides efficient space utilization without hindering the passage space.


Organize your kitchen essentials with an inner dividing system!

How about having a kitchen space with a smooth appearance and offering a functional inner dividing system to accommodate all the kitchen stuff?

Who doesn’t like to have a kitchen space with efficient storage space to keep it uncluttered? Everybody does!

And that is what the inner dividing system cabinets provide!

Keep your kitchen essentials organized well in the kitchen drawers tailored exclusively according to the requirements.

Get a perfectly organized kitchen with a drawer’s inner dividing system providing everything in one slide. Choose the efficient Ambia-line system or Orga-line systems to make your kitchen design neat and your kitchen essentials easily accessible


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