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How to Position Spotlights in Kitchen?

How to Position Spotlights in Kitchen?

One of the most common mistakes people often make is inappropriately installing the spotlight!

Yes, probably that sounds strange but true!

It is one of the essential factors that need immediate attention within the kitchen space.

The space is the imperative factor that affects the scattering of appropriate lighting within the kitchen. Placing the spotlights in the shortest distances is a considerable aspect of appropriately using lighting so that the lighting doesn’t overpower the area.

But does that mean you should keep it at a larger distance?

Well, not really, but yes, it needs to be at an appropriate distance so that the lighting gets distributed well within the kitchen space, enhancing the mood instead of making it all a shiny mess.

So how do you get the right balance?

There are a simple set of tips that can help you a lot in this regard.

Let us dig into getting the complete piece of information on this!

How to position spotlights in the kitchen?

To get the effect of the appropriate lights in the kitchen, one must consider the following first!

  • How large is the kitchen space?
  • How high is the ceiling?
  • Are there any areas within the kitchen space that require particular focus?
  • Is it a closed or an open-plan space?

A rightly balanced lighting in a space

  • Illuminates the space
  • Creates a perfect ambiance
  • Enable the localized tasks

So, how can one be wrong in getting the perfect lighting for the kitchen space where most of the tasks are done and one of the essential tasks of cooking delicious dishes?

Indeed, it needs to be done right.

So, your kitchen lighting should fall under the following categories to create the desired effect. This includes:

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the soft overhead lights that illuminate the walls and floors so that one can easily enter, navigate, and exit the kitchen space with no hassles.

Task Lighting

Task Lighting is used to focus on the specific task areas. It gives a brighter lighting impact on the task places, including countertops, sinks, islands, and other workspaces, enhancing precision during cooking, cleaning, and food preparation.

Accent lighting

On the other hand, accent lighting is the one that lies somewhere in between the task and ambient lighting in terms of brightness and highlighting the architectural features or décor elements in the kitchen space.

The best way to bring in the right balance of lighting within the kitchen space is utilizing the layered approach incorporating all the three types mentioned above.

A perfect blend of these three categories can help minimize the shadows and enhance the workability within the space while overall enhancing the mood.

So, how do you get the right balance?

This question still remains unanswered, right?

By figuring out the appropriate positions of the spotlights, you can probably find out the answer to the query.

But, this positioning fixture alone might not solve the issue. You might need to get familiar with several other technical aspects, including the ceiling heights, dimensions, and other spacing as well.

We suggest that getting help from a kitchen design expert might help you get the lighting effect you desire!

So let us see where you can place your spotlight to lighten your kitchen space with positive energy.

Where to position spotlights in the kitchen? 

Where to position spotlight in kitchen

1. Under the kitchen cabinet

While considering the lighting solutions under the kitchen cabinets, it is highly essential to consider a few things. This includes: 

  • Corners: The corners of the kitchen countertops can be unusable and highly dark when the lighting is not perfectly planned, and the spacing plays a major role in this. Plan your lighting by starting from the corners and then working inwards to avoid the issue.
  • Space the lights: Choose to place the lighting at even and consistent distances to ensure a better light spread. You can also make kitchen design experts help identify the proper spacing between the kitchen cabinets.

2. Ceiling Lights

When choosing the ceiling downlights in the kitchen space, selecting an even and clear pattern is essential. If the sequence is not followed appropriately, it can bring in a bizarre outcome and spoil the entire effect.

However, while considering the ceiling spotlight within the kitchen, you must consider the layout.

You can get the desired effect by starting with the ceiling light 1-meter distance apart.

This means you must follow a golden rule here:

“Not including any ceiling light within 1m from the edge and next lighting.”

This may get you the desired effect. 

3. Plinth Lights

You might be surprised, but including the Plinth lights within the kitchen space follows different rules.

Plinth spotlights are generally fitted to the base kitchen cabinets, where the spotlights can be positioned at the center of each unit.

You must place a plinth light at the center of each drawer, cupboard, or drawer wherever it is possible. This might help you create a uniform and sleek look within the space.

Pro Tip: Working from the corner as a starting point can be the best practice to get the desired outcome!

4. Above the task space

The task spaces always require the appropriate lighting to make the dishes right.

The task spaces include kitchen worktops, sink, and kitchen islands where the majority of tasks are performed.

From preparing the food to cooking the delicious food and washing the dishes, everything is done within the task spaces, requiring appropriate lighting.

Not only from the task viewpoint but appropriate lighting in these spaces also affects the appearance drastically while increasing productivity.

So, ensure to have at least 2-3 spotlights are an adequate distance to enhance productivity and add grace to the space. 

6. Below the Kitchen Hood

Positioning spotlights under the kitchen hood accelerates the working area while enhancing the functionality.

But again, choose to have the spotlights placed at an adequate distance to keep yourself out of the shiny mess while making the space look evenly lighted and beautiful. 


The appropriate lighting within the kitchen space is an excellent tool to highlight all the features.

And if positioned carefully rather than just throwing the light within the kitchen space, it can make the atmosphere aesthetically appealing and even enhance the area’s appearance.

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