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How to Fit Kitchen Worktops?

How to Fit Kitchen Worktops?

Kitchen Worktop plays a major role in any kitchen as they carry most of the tasks, heavy or light; on its shoulders. From planning the food to prepare, worktops are always in the presence. Also, after buying the vegetables and edibles, worktops are the only thing we use to place items. So, we can never neglect the fact of how important they are to us. Perhaps the worktops owe us a lot that we can’t reimburse.

All we can do is to maintain them properly by cleaning and keeping them hygienic. In case your worktop has started to function poorly, you may need to have a new worktop.

Simple Methods to Fit a Kitchen Worktop

Simple Methods to Fit a Kitchen Worktop

Fitting a worktop is super easy that you can learn it by reading this article. Next time, you can Install kitchen worktops without feeling the need for a manufacturer.
Pick the essentials you may need while working, such as measuring scale, pencil, jigsaw, sandpaper, heavy-duty tape, screwdriver, and screws.

1. Choose the right material for your kitchen worktop.

First, choose a material that is compatible with a work surface. This can be similar to splashes or cupboards. Based on your kitchen’s appearance and color, you can make the right decision.

The good thing about worktops is that they come at several variable cost prices. Dozens of worktops get scratched, stained, and cheap over time. You can go with materials having durable, stain-resistant, heat resistant, and nonporous to avoid problems.

2. Measure the area you want to set with a worktop.

Pick up a measurement scale and go ahead. Start by measuring the length of the area to be fixed with a worktop. A worktop must be the same size as a counter and basic cabinets in a kitchen. That will adequately cover the countertops making them even.

Leave some space in your sink. Take this into account by marking the lines where a sink needs to be placed. Also, mark the required points on the counter surface to memorize the accurate point.

3. Cut the worktop to the required size.

By positioning a work surface on a rigid surface, you can now cut into an arrangement with the marking points. Since cutting can be dangerous, you need to take all safety precautions while working. It is recommended to wear hard shoes and eye protection.

Cut the junction strips to make a connection between the built-in work surfaces in a corner. You may cut the strip using a hand saw. A joining strip can be made up of plastic or metal.

4. Sand down excess and roughness of a work surface.

Sandpaper is the left hand of a carpenter; always carry it around when carrying out assembly and cutting work. Give a smoother and uniform finish to the cutting by rubbing and trimming the surface.

5. Cut the Sink area into a worktop

Make space for the fitting of a sink into a worktop. While cutting, some unwanted cracks can occur to the surface, to avoid it. Make use of heavy-duty tape. It’s an effective method when cutting in the middle of a surface. One thing that needs to keep in mind is to place the worktop upside down when cutting it.

6. Fit the Worktop

Examine the size, position, and fitting of a worktop by demo placement over the counter area. When you became assured about the placement, place it over the countertops with the help of a partner.

Secure the surface by fixing screws at the bottom part near the edges. An electric drill is commendable in making quick attachments of Worktops to the base cabinets. Be careful that you’re not over-tightening the screws.

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