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9+ Modern Kitchen Designs | To Help In Choosing The Right Kitchen Design

Luxury Modern Kitchen Designer

Kitchens have evolved over the years from a place where meals are prepared and served into an interior design statement. This concept was confirmed with a survey that showed that the most renovated part of a home is the kitchen, followed by the bathroom. 64% of the homeowners interviewed agreed that the reason they installed a new kitchen or remodeled their old kitchen was not because of practicality or changing circumstance. They did it because they wanted to keep up with the trend.

In this article, you will find out what makes a kitchen luxurious, why German kitchens are exploding in demand, and lastly, 9 grand German kitchen designs you can adopt when you decide on a kitchen style.

In this article

  • What Defines a Luxurious Kitchen
  • Why German Kitchens are Soaring in Demand
  • 9 Modern Luxury Kitchen to Inspire You
  • Choosing a Truly Bespoke Luxury Kitchen Designer

What Defines a Luxury Modern Kitchen

When you look at 10 kitchen designers’ website or their portfolios, you will find a common word; “a luxurious kitchen designer” or “bespoke luxury kitchen designer”, making it challenging to identify a genuinely luxurious kitchen designer.

Since almost all kitchen designers claim to deliver “luxury” kitchens and instead offer a cheap imitation and ignoring or, better put, neglecting the fine details that make for a genuinely customized contemporary luxury kitchen, how do you know a truly luxurious kitchen when you see one?

Luxurious kitchens are architectural and creative masterpieces, using everyday accessories and designs to make statements. With great attention to detail and conflicting materials that stands out yet blending masterfully with other parts of the kitchen design, here are 5 elements of a luxury kitchen

1. High-quality materials –  engineered using the best standards with excellent characters to provide durability and high resistance while adding texture to the kitchen

2. The way lightings –  are used in a luxury kitchen goes way beyond functionality. It is a design statement

3. Custom Cabinets – Cabinets set the design and functionality of kitchen spaces, and luxury kitchens are designed with custom cabinets crafted with the best materials for beauty, character, and longevity.

4. Energy Saving and Efficient – Luxury kitchen designs feature eco-friendly appliances and use fewer resources while performing at peak level. Luxury kitchens have LED lighting, HVAC systems, and more, keeping money in your pocket while improving the carbon footprint of your home.

5. High-end Appliances – The appliances you will find in a luxury kitchen are high-end appliances built by leading brands. These appliances are sleek, sustainable, efficient, and durable, improving the home’s resale value and providing temperature control while allowing for gourmet cooking.

Why are German Kitchens Soaring in Demand

The demand for German Kitchens has gone through the roof in recent years, making people wonder why homeowners in the UK prefer to have a German kitchen. Apart from its beauty, three words describe a German kitchen; precision, endurance, efficiency.

Here are 8 reasons homeowners we spoke with have opted for a German Kitchen Design;

  • Enduring and durable without coming apart
  • Sustainable materials and eco-friendly with resistant nature, whether heat, germs, scratch, or abrasion.
  • Precise engineering and technology.
  • Energy-efficient appliances that make life simpler
  • Versatility and excellent personalization option
  • Excellent for optimizing space since premium space is rare in the UK.
  • Resale value
  • Improves the real estate value of a property

9+ Modern German Luxury Kitchen to Inspire You

1. Elegant Gestylt Great Design, More Freedom.

A modern fitted kitchen that maximizes all the spaces available, with an open space design, allows you more freedom. A fantastic option if space is a challenge. This design comes with open shelves to give you a great view with one glance. The handless design makes opening doors and cabinets smoother and effortless. Quartz Worktop, with its non-porous nature, makes it easier to wipe down and clean. It is virtually tough and durable and resistant to stains, scratches, and chips.

2. Heaven PurCooking Doesn’t Have to be MESSY

This contemporary kitchen comes with fully integrated Kitchen Appliances to create more room in the kitchen without compromising storage capacity. An enduring Quartz worktop is factored into the design to handle and withstand your kitchen’s constant use, along with a Glass Splashback to help clean up the mess. Its resistance to oil, water, grease, and other cooking accidents means that even the most extensive stains and blemishes won’t be an arduous task when it is time to clean.

3. Pur ElegantBeing a Great Host Just Got Easier

So you enjoy the occasional hang out with friends, but you feel short-changed because every time it gets to the juicy gossip, you need to be a perfect host and find yourself in a cramped kitchen.

This kitchen design changes all of that. With an Open-Plan Kitchen Design and an integrated wine cooker complete with anthracite kitchen units, you are part of the party. This kitchen includes an island with a made-to-measure sink, so you don’t have a headache when it is time to clean up.

4. Safe HavenGreat Family Memories are Created Here

This kitchen is styled with the appliances integrated into the kitchen cabinets, giving room for extra seats for family dinner or entertaining. A quartz Miami white worktable gives a great look to this kitchen while also making cleaning and tidying a piece of cake.

A White Carrara Marble Kitchen Island acts as a dining area to bring your family together as the center of attraction, making it a great room to spend more time with the ones you love.

5. King’s PrideBringing the family together just got simpler

It is an excellent option if you have a challenge with space and need a kitchen that doesn’t feel enclosed or tight because of the white glossy finish that reflects light to make your kitchen feel bigger and improves the mood also very easy to clean. With an appealing and germ-resistant quartz worktop and a white Island, the design doesn’t get better than this. Awesome Practicality.

6. Black LuxuryA blend of Excellence and Functionality

Two things stand out in the design; the White Carrara Marble worktop and the budget-friendly Glass splashback, adding luxury, excellence, and functionality to this design. The glass splashback is highly impacted and heat-resistant, and when you throw in the fact that it is easy to clean, you have a practical kitchen on your hands. White Matt finish, which masks finger marks and scratches, means your kitchen always looks tidy and neat.

7. ZuverlassigThe Perfect Kitchen for the Perfectionist

This German kitchen is a very modern design with integrated kitchen appliances and excellent storage solutions to make your kitchen look tidy and organized with nothing out of place. Opened shelves to give you a quick glance to make decisions more straightforward, and a white Matt finish that hides fingerprints and scratches well and makes your kitchen durable. A quartz woodland Worktop that is resistant to cracks, and scratch, so you don’t have to worry about your kids’ activities in the kitchen.

8. Sterling Silver A Kitchen that is Built to Last

This kitchen is a fitted kitchen designed with understated elegance, grace, and character with a matt finish and Spanish cabinetry range for a durable kitchen. A White Matt Finish completes this kitchen’s practicality as they mask visual imperfections like fingerprints and are scratch-resistant and durable. It comes with a Quartz Kitchen Worktop that doesn’t give you extra stress just because you have to clean and withstand activity without leaving a mark.

9. Chef’s Paradise – Distinct and Pure – Designed with Perfection

The puristic and functional design makes this kitchen a very appealing choice for most homeowners. A unique part of this kitchen, aside from the free-standing appliances, is the made-to-measure sink cabinet that serves as a storage space for your cleaning accessories, making them easy to reach when the time comes to clean. Added to this design is the open shelves feature to provide quick access to your utensils and dinnerware. There is a marble effect worktop to handle your kitchen activities as the material is durable and stain-resistant.

Choosing a Truly Bespoke Luxury Kitchen Designer

Like the saying “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, a contemporary kitchen design is only as elegant as the right designer. What this means is that the result of your kitchen is affected by the person who designed it. A designer to check out is TEL Kitchens. 5 outstanding thing about TEL Kitchens are

1. Design Wishlist

TEL Kitchens have the most massive range of kitchen designs to choose from in London, boasting over 200+ kitchen designs. The leading designer and installer of Italian, German and Bespoke kitchens in the UK, you can never run out of inspiration to build the kitchen of your dreams – Enduring, Practical, Timeless, and Stylish.

TEL Kitchens offers you a free design visit to discuss your kitchen needs with you. In designing your dream kitchen, the thought of the cost can place a limitation on your mind, thereby hindering your creative juice. So to get your genius pumping, TEL Kitchens offer free design visit to discuss your kitchen project.

The most impressive part of this is that you are not under any pressure to buy or work with them in the future. The goal is to simply get you to create the best kitchen without worrying about the cost.

2. Price Match

If you can get the quality of kitchen quoted by TEL Kitchens, in terms of designs, finish, materials, and aftersales from another designer lower than what is quoted by TEL Kitchens, they are obligated to match that price and deliver the kitchen design to you.

3. Budget-Friendly and Money Saving 

As manufacturers of kitchen materials and accessories (TEL Kitchens do not compromise on the quality of materials used), apart from the fact that you get a custom kitchen, the TEL Kitchen process is designed in a way to help you save money while ensuring you don’t go above your budget. The number one goal for them is delivering your kitchen to you and saving you money at the same time.

Compensation – TEL Kitchens has a strong reputation for always keeping to deadlines and even promise to compensate you when there is a delay or a deadline is missed.

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