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Modern kitchen designs are the ones that seamlessly blend the aspects of the modern designs with other styles to provide a look that is sleek, elegant, and simple but not sterile.

One of the essential key elements of modern kitchen designs is a clean and streamlined look that provides the desired functionality with versatility.

Let us dig into the modern kitchen design ideas 2022, along with all the essentials you need to know about it!

What are Modern Kitchen Designs?

Modern kitchen designs generally feature geometric forms, flat surfaces with little or no ornamentation. These are often defined by simple, sleek, and angular designs.

The modern kitchens have a subtle elegance that never goes out of style with minimalist designs, cabinetry, metallic accents, and neutral color palettes.

Essential elements of modern kitchen designs!

When it is about the modern kitchen design styles, the most attentive thing is finding the perfect balance between the type, form, and function.

With clean lines and a sleek aesthetic, the modern kitchen designs can be seamlessly integrated into homes of any style.

Let us get acquainted with the essential elements of a modern kitchen design.

• Sleek, simple, and elegant cabinetry
Simple cabinetry plays a major role in getting the sleek, elegant, and clean look in the space. The minimalist hardware, uncluttered cabinet design, and subtle finish are all you need to get that vibe.

When it comes to taking the streamlined look to the next level, you can choose the trending handle less kitchen cabinetry. Same function with a different approach!

• Modern appliances
If you are planning to bring in the modern look to your kitchen design, investing in modern appliances to fit in the overall aesthetic is what you need.

A modular kitchen is all about functionality and a sleek look. So, choosing the appliances that fit well within your lifestyle will provide you with most of your new space.

• Featuring pendant lights
You can add extra personality and style to the kitchen space by using feature pendant lightings above the benchtops. You can choose a vibrant colour to lift your neutral colour palette.

You will find ample feature pendant light options in diverse geometric shapes and exaggerated sizes, so you need to be very particular about the size and shape you choose.

• Uncluttered aesthetic
When it comes to modern kitchen designs, the mantra that works well is “Less is more”.
You don’t need to add any fussy material to the design. In contrast, adding personality, you only need to choose a sleek and simple design and still make a style statement in the kitchen.
You can bring in the desired personality by adding coloured splashbacks, striking bar stools, a pull-out pantry, and many more.

• Practical island setup
Modern kitchen designs work well with the open plan living. These are often used to complement the open spaces, and when it comes to adding the personality through it, the island setup in pretty marble materials is the eye-appealing choice.

Adding the cabinets and drawers to the island bench to adjust more storage and colour contrasting with the island setup is the perfect way to enhance the space’s beauty while keeping the kitchen updated with the latest trends while serving functional purposes.

• Rely on the beauty of natural materials
It is not bad to say that a modern kitchen cannot even have a little ornamentation. They do have little ornamentation that they generally get from a material’s natural characteristics like the oak’s horizontal grain, veining and natural beauty of pretty marble stones, and many more.

• Consistency in accent pieces’ style
Accents like tables, chairs, lighting, and bar stools, all of them required to be considered while designing a kitchen.

These elements will stay consistent in a modern kitchen design instead of deviating like in an eclectic kitchen.

Along with the elements, it is often challenging to decide on the look of the kitchen space. But not anymore. Here we have compiled trending ideas for modern kitchen designs. Let us get acquainted with modern kitchen design ideas.

Modern Kitchen design ideas 2022 by TEL Kitchens

1. Modern Open-Plan Designs

This open modern kitchen design allows multitasking in the space. The key elements of this kitchen design include:
• Modern set up incorporating built-in appliances
• Incorporation of warm wood to give a touch of traditional
• The entire set up in pretty white to keep the look subtle
• Island set providing a functional yet smart storage solution
• Windows allow the natural light to pass through
• The seating nearby gives the opportunity not to miss anything and enjoy the meals with your loved ones.


2. Bespoke Italian modern open plan kitchen design

Isn’t it a clean and streamlined look giving a subtle finesse in the space? Indeed!
• The key elements of this modern kitchen design include:
• The island setup provides the functional solution to prepare meals
• Along with the additional storage, the extended set up to the wall gives additional space to prepare meals
• Cook or enjoy with your loved ones, the seating’s set up in the kitchen provides an opportunity to be a part of every get-together
• The cool grey cabinets provide a sense of calmness while matching the pretty off-white look
• The addition of industrial lights above the table helps you focus on the deliciously prepared meals
• The incorporation of all the modern appliances creates a seamless look.

3. Open kitchen design in monochromatic fusion

What a beautiful modern kitchen design that is redefining the beauty of the space in the monochromatic fusion! The key elements of this design include:
• The glossy kitchen countertop in pristine whites
• The extended island setup provides sitting beside to keep it more functional.
• The incorporation of modern appliances within the design provides a seamless look.
• The window addition allows the natural light to pass through
• The cabinets in dark wood give a touch of subtle finesse.

4. Modern kitchen design in cool grey

A perfect blend of traditional with modern! The key elements of this kitchen design include:
• The addition of a wooden island and flooring provides a traditional touch to the space.
• A pretty backsplash with a lighting setup provides an eye-appealing addition with functionality.
• The glossy cabinets keep the look elegant and beautiful
• Open shelves to display your collectables
• A sleek design incorporating all the modern appliances within the design

5. Modern German kitchen design

What do you have to say about this clean and streamlined kitchen design? We think it’s beautiful!
Well, yes, and the key elements that make it beautiful include:
• An island setup serving multipurpose in warm woods
• The glossy backsplash keeps it functional and beautiful simultaneously
• The incorporation of modern appliances within the entire look
• Shiny kitchen floorings in pretty white
• A window beside allowing the natural light to pass through.

6. Modern kitchen design with a touch of luxury

A tri-coloured open kitchen plan with a touch of luxury in the space. The key elements of this design include:
• A glossy kitchen countertop in pretty white
• The multipurpose functionality of island setup
• The false ceiling in a warm wooden tone
• A shiny white kitchen backsplash
• The cabinet solution in traditional hinged doors
• The incorporation of modern appliances to provide a sleek look
• And a beautiful white kitchen flooring

7. Broken plan kitchen design


Prepare meals, enjoy them or watch your favourite shows; this broken kitchen plan provides all in one solution for all your requirements.
Open kitchen plans don’t always have to be boring utilizing a separate space only, and this kitchen design is the proof of it. The key elements of this kitchen design include:
• The addition of wooden elements and kitchen flooring to provide a traditional look
• The incorporation of modern kitchen appliances provides a clean look
• Additional storage with an island set up keeping space clutter-free
• The granite countertops keep the cooking and preparing meals on a functional yet durable choice

8. Monochromatic modern kitchen design

Who said that the kitchen designs have to be straight only? Look at this kitchen design, and let us know what you have to say about it!
The key elements of this kitchen design include:
• Glossy handle less kitchen cabinets in pretty whites
• The incorporation of elements in the design gives a more streamlined look
• The additional storage with island setup
• The marble worktops in dark tones
• A glossy kitchen flooring
• And windows to allow enough natural light to pass through

9. L-shaped modern kitchen design

This L-shaped modern kitchen design is a pretty elegant kitchen design solution that will never make your cooking experience a tedious one! The key elements of this kitchen design include:
• L-shaped kitchen design plan with efficient storage solution
• The seating setup beside in rich marble look the wooden kitchen flooring providing a traditional look
• The enlarged window size allows adoring the natural environment
• A kitchen worktop in pretty white marbles
• Incorporation of modern appliances within the design

10. Kitchen design with living room setup

Gone are the days when cooking was done in a separate kitchen space only. Look at this modern kitchen design and forget about those thoughts concerning the traditional kitchen spaces.
• The key elements of this kitchen design include:
• The focused lighting keeps the entire cooking space well lighted.
• The functional island setup with additional storage solution
• The incorporation of appliances within the design
• Ample storage cabinets to keep the space clutter-free
• The seating nearby to grab the deliciously prepared meals.
So, now either prepare the meal, grab it with your loved ones or enjoy your favourite shows in this pretty and functional kitchen design.

11. Luxurious kitchen design

Woah, that’s a beautiful addition to the home, adding the style statement to the kitchen space.
Undoubtedly a beautiful kitchen design that is never going to make you low on energy while cooking as the vibe is enough!
The key elements of this kitchen design include:
• Glossy handle less cabinets in monochromatic fusion
• The pretty kitchen backsplash in a creamy tone
• The wall-hung theme for the easy access
• The dining setup beside to enjoy the prepared meals with the loved ones
• Matching kitchen floorings in textured white

12. Timeless modern kitchen design

We are sure that the trend of this modern kitchen design in the timeless beauty of white will never come to an end.
A kitchen design provides subtle finesse to the space due to its key elements, including:
• The combination of warm wood with a pretty white colour
• The focused lighting to make your cooking experience happen one
• The top to bottom kitchen cabinets provides efficient storage space to keep it all clutter-free
• The breakout plan with the living room so you never miss out anything

13. Marble modern kitchen design in darker tones


Here comes the black beauty kitchen design! Gone are the days when darker tones were avoided; now, the trending ones include mainly the darker tones.
Look at this one; the key elements of this kitchen design include
• Textured marble worktop and kitchen backsplash
• Island setup with additional storage
• Cabinets in the matte finish darker tones
• The dark wood cabinetry setup underneath the island countertop gives a warm woody feel.
• Open shelves to display the collectables

14. Multiple level island kitchen designs

Well, not only one, but if you have enough space in your kitchen, then the two islands set up in the kitchen space is the trending choice.
The key elements of this kitchen design include:
• Glossy countertops to give a clean and smooth look
• The addition of warm woods gives a conventional touch
• Ample storage space to keep it all clutter-free
• Focused lightings to make the experience a super one
• Open shelves to display the collectables
• Wooden flooring enhances the beauty of kitchen space
• The incorporation of modern appliances within the design
If you have sufficient kitchen space to make this design execute the way it is, then this design is the prettiest one you can ever have!

15. Handle less modern kitchen design

What a seamless and neat look this kitchen design is giving to the entire cooking space! A handle less modern kitchen design with no flaw.
The key elements of this kitchen design include:
• A wooden splashback enhances the look of darker toned cabinets
• A subtly matched flooring
• Matte finish cabinets in darker tones
• An enlarged window beside to let the natural light pass-through
• Island setup providing additional storage

Bottom Line!

Discover the inspiration of your modern kitchen remodel 2022 and add the style statement to the space. We hope this blog gives you enough ideas to plan your next remodel and take your kitchen design to the next level!
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