pinterest Do you know about theme-based kitchens: popular kitchen themes?

Do you know about theme-based kitchens and the most popular kitchen themes?

Cheerful All Blue Kitchen Space theme

Looks play a vital role in kitchen remodeling, kitchen designing, or extending space for the better.

Kitchens with a theme can roll up the entire preview and the working atmosphere of a place – therefore, it becomes a new fashion in UK homes to design kitchens with themes.

Achieve the perfect balance between practical aesthetic and highly maintained interior with this blog’s show-stopper theme-based kitchen designs.

What are the most popular kitchen theme designs?

When made using a particular set of features, kitchen designs are related to a theme kitchen – they are of a kind type of spaces with magnificent grace. They focus on practicality and incorporating distinctive elements for a more settled and expensive look.

Make your home inviting and uniquely designed – Discover jazzy and practical designs.

List of The Best Kitchen Theme Ideas

Redo your kitchens with visually pleasing kitchen theme trends mentioned below:

Monochromatic Kitchen Theme

Monochromatic Kitchen Theme

The most luxurious and popular kitchen theme is the monochromatic kitchen design. They are all about black and white fittings, glossy texture, and the finest storage units. The crisp and stunning color palette makes the kitchen with a monochromatic theme look stellar and expensive.

They win the show with the following features:

  • Same color in distinctive shades and contrast
  • Kitchens can have similar material for all accessories and the same shades for flooring, décor elements, and equipment
  • Single color makes the space look large and clean
  • Based on making the neutrals the principal color of a kitchen

Open-Shelving Kitchen theme

Open-Shelving Kitchen theme

Open shelves have always been folks’ favorite because they are evergreen, charming, and always trendy. Such kitchen spaces have almost no cabinetry storage units, and the maximum essentials are organized either openly or on shelves.

Open kitchen themes mainly include:

  • A complete wall shelving with horizontal slabs
  • The Combination of both stands and racks
  • Multiple small shelves making a concrete design
  • Empty cupboards all over the space
  • Smart Open pantry

Rustic beauty theme of a kitchen

Rustic beauty theme of a kitchen

Country homes and country kitchens are pretty expensive. They depict expensive beauty and are rare kitchen themes trending at all times. Rustic kitchens bring coziness inside a house with classy wood fittings, farm tables, clean and textured wood beams, and long countertops.

Such charming rustic kitchen themes can have:

  • Copper, or silver kitchen utensils
  • Big lamps and pendants
  • Yellow skylights (usually warm lights)
  • Bold floor patterns and antique décor
  • Shaker-style Island with wooden chairs

Contemporary/ Modern style kitchen themes

Contemporary/ Modern style kitchen themes

Modern kitchen themes speak all about the sleek and deluxe culture of designs, maintaining a high standard with the beautiful elements of which they are made. They create subtle elegance that lives longer. Contemporary kitchen trends are flawless, minimal, and a combination of aesthetic & practical features.

Modern kitchen theme styles are based on the following:

  • Handless kitchen storage units
  • Sophisticated interior fixtures such as kitchen chimney, smart stove, oven, dishwasher etc.
  • High-end materials and flooring to leave an impact on the entire room
  • A Smart storage system
  • Flexible layout for easy access
  • Energy saving equipment

Traditional or Conventional Kitchen themes

Traditional or Conventional Kitchen themes

Kitchens originating from back 90s, a historical background, rituals, and early trends are generally referred to as traditional theme kitchens. They are mainly based on vibrant patterns, interior décor, ceilings, and flooring. Wood is the primary element seen in such kitchen styles.

Traditional kitchen styles have:

  • Usually, dark chocolate brown fittings
  • Old-school but charming furniture, durable and hard floors
  • Soft ambient lighting features
  • Fireplace, bulbs, bricks patterned tiles

Popular Outdoor Kitchen Themes

Popular Outdoor Kitchen Themes

Kitchens with outdoor themes are a great excuse to celebrate the joy of beautiful weather and experience open cooking under a romantic blue sky. The kitchen essentials can be varied as per your preference. However, portable cooking units such as grills, refrigerators, stoves, etc., are important for temporary fixes.

The essentials about outdoor kitchen spaces are:

  • A Decent quality and weather-friendly kitchen storage units
  • Griddle, fire pit, and barbeque grill for roasting meals
  • Build-in cold storage for keeping drinks cool, and wine fresh
  • A useful enclosed pantry unit

Cheerful All Blue Kitchen Space theme

Cheerful All Blue Kitchen Space theme

The kitchen with a blue interior may or may not be all blue. However, the primary units are always shades of blue such as powdered blue, navy blue, sky blue, Iceberg, etc. The cabinets and backsplashes are colored in vibrant, calming, and classic shades of blue.

Gorgeous blue kitchen themes specialties are:

  • Two-toned kitchen colors: one for furniture and the other for flooring, walls, and backsplash.
  • Copper and white handles stand out from the royal blue shades of kitchens
  • Long-tailed pendants with the same color as handles, sink taps, and other materials.

Natural & Green theme for Kitchens

Natural & Green theme for Kitchens

Green plants add life to any space. Nowadays, people are strongly influenced to make greenhouse kitchen spaces and nature-friendly homes. They are specially made of sustainable materials and wood installation and have typically transparent walls and doors for light to enter inside.

Kitchen themes with natural beauty have the following:

  • Both large and small plant décor including artificial and fresh flowers, grass etc.
  • Nature-inspired kitchen cutlery
  • Blooming vines all over the wall or only near the ceilings
  • Using flowerpots and bushes for freshness
  • Adding artificial grass rugs on floors and worktops

Let’s have a Family time Kitchen Theme.

Let's have a Family time Kitchen Theme.

One of the most trending kitchen themes is recently discovered kitchens with enough sitting area, dining space & breakfast bar, and comfortable couches. The goal of such kitchens is to spend quality time with family, friends, and relatives while preparing delicious meals together.

Family-centered kitchen spaces have:

  • Spacious area for adding as many features as a kitchen expert can.
  • An Island to gather, eat, drink and for doing homework for kids.
  • enough lights (natural and artificial) for proper visuals
  • Can have a stereo system with a comfortable sitting zone
  • Studying and playing spots for kids

The given beautiful ideas for kitchen themes are inspired by the desire of people to make the cooking zone feel more friendly, safe, and blushing. Every design has its unique purpose, bespoke kitchen themes can help to achieve results according to personal desires and specific requirements.

The Conclusion

Kitchens look life-like when designed with keeping a stunning theme in mind. Undoubtedly, they can instantly elevate interior beauty by spreading positivity and organizing the cooking area.

The best kitchen designers nearby help clients to match their taste and design perfectly. All the given popular kitchen themes are achievable, you only need to find a kitchen construction company in the UK.

If you are trying to figure out how to get the best kitchen theme, TEL Kitchens is the sound and eminent specialist for transforming your living zones with quality services.

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