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Difference Between Glass Kitchen Splashbacks and Stone Kitchen Splashbacks

Difference Between Glass Kitchen Splashbacks and Stone Kitchen Splashbacks

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  1. Trending glass splashbacks
  • About glass splashbacks
  • Pros and cons of glass splashbacks
  1. Stone splashbacks
  • About stone splashbacks
  • Pros and cons of stone splashbacks
  1. Difference between glass and stone splashbacks
  2. Trending splashback ideas for you!
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Does your kitchen interior seem dull and old? But you are not convinced with the idea of spending thousands of pennies on creating a new kitchen or renovating one? If yes, then kitchen splashbacks are the best take for you.

A kitchen splashback is an integral part that not only works as a protective layer to your walls from the food splattering but also looks excellent matching with the interiors.

Whatever you are planning for the kitchen, whether it includes the renovation or building from scratch or just looking for a beautiful change in it, a kitchen splashback is an excellent way to upgrade the kitchen design and add a pop of color to it. But what exactly is it? Here’s all you need to know!

What is kitchen splashback?

A kitchen splashback refers to a material placed on the wall either above the stovetop, worktop space, or above the sink in a kitchen. Kitchen splashbacks are trending and well known for protecting the wall from oil splashes, sausages, greases, and other sticky and messy materials that occur on walls while preparing food.

Splashbacks are the functional addition in the kitchen but are not confined to the functionality only. These are one decorative element in the kitchen that enhances the overall visual aesthetic of a kitchen. A wide range of themes, styles, and materials to choose from allows you to experiment with the kitchen interiors.

Gone are the days when kitchen backsplash was confined to traditional styles only; the inclusion of glass, stone, and other materials have changed the whole scenario and appearance of the kitchen designs—wondering about the material you can choose from? Here are the types and materials you can choose from.

Types of kitchens splashbacks!


  1. Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are well admired for creating a modern and sophisticated finish. These are not only highly functional but are easy to clean trending in addition to the kitchen space. Making the appearance beautiful and adding aesthetic glass splashbacks are available in a variety of qualities, colors, glazing, and prints.

  • Toughened glass

Toughened glass is the topmost choice due to its durability, easy-to-clean property, and availability in an endless range of colors and prints. Being a toughened and durable choice, it doesn’t shatter like standard glass products.

  • Mirrored glass

Mirrors are well known for opening up space by playing with reflections. Well, with mirrored glass, do not think of the traditional mirror as here we are talking about the mirrored glass more of a smokey tint that will make you worry-free about the oil splashes, grease, and smudges.  Mirrored glass splashbacks open up the kitchen space by bouncing reflections and light around the area.

Stone splashbacks

  1. Stone splashbacks

Stone splashbacks include slate, quartz, marbles, and several others that make it an excellent choice while choosing one for your kitchen space. These are easy to clean materials that come in various designs and colors. It is a pristine and versatile choice that is often preferred for its hefty cost and other properties.

  • Granite

Granite is an excellent stone material for those looking for a unique addition in the form of splashbacks. Granite is a durable choice, stain-resistant, and adds elegance to the overall appearance.

  • Marble

Marble is an excellent choice for one looking for a natural stone. Marble never lacks in adding value and enhancing the appearance of the space. Marble is scratch-resistant, aesthetically appealing, resistant to depletion or breaking, and are available in a variety of products and colors.

  • Quartz

Quartz is a trending choice that never compromises in adding the beauty of interiors. Quartz stone is durable, popular for its harness, requires less maintenance, and has excellent performance characteristics. The best part is that this natural beauty also adheres to antibacterial properties.

  • Porcelain

Porcelain is considered a fine material for backsplashes, that is stain resistant, fire resistant, and a durable choice. It is available in a variety of styles and is a beautiful choice for the kitchen backsplash.

Tiles splashbacks

  1. Tiles splashbacks

Tiles are the common materials used in the kitchen as splashbacks due to their versatility. Tiles offer a bountiful range of colors, patterns, and materials. Here are several tiles’ materials you can choose from.

  • Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are generally manufactured using white and red clay biscuits with an attractive glaze to the body. Tiles are easy to clean and an extremely durable choice when searching for  splashbacks. Ceramic tiles are further available in a variety of styles but the two most commonly used ceramic tiles include Patterned and Arabesque encaustic.

  • Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are a well-known choice as mosaics use an extensive range of materials including stone, glass, porcelain marbles, and many more. It allows you to place the materials directly on the wall and ensures that a consistent pattern is attained.

  • Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are generated using the finer clays and then fired in a kiln at higher temperatures to make them dense and hard. These are waterproof tiles that can be placed on walls. These tiles come in two diverse forms including glazed and unglazed tiles.

  • Subway Tiles

Subway tiles bring in a vintage and classic look to the kitchen. These are an excellent choice for both commercial and residential spaces. Creating the perfect look, subway tiles are the trendiest choice when it comes to choosing splashbacks.

Acrylic Splashbacks

  1. Acrylic Splashbacks

An acrylic splashback is a cost-effective alternative to the trending glass splashbacks. While providing the illusion of glass, the acrylic splashbacks are easy to install.

All about trending glass splashback

The toughened glass sheets as a glass splashback are one of the trending and practical choices. Being highly heat resistant and easy to clean, clear glass splashbacks are a perfect choice. Not only functional but glass adds the aesthetic appeal to the entire interiors and provides an elegantly created luxurious look to the kitchen.

Available in a variety of styles including plain glass, colored one, digital print glass, and many more, it gives you enough space to do experiments with the color combinations. Creating the luxurious feel, glass splashbacks have their own pros and cons. Wondering what? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of glass kitchen backsplash.

Which glass splashback to choose?

Available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, you can choose any of them including

  • Classic colored glass
  • Glittered glass
  • Mirrored glass
  • Stenciled glass
  • Digital printed glass

Pros of glass splashbacks

  • Enhances the kitchen appearance with unique illumination
  • These are heat resistant to deal with the high temperatures during cooking
  • These are easy to clean and stain-resistant
  • Multiple color options
  • Modern look
  • Safe against bacteria
  • Warm soapy water with a clean duster is enough to remove the stains
  • These complement contemporary and modern kitchen outlooks.

Cons of glass splashbacks

  • Installation of glass splashback is time-consuming and tricky
  • Sharp objects may scratch the surface of glass splashback
  • Glass splashbacks may not work with traditional and rustic looks

All about Stone splashbacks

Stone splashbacks create a high-end and luxurious feel when paired with matching countertops. From sleek modern units to traditional kitchen designs, stone splashback goes well with everything.

Which stone splashback to choose?

Coming in a variety of options, here are the stones you can choose from

  • Marbles
  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Porcelain

Pros of Stone Splashbacks

  • Stones are scratch and heat resistant
  • Engineered stones to granites, you will have plenty of choices
  • Stone splashbacks provide a design continuity
  • Stones are available in different patterns colors and types
  • Stones are timeless in appeal
  • Stones never compromises in enhancing appearance and ambiance

Cons of stone splashbacks

  • Installation of the stone splashback is an intricate process to ensure that the stone fits properly
  • It is pricer than other choices
  • Stones are highly porous
  • It requires sealing to be a stain-resistant choice which makes it costly.

Difference between glass kitchen splashback and stone kitchen splashback

Apart from the pros and cons of the glass and stone splashbacks, there is a lot more to consider about it. Wondering what? Well, there are a few differences between both that can help you in deciding the better one matching your requirements, choice, and style.

Glass splashback Stone splashback
It offers high-end appeal It has a universal appeal.
It is easy to clean It is hard to clean.
These are costly Stones don’t cost a fortune
Stain and water-resistant It is not stained or water-friendly
May look similar No two backsplash are same

Trending kitchen splashback ideas for you!

  1. Digital print glass splashback

Digital print glass splashback

Digital print glass splashbacks are the trending picks for modern kitchen designs. With the pop of digital print on a white base, this design gives an appealing and clean look to the interior.

  1. Marble Kitchen Splashback

Marble Kitchen Splashback

Marbles are a durable and beautiful choice that gives a clean and elegant look to the kitchen. This sink marble backsplash is an elegant addition to the kitchen giving the desired look and keeping the area matched with the entire interiors.

  1. Quartz Stone backsplash

Quartz Stone backsplash

This rustic quartz stone backsplash paired with the black appliances and cabinet colorings is a beautiful addition to the kitchen. The rustic look gives a clean and beautiful appearance that never lets your kitchen look untidy.

  1. Timeless white glass splashback

Timeless white glass splashback

This timeless beauty in white glass splashback is the trending pick that never goes out of style. The glossy glass combined with white colors is a beautiful addition to the kitchen cabinets and other interiors.

  1. Vibrant aqua Colored glass splashback

Vibrant aqua Colored glass splashback

Vibrant aqua in glossy glass perfection is a beautiful pick for the beautiful, white-themed kitchen interiors. Glass splashbacks available in a variety of choices, designs, and styles, this colored glass backsplash is an elegant addition.

  1. Marble backsplash in pretty whites

Marble backsplash in pretty whites

This marble backsplash in pretty off-white stone matched with dark-toned cabinets is a pretty elegant addition to the cooking space. When paired with the appropriate lighting and color combinations, it never lacks in enhancing the interiors.

Bottom Line!

A kitchen backsplash brings vitality and life to the kitchen. If your kitchen seems dull, lacks functionality, or is old, adding kitchen splashback is an ideal option to bring out the real change in the kitchen space while adding the aesthetic to the space.

The glass and stone splashbacks are the trending picks that give your kitchen a stunning look without a hefty price tag. These are an integral part of the kitchen, but several people do not place that much importance on these. Just like the worktops, the kitchen backsplash adheres to the same importance.

While choosing one, you must check out a few factors, of course, the pros and cons of the style and material, the theme of your kitchen, and many more. You may get ample ideas while searching for the kitchen splashback in the UK but what suits your style and kitchen is intricate to figure out. Pick the style wisely that matches your need, style, and kitchen interiors after analyzing everything well

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