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What is a splashback?

What is a splashback

Splashback is a rigid material fixed to a wall to protect it from external conditions such as moisture, splashes, dust, steam, smog, and scratches and discolouring. It can be installed in the kitchen as well as the bathrooms, designer panels and coverings are attached as a splashback to the existing materials of a wall. Kitchens ensure high protection against warm temperature effects, stains and precipitates of oil and grease with the covering of a splashback.

The bathroom goes equally well with splashbacks, making them modular and advanced. They soak the humidity and give the attractive look with different colours and designs. A bathroom sink must be installed with a splashback for proper and complete finishing.

Why do we need Splashbacks?

In kitchens, they are typically installed behind the cooking zone, sink and hood. The wall is protected against wear and tear that can occur during rapid actions in kitchen tasks. Splashes add decoration, fun, innovation, quality and grace to the place. If you skip the splashback fitting, it may cost you the whole replacement of a wall. An accurate installation can protect your wall for more than 15 years.

Splashbacks fit a good budget and outstanding features. Installation of splashback enhances the coverage and lifespan of a home interior design. Since they are protective against harsh radiation, splashback promises a good environment in a home. Different colours, layouts and textures make them highly rated by consumers.

What are the materials used as a Splashback?mirrored

Splashbacks can be customized in several materials, such as Wood, PVC, Stone, Marbles, Tiles, granite, Stainless steel and glass. The designs vary in ranges and attached, such as a way that you cannot even recognize if the wall is covered with a splashback or not. Materials being used provide seamless and high- end looks to a wall. You can use a mirrored splashback to give a stunning and luxurious effect.

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