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Tell the story of your home and kitchen designs with TEL Kitchens!

TEL Kitchens is the leading kitchen design and manufacturer in the UK. We turn the ideas into stunning 3D visuals and kitchen designs.

Since its inception, TEL Kitchens has become a complete one-stop solution and a reliable partner for architects and interior designers to shine in the construction and designing industry.

Our kitchen designing and manufacturing professionals will work closely with you each step of the way, right from the project execution to its completion and even with the after-sale services.

With the new features, advanced technology adoptions, enhanced scene building experience, and gorgeous interior and exterior design services, TEL Kitchens is here to produce the most remarkable kitchen designs and home solutions!

Feature your work to clients across the world with us!

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Kitchen Designer and Manufacturer

Kitchen Designer and Manufacturer

Creating pieces of art in kitchen designs within each project is our passion!

Our flexible approach doesn’t end with the kitchen home designs only! We provide a complete solution starting from

the planning of a kitchen design to manufacturing and installing the same faultlessly.

We are the best kitchen designers and manufacturers aspiring to work to the highest standards throughout the kitchen designing and manufacturing process.

Explore the trending kitchen designs by TEL Kitchens here!

Bespoke Services

Bespoke Services

Your home has something special to say, and that is what the Bespoke services have to do with.

Bespoke design services are here to take the worries away.

Give an impressive impact on the clients with the high-end bespoke services and tailor everything as per the client’s taste and exclusively according to the space.

A wide spectrum of bespoke furniture and design services in high-quality products in diversified styles, colors, and sizes customized uniquely according to the design requirements.

Tell the story of your new projects’ home spaces with the bespoke services, including bespoke wardrobes, kitchen designs, and other spaces.

Modern Wardrobes

Wardrobes are the essential elements of a home space that play a crucial role in keeping it all uncluttered.

With a wide spectrum of finest wardrobe solutions in various types,

including walk-in wardrobe, mirrored wardrobe, sliding wardrobes, hinged wardrobes, bespoke wardrobe, or a blend of any two as per the choice.

Our wardrobe design experts will listen to all your considerations and provide you with an impeccable wardrobe design for your space.

Modern Wardrobes
3D Rendering and VR Tours

3D Rendering and VR Tours

Let the architectural visualizations do the talking!

The high-end 3D rendering services by Tel Kitchens allow your customers to experience the real atmosphere of the future interiors and exteriors at the very beginning of the negotiations.

People buy visually and with photorealistic 3D renders and 3D virtual tours, enhance your project’s appeal and gather presale contracts before the actual construction starts.

The 3D floor plans, walkthroughs, and concept visualizations help focus the details on presenting the thoughts in the storytelling forms. With 3D architectural renders,

  • Present the look and feel, functionality, and style of the projects.
  • Enhance your sales and marketing strategy
  • Presell a property by showcasing its finished look
  • Make sure that everything is going correct during constructions
  • Save your money, time, and energy by detecting the flaws at a very initial phase.

Render the story of your kitchen design!



Is your contractor killing your time?

Are you facing a lack of trust issue?

Is your subcontractor’s delay in delivering the work affecting your brand image?

Well, if yes, then it’s time to leave your worries aside!

TEL kitchens is here! So there is no time to adjust to the excuses and let the results speak this time.

With no individual hops and outsourcing from separate vendors, TEL Kitchens offer reliable services in kitchen designing and manufacturing, modern wardrobes, and other home space designing with the help of a complete in-house team of experienced and skilled professionals.

TEL Kitchens got it all covered, from a minimalist look to a modern appearance with a touch of elegance to the homestead.

Agility/ In-house team

Is your new project sinking due to the reckless behavior of individual sub-contractors?

Are you only getting the excuses to hear from your subcontractors?

Is your kitchen contractor not responding?

It’s time to quit worrying!

TEL Kitchens is the name to count on!

With a complete in-house team of experienced and skilled professionals, TEL Kitchens offers a one-stop solution to cater to your needs concerning the remodel or new construction and designing project.

Stop losing your projects due to the subpar kitchen contractors.

Agility/ In-house team
One-stop solution

One-stop solution

Invest your time wisely!

It is a complete one-stop solution for the architects to express their concepts clearly, creatively present their ideas, and craft the desired outcome for interior designers to bring a project to life in high-quality materials, colors, and styles.

Reduce the number of changes in the project, guarantee the clients satisfaction, enhance mutual understanding and save time by delivering projects in time stringent boundaries with TEL Kitchen’s top-notch services.

Affiliate and referral

Do you think we can help with the new or renovation projects better?

Join our affiliate program now and save on referrals!

TEL Kitchens offer exciting referrals with the affiliate programs. So even if your experience was super-exciting with us or you just got to hear about us, your every referral can help you earn!

Affiliate and referral
Become a partner

Become a partner

Together we can prevail!

With high-quality kitchen and interior designs, 3D renders, and high-end solutions in quality materials, colors and styles, and on-time deliveries.

We believe that together we can excel!

So what are you waiting for?

Connect right away if the thoughts are mutual!

Let’s team up to prevail together!

If TEL Kitchens is checking all your boxes, get in touch with us to enquire about our services or products or simply say hello.

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