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Understanding the basic Kitchen dimensions

Let us build the kitchen of your dreams!

The journey to start your kitchen design begins with the planning of the kitchen layout!

No, you don’t have to prepare a layout for your kitchen.

TEL Kitchens design experts have got it all covered!

From the initial planning phase to the kitchen layout, the accurate dimensions, measurements, and other essentials being a foremost factor in designing a kitchen are now all under one roof.

The TEL Kitchen proficient team of experts will do it all for you! Once you have connected to the TEL Kitchens professionals, a free on-site visit will be the reward for starting with us!

Being a foremost kitchen design and manufacturing company in the UK, getting the accurate dimensions, measuring to fit designs, and providing efficient kitchen designs while using every bit of the space is our professional expertise.

Dimensional Measurement

Dimensional Measurement

Dimensional measurement refers to the act of measuring the space and quantifying things in terms of units.

No, you don’t have to provide the dimensions!

It’s on us!

With a free home visit, we will get it all with the desired accuracy and precision.

Our qualified designers will visit your location to check the space and take the accurate dimensions to get started with the planning of the space.

Whether your space involves angles, awkward lengths, or any other geometrical shapes, a plan will uniquely be generated as per the space, size, and other aspects.

And it doesn’t end here!

Well, it’s according to your taste and desires as well!

2D Design Plans

Crafting the 2D design drawing based explicitly on your kitchen space.

Our kitchen design specialist will create a 2D plan exclusively based on your kitchen space with great precision and detail.

A 2D plan refers offers a basic illustration that endows a clear view of the site in digital 2D formats.

Get a real visual experience of the kitchen design in 2D format, covering the minute details, including the visualization of complete kitchen accessories to have a fully functional kitchen adding aesthetic to your home!



Detailed Information

Do you think that the generation of the 2D plan was enough to finalize the kitchen design space?

Not really! As even the minute details make a huge difference!

Based on the measurements of the space, our team provides a complete plan of transforming a dull space to a pretty home addition.

Along with the 2D design plans, unique designs, and client satisfaction, our team is dedicated to providing a functional kitchen space and adding value to the area.

To provide the functionality and desired durability, the TEL Kitchens experts will share a complete informational guide about the kitchen appliance and accessories that you can select from.

With the help of a dedicated team of proficient professionals, get the appropriate details and choose the best materials for your kitchen space with the desired functionality and durability.

You can


  • • Choose the kitchen design based on your choice
  • • Appliances you require
  • • Kitchen cabinets, including the color and material
  • • Kitchen worktops
  • • Kitchen Splashbacks
  • • The motion technology
  • • And everything in between!!

We’ll help you visualize your kitchen design with everything you need in your kitchen space.

Need help with creating a perfect kitchen for you?

TEL Kitchen experts are here to help!
Connect with the proficient kitchen designers today and get a kitchen space crafted uniquely matching your taste!


Kitchen Elevations

A kitchen elevation provides a realistic view of your kitchen design from ground to ceiling.

Elevations are to represent the workflow and organization of the space.

It’s an eye or frontal view that includes measuring up the space from the ground to ceiling, fitting the cabinets and appliances to the design appropriately.

Our proficient designers will create a Kitchen elevation drawing to help you visualize your cooking space with the appropriate fitting of appliances, cabinets, and other installations to create a seamless look.

A perfect way to create a fully functional and excellently blended kitchen design with a great workflow and organization.



Kitchen Sketches

Here comes the next stage of crafting a perfect kitchen design for you!

Before beginning with the installation of the kitchen design in the kitchen space, sketching is the final step prior to transforming your kitchen.

Kitchen design sketches helps bring the design to life with the appropriate representation.

Our proficient kitchen designers utilize this process to craft the ideas that will transform your kitchen space into an excellent design matching your taste and requirements.

At this stage, you will get to see the final picture of the kitchen design you will get!

3D Renders and visualizations

The final stage of actually seeing the entire kitchen space into the final live form using the architectural visualizations.

Being the most advanced feature in the designing field, TEL Kitchens has brought it all to you at your fingertips!

3D renders allow you to visualize the kitchen design or entire home design, including its interiors and exteriors, long before the actual construction so you can figure out the refinements and get an excellent overall design.

The real setting is in the environments, and the 3D visualizations help you focus on the minute, subtle details that all matter to bring the entire design to life.

Get acquainted with the 3D renders offered by TEL Kitchens here!

3D Renders and visualizations

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