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Best Tips To Customize Your Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets | Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

Best Tips for Contemporary Kitchen Customization

The kitchen cabinets serve as the focal point of a contemporary kitchen design. Keep reading to unveil tips to customize your kitchen storage cabinets as per your use, taste and needs.

Apart from décor and styling, it’s the kitchen cabinets that define the look-n-feel of your kitchen and make it appear functional & organized. They are the backbone of every cooking area.

No two kitchens are the same and neither are their requirements.

The selection of the right kitchen cabinets depends on what blends well with you, your family needs, the floor area and the kitchen layout.

While the base cabinets are attention-grabbing, wall-mounted cabinets seem to be more ergonomic but tend to sacrifice other aesthetic features such as windows.

The latest hardware accessories allow you to score high on organization, efficient storage and better utilization of kitchen space.

Let’s unveil some interesting tips to customize your contemporary kitchen cabinets as per your lifestyle, requirements and taste.

Tips to Customize Your Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

1.     Convenience and Heavy Lifters (Base Cabinetry)

If your prime need and requirement is accessibility and convenience, then the base cabinets are an ideal pick for you.

From pots to pans to table linens, these base kitchen storage cabinets are spacious enough to hold anything to everything.

Create new possibilities in your kitchen space with these easy to install and affordable base kitchen cabinets.

These strong and sturdy base cabinets often come with shelving inside that help you store your cookware, utensils, pans, pots etc.

Customization possibilities:

  • Shelves can be fixed or can be flexible such as roll-outs or pull-out racks.
  • The corner space can be well utilized by going for L-shaped or corner cabinets for better space utilization.
  • Can add wicker baskets to the cabinets to store your fruits and vegetables.
  • Shelves can be added to the inside of cabinet doors as well that can act as bottle storage units.
  • Open base kitchen cabinets can be used for displaying and storing various items.
  • Two-drawer base cabinets can help you dig deep into shelving and offer a good storage solution.

2.     Reduce everyday clutter with Wall units

Worried about your cluttered and messy kitchen? Wall units are there to rescue!

Wall cabinets are like workhorses of your kitchen that offer the much desired extra storage space to your kitchen.

Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets are the workhorses of cabinetry, providing much-needed storage space above base cabinets, making them ideal for accessing items that are needed while standing or moving about the room.

What are the advantages of wall-mounted cabinets?

  • They offer most efficient use of space and work well even with small kitchen layouts.
  • You can easily cable them into walls.
  • Unlike base cabinets, there is no bumping and restrictive access with wall-mounted kitchen cabinets.
  • Offer easy and wide access.
  • Latest technologies can easily be incorporated such as lift-ups, roller-shutter, smart sensing and other motion technologies.

What are the customization options available with wall mounted cabinets?

Customization possibilities:

  • Appliance Garage: You can easily disguise your frequently used kitchen appliances using a dedicated kitchen cabinet as an appliance garage.
  • Pull down rack: This makes the accessibility of things placed at the back of the cabinet easy and comfortable. This customization works well as spices cabinet.
  • Wide side racks: You can add wide side racks to the door of the wall-mounted cabinet along with shelves to increase your storage space smartly.
  • Lazy Susan cabinet: The wall corners can be effectively utilized by going for a lazy Susan style cabinet that help you dig deep into the corners as it offers round and rotating shelves.
  • Over-the-head kitchen cabinets with lifts mechanism: The new technologies such as vertical lift-ups, automatic opening etc help to provide maximum accessibility to the cabinets. Another benefit is that these provide an unrestricted and unhindered access to the normal kitchen chores.

3.     Storage issues – Tall units are the High achievers

There is a misnomer that tall units are expensive but that’s a myth.

If you are struggling with storage space in your kitchen (big or small) and want to free up some counter space, tall units are the real high-achievers when it comes to kitchen storage cabinets.

From bulk food supplies to utility storage and from pantry storage to accommodating unwieldy items, tall cabinets are the real winners.

What are the benefits of tall kitchen cabinet units?

  • They come in various modules, types and varieties.
  • Can act as pantry unit, store groceries, appliance cabinet.
  • Completely budget-friendly and doesn’t makes a dent in the pocket.
  • Wide access and huge storage capacity.
  • Majestic looks
  • Keeps your kitchen well-organized, mess-free and frees-up counter space.
  • One-stop solution to all your kitchen storage needs.

What are the customization options available with wall mounted cabinets?

Customization possibilities:

Let’s have a look at how you can customize tall cabinets to make the most out of them as per your needs, space and requirements.

  • Utility Tall Cabinets:

Whether tall or medium, these utility tall cabinet units include shelves and even drawers to hold small kitchen items.

Apart from groceries, you can store your space-consuming woks, bowls etc that fight to secure a space in the normal cabinets.

You can even fit a smart vegetable basket in the unit and can even clean up space to store daily essentials and other non-consumable stuffs.

  • Kitchen appliance cabinets

Just count the number of appliances on your kitchen counter?

Microwave, juicer-mixer, toaster and sometimes an oven!

How about arranging all these in a single vertical tall unit?


This will free up a huge counter space for you which means that you can now cook up a storm.

  • Pull-out tall units

Want to keep all your essentials on your finger tip? Pull-out tall kitchen storage cabinets will serve the purpose that too in budget.

You can store your bottles, cookware, consumables and spices in these narrow shelves of a tall pull-out unit.

Low on kitchen space?

You can even free-up a lot of space in your base and wall-mounted cabinets by going for a tall unit that can eventually be used to store other heavy cookware.

4.     Concerned about rough usage: Focus on Cabinet Hardware

Hardware is the jewellery of your kitchen cabinets.

Does your kitchen experience rough usage and more wear and tear?

Then you must carefully back on the right cabinet hardware of your kitchen cabinets for optimal, best and practical usage.

You can customize your cabinets as per the German or Italian style kitchens that are more affordable and spacious than the traditional ones.

Easily customise them for soft closure mechanism that makes the opening and closing of drawers/cabinets noiseless, effortless and seamless.

Reach to kitchen design experts in UK to know about latest international brands for best runners, channels and hinges that are durable, resilient and long-lasting.

5.     Better finishes for appealing looks & longevity of cabinets

Whether glossy or matt kitchen cabinets, the finishes not only enhance the overall appeal of the kitchen but also ensure that the kitchen stays protected from external factors.

What are the benefits of cabinet finishing?

  • Durable: The finishes/paints over the carcass of the cabinets make it long-lasting and make them heat, water and abrasion resistant.
  • Easy to maintain: Just wipe them using mild soapy water occasionally and they’re clean and good to go!
  • Cost-effective: The price of finishing differs with material used but they significantly add years to the cabinet life.
  • Eye-catching: The beautiful cabinet finishes add the desired x-factor to your kitchen making it aesthetically appealing.

What are the customizations possible for cabinet finishing?

Customization possibilities

Well, there are many finishes available in the market but the three prime customization possibilities for kitchen cabinets are matte, gloss ad high-gloss.

Let’s have a look at the best finishes currently trending in the industry and pick a one that suits best for your kitchen, taste and look.

  • Melamine Finish

This is a type of synthetic finish that is highly water and stain resistant.

  • Acrylic Finish

This finish gives a high-glossy appearance to your kitchen storage cabinets.

  • Lacquer Finish

Just like acrylic, this solvent-based finish again gives a high-gloss appearance to the cabinets.

  • Laminate

If you want to give a realistic texture to the cabinets, go for laminates. This finish is highly heat-resistant and 100% long-lasting.

Most of the kitchen designers consider matt kitchen cabinets to be sleek, chic and perfect for homeowners who are looking for a stark change.

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