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10 useful modern kitchen design ideas for your home : Modern Kitchen Ideas

10 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you planning to get a modern and sleek kitchen for yourself?
Read the blog till the end and get acquainted with the trendy and useful kitchen design ideas for your home!

A kitchen is the more focused space of the homes.

Regardless of the size of the kitchen space, glamour and innovation in the space are inevitable.

Kitchen designs are the inspirations that inspire the good cooking meals presenting delicious cuisines. Do you think that your tedious kitchen environment will bring out that?

Not really, yeah!

A beautiful kitchen defines a healthy, sound, and happy family. So, it needs to be beautifully designed!

What is a modern kitchen design?

A modern kitchen design comprises a sleek, simple, and angular design featuring flat surfaces, little hardware, and flush doors.

Modular kitchen designs are generally of geometric forms containing no or little ornamentation.

Modern kitchens have distinctive features, including manufactured materials like ceramics, moulded plastics, and laminates.

The primary focus of modern kitchen designs is different from traditional ones. They generally contain the traditional designs, too, but the major target of modular ones is to keep it all simple.

Not being much decorative but still giving a sleek look and sophisticated feel to the cooking space while keeping the clutter to a minimum.

Categorizing the modern kitchen design ideas

While categorizing the modern kitchen styles, the most picked ones include German kitchens, Italian kitchens, and Bespoke kitchens.

German Kitchens

German kitchens are perfect examples of modern kitchens. What you get with a German kitchen includes durability, great design, comfortable, affordability, and customization.

A German kitchen is built in such a way that in every corner of your kitchen, you can observe the sign of skills of German professionals.

Assembling a German kitchen is the best part. Giving your personal requirements the top priority, a German kitchen is built with care by making all your requirements at the place.

The best thing about German kitchens is getting what you desire, devoid of burning a hole in the pockets. These kitchens are much more budget-friendly than any other Modern Country Kitchens.

Italian Kitchens

A dreamy Italian kitchen is something everybody loves. A classic Italian kitchen must be proportionate with light, colour, appliances, accessories, and floor.

A modern Italian kitchen is all about making the kitchen fashionably upward yet simple so that one can work there comfortably.

The decor and design of an Italian kitchen are most commonly called streamlined design.
You can go for any colour you prefer, vibrant and rich or faded colours. The furniture selection is also on the owners. You may opt for glass doors or stained glass.

The only thing that matters with an Italian kitchen is that it should be personalized – a kitchen design that gives you the feel of warmth.

Bespoke Kitchens

Bespoke kitchens are the ones giving you a personal touch in everything you keep in your kitchens.

From utilizing every inch of the space to accommodating the awkward spaces in the room, bespoke styles cover it all.

From giving an opportunity to play with materials, styles, and colours, bespoke kitchen designs offer a wide array of possibilities to make your kitchen look charismatic while being functional.

With the bespoke kitchen designs, you will see more inbuilt appliances, ambient and task lights, appropriate lightings while providing a seamless look.

Trendiest Modern Kitchen Ideas for Your Home

Let us take a look at the trendiest modern kitchen ideas that you’d love to try.

1. The Golden Decor


Golden is the colour that works well when you plan to add a touch of luxury to the space. And if you love the golden colour, you can add some drama to your modern kitchen with gold. You can add gold mirrors to your kitchen to make it glossy and smooth at the same time.

Gone are the days when stainless steel would dominate the kitchen. Modern kitchens are all about new colours and designs.

Pro-tip for you!

You can also add some plants to your kitchen to give it a dramatic touch.

2. Industrial kitchen styles

You must be wondering what industrial kitchen styles have to do with home kitchen styles. But you are not aware of the fact that the industrial kitchen styles are in.

While we analyze the kitchen trends, the industrial style kitchen has the larger possibility to be used as a trending kitchen design idea in 2022.

This includes the black metal lights, distressed finish, fixtures, floorings, cement screed walls and gives an overall unfinished look that goes well with the loft kitchen designs.

Pro Tip!

Industrial kitchens are the trending choice of the next year!

3. Eclectic

An eclectic kitchen style borrows the elements from the different styles and creates a personalized blend of diverse kitchen style elements.

As this style is completely personalized, you will get no two kitchen designs to look the same.

As an outcome?

You will get a kitchen design uniquely yours!

Pro Tip!

Do not try this style by yourself! These strictly need to be designed carefully by the design professionals.

4. Appropriate Lighting and Warming

Your kitchen needs to be appropriately lighted for two reasons

One is because it helps you to do your work better
And the other one is because it looks good that way.

Not only this, but it also keeps the entire work environment well lighted and inspiring to cook.

So, when you’re trying to establish a modern kitchen, make sure it is full of natural light.

5. Minimalism is the key!

While some people love to make the kitchen decor fun, for others, a minimalistic design goes a long way. They prefer everything in white, be it the kitchen walls, accessories, appliances, or anything. Sometimes, adding a dash of red to an otherwise white kitchen also works for them.

This type of kitchen decor is also preferred because it is affordable yet graceful. If colours are not your thing, you can always go for this type of modern kitchen idea.

6. Transitional

Transitional kitchen styles combine two different periods. These are the combination of modern and traditional styles.

This includes the built in kitchen appliances, cabinets that are grooved and have handles. With no task lighting, the backsplash provides a seamless look.

If your choice is some vintage look with efficient functionality serving the purpose, then this kitchen style is the one for you.

7. Asymmetry Can Be Good

Adding asymmetry to your kitchen decor is also a way to make your modern kitchen an appealing one. An addition of asymmetrical design grabs the attention of whoever is entering your kitchen.

The asymmetry factor can also create a contrast with the rest of the kitchen furniture. The overall look your kitchen gets with this asymmetry is unique in all senses.

8. Scandinavian

Scandinavian kitchen designs utilize natural light as their primary design elements.

Natural light is the central scenario to the Scandi kitchen design where keeping a large window or carving out one is essential.

In such a décor, pristine whites or neutrals with seamless finishes are preferred to keep the look more natural.

However, some wooden elements to add warmth or laminated flooring are the style scope of this form.

You can also experiment with the design where you can keep easy-to-grow houseplants.

9. Interior Glasses

Adding interior glass to the kitchen is one of the popular choices in kitchen designs. You can choose interior glass if you’re confused between an open floor and a closed floor plan.

An interior glass partitions your kitchen in a seamless way and creates excess room in your house. This modern kitchen idea is tried and tested.

10. Colonial Kitchens

Colonial kitchens are the ones that are marked by their vintage vibes and scale. This kitchen style comprises vintage elements like a chandelier, curvy wooden chairs, Cabinets with no handles, delicate glass details, and a matching backsplash.

When the styles colour preference is checked the dark wood is the preferable element to enhance the entire look.

Pro Tip!

If you have a huge kitchen space, you can try the colonial style kitchen.

11.Take Some Risks

Do you like taking risks when planning your kitchen design? Well if yes then experimenting with the different set ups is your cut of tea.

One of the best things about a modern kitchen is that it gives you room for experimenting. There’s no such pressure that you’ll have to construct your kitchen in a certain way.

A modern kitchen allows you to apply bold colours in practice. With your risk-taking skills, you can add odd styles to your modern kitchen and can still make it look appealing.


12. Contemporary kitchen designs

Contemporary kitchen design is a blend of style elements that are presently in vogue.

And if we talk about the current contemporary kitchen looks, it has modular cabinets with a sleek look and no handles or slim handles.

Creating contrast in the kitchen design is the perfect pick. The inbuilt appliances, open kitchen layout with a breakfast counter, and seamless design is the perfect one to match any style.

13. Shabby Chic

Though shabby has nothing to do with the kitchen designs, the catch is to give your old kitchen a facelift with some cute accessories and vintage elements.

This kitchen style takes its imperfections in its stride, and these imperfections make the entire kitchen space look unique.

Pro Tip!

A shabby chic kitchen design gives an old kitchen design a facelift devoid of any structural renovation.

14. Country Style

Country-style kitchen designs are the ones having an open layout. The idea of these kitchen styles is that the person cooking in the kitchen has a complete view of the house.

Warm colours and wooden tones work best with these kitchen styles.

15.Play with colours

If you’re bold by nature and love experimenting, you must have some fun with colours. Your kitchen is a space where you spend a lot of time in a day; you don’t want it to be tedious, do you?

Well, to add some vibe to it, you can begin with some vibrant and energetic colours in your kitchen so that it becomes playful and enjoyable. Adding a pop of colour makes the cooking time relaxing and comfortable as you don’t have to adjust to the boring traditional colours.

You can also add strange designs and geometric shapes to your modern kitchen to make it more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts!

We hope this blog familiarizes you with the trendiest modern kitchen design ideas.
Well, even if you already have an idea in your mind or you just shortlisted one from these. TEL Kitchens is the name you can trust upon.

From offering a wide array of material choices to varied colour palettes and kitchen elements, making your kitchen a comfortable cooking space while serving the functionality is the major concern TEL Kitchens addressed for the past several years and still counting.

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