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Quartz Or Granite Kitchen Worktop – Which Is The Best Choice For My Kitchen 

Granite or Quartz Kitchen Worktop

Kitchen worktops are the centrepiece of a kitchen space that is indeed the most functional yet irreplaceable part.

A perfect kitchen worktop is a pretty blend of innovation and creativity that does not even compromise functionality, accessibility, and elegance.

But which material is suitable for you ultimately depends on the various parameters that need to be analysed according to your needs.

The two popular choices for kitchen worktops are quartz and granite.

Get acquainted with the complete piece of information on both the stones that will help you decide on one! 

Everything you need to know about Granite Stone!

Nothing can beat the beauty of a natural stone.

How about having a kitchen worktop with a unique appearance?

Indeed excellent!

Granite stone is a hard stone that is perfectly natural and mined from quarries. And since it is a natural stone, each one is unique in its veining and colouring.

A granite kitchen worktop is a classically beautiful and luxurious element that makes the space look aesthetically appealing while maintaining the properties to perform the kitchen chores appropriately.

And the best part is Granite stone is

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Spill-resistant
  • Can withstand high temperatures
  • Impervious to most stains

Also, you might not know, but if the stone is sealed initially, it can provide better durability and look new for the upcoming several years.

Whenever you feel like the stone looks dull, get it sealed again and bring in the new pretty worktop.

Characteristics of Granite Kitchen Countertop

Characteristics of Granite Kitchen Countertop

Best use

Granite stone is an excellent selection for kitchen spaces. It is ideal to be used as a kitchen worktop for preparing meals and performing other chores in the kitchen.

You can easily use it over the kitchen islands, space around the sink, and next to the oven or hob.

Durable addition

It’s a pretty luxurious material that never goes out of the trend. It perfectly suits every kitchen style.

Whether you choose a completely modern design for your kitchen or you have a traditional one, the granite kitchen worktops always add aesthetic appeal while being durable enough to perform the kitchen chores.

Best Colour

Being a natural stone, the colour variations of the granite worktop are also endless, which perfectly match any colour and theme of the kitchen space.

Granite is tough and durable.

It is a rock-hard stone that is second to the robust diamond in natural material harness. And when it is installed properly, it can even last longer.

Maintenance is easy

The granite stone must be sealed appropriately, and all you need is some water and soap for its cleaning. It is pretty easy to maintain and clean.

It offers stunning beauty.

Granite is indeed a beautiful stone, and possibly that is why you are considering it for your kitchen space.

It never disappoints as it is a perfect stunning beauty for the kitchen space.

It boosts the kitchen value.

Granite countertops really make a difference by offering the desired properties while adding value to the kitchen space. 

Everything you need to know about Quartz Stone!

Quartz is an engineered stone. It is often used for kitchen worktops that offer a beautiful appearance to the kitchen space.

These are really tough materials that are scratch-resistant and can withstand extreme heat and water situations.

It is a non-porous material that makes it a healthy and hygienic choice. It is an engineered stone that doesn’t require any initial treatment and offers a consistent composition without any variations in colour shading and veining.

Characteristics of Quartz Kitchen Worktop

Characteristics of Quartz Kitchen Worktop

Best Use

It is a perfect fit as a kitchen worktop. While maintaining the aesthetic appeal, this stone offers desired functionality and can be used around the sink.


Quartz is increasingly gaining popularity due to its aesthetically pleasing appearance. The stone allows the homeowners to personalise the design as per the space’s décor.

Best Colour

Since quartz is an engineered stone, it is available in various textures, patterns, and colours. Choose the one that matches your colour theme.

Environment Friendly

As Quartz stone is engineered, it is more environmentally friendly if used regionally manufactured stone with local fabricators.


The maintenance of quartz stone is pretty easy. All you need is some soap and water to clean any spills on the worktop.


Quartz is harder comparatively. It is, in fact, nearly indestructible as it is not porous.

Differences between Quartz and Granite kitchen Worktop

Parameters Granite Kitchen Worktop Quartz Kitchen Worktop
Properties It is highly durable and strong. It’s a callous and durable choice.
Maintenance It is easy to clean and maintain. It is easy to clean and maintain.
Heat Resistant It can stand well with extreme heat conditions. It can also stand well in extreme heat conditions.
Scratch It is scratch resistant. Quartz is also scratch resistant but can scratch too.
Colour choices It is available in numerous colours, patterns and types. Since it is an engineered stone, it comes in an endless array of patterns and colours.
Installation Requires to be installed by kitchen design professionals only. Requires to be installed by a kitchen design professional only.
Sealing It requires sealing to fight stains, heat and scratches. It doesn’t require any additional sealing.
Stone type It’s a natural stone with imperfections that also adds value to provide an exclusive look. The worktops made from quartz materials are perfectly uniform.
Anti-bacterial It is an anti-bacterial stone. It is an anti-bacterial stone.
Porous It is porous. It is non-porous.
Cost It is budget friendly. It is costlier than granite stone.
Customizable It is customizable to any shape or size. It can be highly customizable to any shape and size.

Bottom Line!

A kitchen worktop is a workhorse of any kitchen space. But quartz or granite, which one will be perfect for your area.

There is an easy answer: “the one that suits your requirements and space is the right one for you.”

Whether you choose granite or quartz, both of them adhere to their own unique properties, and when it is about the functionality, both are proficient in offering it.

It is only about your choice. You can easily decide based on the parameters that suit your requirements.

If you are still confused about it, you can also take professionals’ advice to get clarity over it.

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