pinterest What is a Vanity Unit and What is It Made of?

What is a Vanity Unit and What is It Made of?

What is a Vanity Unit and What is It Made of?

What is A Vanity Unit?

While visiting bathroom stores, people are often confused by the many terms used by a salesperson, mainly when they say, “Vanity Unit.” Many visitors hesitate to inquire about the real meaning behind the word while very few knew the meaning behind the name.

  • A bathroom unit having a washbasin, tap, and a storage cabinet is professionally named a Vanity Unit. In simple terms, they are furniture with a mirror, sink, counter, or storage cabinet. These are installed in a bathroom to provide a great combination of style with functionality, ample storage space, and a luxurious look.
  • A vanity is also equipped with drawers and cabinets with handles and sliders. Modern and luxurious vanity units barely have handles; cabinet doors made up of advanced technologies that work differently. Vanity units create illusion into space. They have a specialty for enlarging a small bathroom.

What are The Benefits of a Vanity Unit

The colour can be contrasted with the walls of the kitchen or bathroom to keep a balance and graceful appearance. Vanity units create an illusion in the space. They have a specialty to make a small bathroom look bigger.

1. Better Maintenance of Goods

They help in the better arrangement of bathroom essentials like soaps, shampoo, brushes, cleanser, and beauty products. Now, you’ll not face the issues of misplacing your toothbrush, face wash, or shavers.

2. Increases the Storage Area

It’s a great investment for those people who often struggle with the space for storing usable things and ended up losing them. Vanity units are a complete solution to those problems.

3. Hygienic and Clean

Bathroom vanity units help in clearing out the mess and unsettled items. This ensures the cleanliness and hygiene of the washbasin area and the washroom. A crystal-clear washbasin and mirror make a bathroom look beautiful and fresh.

4. Provides a Classy Look

A bathroom with a Good Quality Vanity Unit gives a classy look. You can add decorative items to a vanity such as spotlights, flowerpots, side cabinets and downlights that will stand out the features of a washroom.

Common Material Used in a Vanity Unit

A bathroom vanity may be designed in different ways with different materials, standards, and styles. Conventional vanity units differ from modern units in terms of material, form, and performance. You can choose the details of a vanity unit based on the inside of your bathroom and the rest of the home.

  1. Marble
  2. Plywood
  3. PVC
  4. Laminate
  5. Glass
  6. Stone
  7. Porcelain

What Are Vanity Units Made Of?

“Do so much more with your bathroom”

A Vanity unit is a collection of Cabinet, Mirror, and a Washbasin. Daily usage of vanity units can create a mess around. To maintain everything in balance, the material of which a vanity unit is made up plays an important part. It holds the overall responsibility of how a bathroom will look. Usually, a vanity material must have all high standards features to prevent the surface from humidity or excess moisture.

Materials of a Vanity Cabinet

Materials of a Vanity Cabinet

While making a cabinet for vanity, the factors by which the material is selected are:

Water-Resistant Level:-

To maintain the natural texture of a cabinet. Due to moisture and humidity, a cabinet can cause harm to the interior design.


A cabinet should be rigid and strong enough to lift the weight of a washbasin. Also, quality material will last longer.


The basic material for a cabinet is wood. It is a basic framework for making designs in a home. Many types of woods can be utilized in making cabinets. The wood should have waterproof material, anti-bacterial, solid, and a beautiful texture.

Woody cabinets provide a rustic and timeless glance to a vanity. Ease to clean a wood cabinet helps in maintaining hygiene.

Plywood is the classic and most prioritize choice by homeowners. The best thing about plywood is its durability, texture, features, and strength.


Polyvinyl Chloride is another sparking choice to make vanity cabinets. It can last even for ages and has numerous qualities such as water- resistance, heat- resistance, easy to clean, soft and sleek, and highly durable. PVC Cabinets are highly functional and cost-effective.

Laminate Finish

Laminate vanity cabinets are an affordable way to make a bathroom look expensive and luxurious. These are fabulous in cabinet designing as deal with the primary factors of selecting a cabinet. The laminate protects the surface from stains, water, scratches and finishes the look with a glossy appearance. You can also pick the matte finish if you want.

Materials of a Vanity Washbasin

Materials of a Vanity Washbasin


Porcelain basins are mostly preferred as they are white, which represents a clean and sleek atmosphere. This graceful material is anti-stains, non-porous, and hard to break. Another best thing about the material is that it can be designed in any shape easily at almost a similar cost. These are commendably strong and grab the water flow smoothly with a foam finish. A porcelain sink can last for about 15 years.

Ceramic Basins

Similar to porcelain, ceramic basins are strong and versatile, resistant to stains, temperature, and heavy weighted. A bathroom with a ceramic sink gives a masculine look with an expensive taste.

Steel and Gold Finished

In common households, steel basins are used which are lightweight, durable, and anti-bacterial. They can be cleaned easily but are not resistant to scratches and heat.

Other washbasins are covered with a beautiful layer of gold. Gold-plated basins look more advanced and modular in bathrooms.

Crystal Basins

You can enjoy using water taps and countertops with the fitting of a crystal basin. They are available in different beautiful colors and are easy to clean and bring a classy touch to your bathroom. A crystal basin can be customized with lights.

Mirrors of a Vanity Unit

Besides, the mirrors used in the bathroom vanity unit uses similar glass materials. However, the shapes, designs, height, and other features are designed according to customer needs and demands.

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