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Vanity Unit

Bathroom space with modern vanity units!

Bathroom space with modern vanity units!

Combine Stylish Look with Excellent Functionality Using Bespoke Bathroom Vanity Units

Vanity units are a great way of increasing the storage space keeping the bathroom space uncluttered.

Essentially a bathroom vanity unit is an easy upgrade to your bathroom.

And when it is about crafting an exclusive vanity design for your bathroom space, our experienced designers will discuss your ideas and bring your vision to life using a tailormade 360-degree design.

Do you think it’s done?


Not only this, but along with creating a 360-degree vanity design crafted exclusively for your space, our design consultants will provide the real solutions and a bespoke bathroom vanity unit.

And do you know the outcome?


Well, It’s “A unique homebase bathroom vanity unit for you!”

Our bespoke vanity unit services are available in high-quality materials in a broad spectrum of colors, styles, and types matching the interiors.

Vanity Units are the right choice for you if you want to combine great style with functionality.

While your bathroom space is a functional part of the home, that doesn’t mean it cannot hold its unique style stakes.

A vanity unit brings a piece of elegance to the bathroom space.

The durable materials, smart storage solutions, and attention to detail come together to create a touch of elegance and luxury in the bathrooms.

The bespoke vanity units are all about adding a touch of uniqueness to the bathroom space. The bathroom cabinetry, bathroom vanity units with sink, and the design, all are handmade to the specific requirements and build to last.

Since bespoke vanity units are designed specifically for your requirements, you can coordinate the color to match your overall interior.

The different design styles include the floorstanding vanity units with basins, corner vanity units, vanity units with basin, wall hung vanity units, free standing vanity units or others.

Vanity Unit
Bathroom space with modern vanity units!

So, what is your favorite pick?

Whether you prefer a vintage design or a sleek one, TEL Kitchens offer a sophisticated range of vanity units.

At TEL Kitchens, our stylish bathroom vanity units are designed to give a modern appeal to the bathroom space without compromising on functionality and practical requirements!

From gorgeous vanity unit styles to various sizes, features, and types, TEL Kitchens have got it all covered.

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction!

Are you an architect, a property developer or a property investor?

TEL Kitchens offer its services for all!

Partner with us to get the best outcome of your investment! Afterall it’s neither only yours and not only ours! But it includes:

Your ideas and our know-how!
Your style and our range of vanity solutions!
Your investment and our guarantee!
Your Trust and our installers!

Discover everything from free-standing vanities to wall-hung vanity styles.

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