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Things You need to know about Snagging Inspection | TEL Kitchens Inspection

Snagging Inspections

Are you counting the last few days before the big move into your newly built home?

So, do you think that it’s all good to move into your new house directly? Are you sure that you are getting what you have desired?

Well, probably not! There’s a long way to go!

No home is perfect and not even newly built as there is always a possibility of error.

Even if the house is built with higher quality standards, design, and safety in mind, many things can be overlooked during the development process.

Nobody likes the unpleasant surprises on the move-in day. To ensure no setbacks at the last moment, pat yourself for choosing the snagging services for a final quality check.

Heard about snagging but don’t have complete information about it?

Here’s all you need to know!

What is snagging?

What is snagging

A snag refers to the minor issue with the building that can be identified once the construction work is complete.

A snag can be a crack in the tile, on the wall, or a door that doesn’t close properly or have some issue, and many more. Generally, these snags will be expected to be handled easily, but they may also include some severe defects on the mixtures that may become dangerous later.

However, to avoid experiencing any dangerous results, a snagging survey must be conducted to ensure that you will get an excellent yet well-developed build.

What is a snagging list?

What is a snagging list

A snagging list is the one that is prepared and issued to detect some specific snags in the building and liaise with the builders to rectify the mistakes in the build.

All the identified faults must be sorted before certifying the practical completion of the property.

When it comes to getting perfection in the house, TEL Kitchens ensures that you will get what you dream of!

TEL Kitchens conduct the appropriate snagging survey while checking the following snagging list.

  • Doors and windowsill snags

Are there any gaps in the windows frame? Or you have got a scratched frame in your new build?

Well, whether it is a stuck door, any gaps in the frame, paint splashes, scratched frame, or any other problematic snags in the doors and windows, TEL Kitchens experts identify it all while scrutinising the new build.

  • Floor Snags

Stained flooring is one of the most common faults encountered in the new build. However, a casually stained flooring may lead to several stubborn stains that will be hard to identify and remove otherwise.

  • Kitchen Snags

Kitchen snags are complicated yet challenging to identify. Since the kitchen is the hub of ample kitchen appliances and accessories, it is hard to identify it all.

However, kitchen snagging can help identify it all before it leads to severe outcomes.

  • Wall and ceiling snags

Cracked or scratched walls not only hinders the appearance of the spaces but are also the greatest signs that indicate ill-structured builds using poor quality materials. TEL Kitchens help identify it all. So, no more cracked walls, scratched walls, shrinkage cracks, or uneven finishes.

  • Wardrobe Snags

TEL Kitchen experts even check for broken wardrobe doors and inappropriately polished surfaces to deliver the perfectly finished modern wardrobes.

  • Light fixture snags

Ever noticed the patchy or untidy finishes around the switchboards and lighting fixtures?

Well, undoubtedly, they are pretty complicated to figure out.

So, with the lighting fixture snags, ensure to get the appropriate lighting and functioning as promised.

What is a snagging survey?

A snagging survey is a sort of snagging inspection that is conducted to figure out the leftovers or the snags in the new building. It is always good to get a snagging survey done by a professional that could definitely be a worthwhile investment.

A comprehensive inspection of the building is done when it comes to conducting a snagging survey. And TEL Kitchens marks a huge difference in delivering the new builds to the potential buyers by

  • Generating a complete checklist
  • Ticking all the essentials mentioned in the snagging checklist
  • Reporting all the issues before handing over
  • Making the snagging reports
  • And ensuring a flawless outcome

Who should get a snagging inspection?

Anyone getting a new home constructed or buying a newly built home benefits from snagging inspections. It generally ensures that you will get a home devoid of any structural, functional, or other issues while adding value to your money by preventing defects from worsening.

When should I get a snagging survey done?

Before handing over the newly built home, the developers generally conduct the complete minute inspection of the space to check for any defects like leakage and many more, along with the several structural aspects.

Snagging surveys of the newly constructed home are usually done before handing over the home to the client. It is ideally done before moving in and being a responsible buyer; you must also look for it that everything has gone through the perfection.

The snagging work can include identifying cracks in windows or walls, tiling and flooring, paint quality, fixtures like lighting and cabinets, electricity line, and floor and wall level linearity.

Is snagging worth it?

As the research conducted, it is estimated that only 2 percent of new builds do not have any snags.

Yes, you heard that right!

So, what about the remaining 98% of the new builds?

Well, probably you are getting a house with snags. The low severity snags may seem trivial initially, but even a faulty door can cost you a lot.

The mid-level severity snags may be more dangerous, while the extreme cases may pose a security risk.

That is why snagging is entirely worth it! And you won’t even regret it at all.

Can a home builder refuse to fix the issues mentioned on the snagging list?

A home builder is generally responsible for fixing any issues with the new build. Still, there is always a chance of debate when you report a snag identified by an exterior snag.

However, you can always ensure to acquire the services from a reliable source that provides the snagging along with the new development and guarantees to deliver a project with no flaws.

Can I carry out a snagging survey and inspection myself?

Yes, you can, but sometimes it isn’t very easy to identify it all, even with the naked eyes.

However, a snagging inspection done by a professional ensures that you will get it all identified appropriately.

A professional snagging inspector has the desired expertise, experience, and attention to detail to identify all the defects that an untrained eye may miss!

Bottom Line!

The identification of snags is an essential element while considering a newly built.

How the constructors deal with it and how perfectly they hand over their newly constructed house is indeed a matter of concern.

TEL Kitchens marks its uniqueness in delivering the projects with its USP factor known as Snagging.

While conducting a comprehensive snagging survey, TEL Kitchens ensures that you will get a perfect home that will ultimately be yours!

The TEL experts will make a snagging list, conduct a snagging inspection, report the same, and only hand over the new build. As impressive as it sounds!

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