pinterest What are the factors to consider when planning a kitchen?

What are the factors to consider when planning a kitchen?

Factors to consider when planning a kitchen

Planning a kitchen is not only challenging but a daunting task too!

Planning a kitchen not only includes the kitchen appliances, some cookware, and induction. There are a lot more considerations that are required to be taken care of!

While planning a dream kitchen, every essential needs to be considered well to achieve that flawless output.

Are you also planning for a dream kitchen but confused about getting started with it?

Well, nothing to worry about when TEL Kitchens is here!

TEL Kitchens has generated a comprehensive guide for you so that you can easily take the steps towards your dream kitchen!

Here’s a complete guide for you!

Follow the entire process step by step and get a flawless kitchen.  

How to plan a dream kitchen?

How to plan a dream kitchen?

1. Making up your mind

Before beginning with the actual planning of your dream kitchen, ask yourself whether you have actually made up your mind?

Yes? Great!

Start with the planning phase if you have got clarity and made up your mind about getting your dream kitchen design.  

2. Determine your requirements

Now that you have planned to get a dream kitchen crafted exclusively as per your space, it is the right time to get answers to a few questions, including:

  • What style can fit in your kitchen space?
  • How much space do you have?
  • What essential elements do you want to include in your kitchen space?
  • How can you bring the desired seamless look in your kitchen that matches your style, requirements, and taste?

And many more.

3. Planning and strategizing

To begin with, planning a kitchen design, you have to start with making a note of everything you desire in your kitchen.

During this phase, you must search for some inspirations and ideas online and on our website to explore the numerous possibilities available within your kitchen space.

Do not forget that even the minute details are a part of planning a kitchen design, so missing out on anything won’t help you get a completely flawless kitchen.

You can also get professional help from TEL Kitchens experts to plan your kitchen appropriately.

4. Selecting the budget

You must be thinking why are we talking about money at such an initial phase when we haven’t decided on any kitchen accessories, appliances, and other essentials, right?

Well, but you know, as per the expert’s guidance, you must SET A REALISTIC BUDGETat an initial phase only!

Selecting the budget won’t make you over-ambitious about your kitchen design, and it will also not provide you with anything short that won’t even match your taste.

The appropriate materials landing in the accurate, realistic budget is indeed the need of the hour, and that is what you must keep your focus on.

However, you can always get a kitchen design expert’s advice to get your hands on the high-quality materials and products offering the desired warranty and durability.

5. Plan a kitchen layout

We hope that till now you have appropriately planned your kitchen desires, and requirements as per your taste, and the realistic budget is also done on your part!

Now is the right time to take the next step towards the kitchen design that is the kitchen layout.

The kitchen layout is the basic foundation of designing a kitchen space, and while selecting the kitchen layout, one must have the complete piece of information and accurate space measurements.

This is the time when your imagination is going to take the form of shapes and dimensions, so you gotta be very careful about it!

Now your available space will decide which layout will fit best in your kitchen.

Whether it is a U-shaped kitchen, a galley kitchen, single-wall kitchen, an L-shaped kitchen, or a kitchen design with an island setup, which kitchen layout fits the best in your kitchen space?

6. Discover your style

Have you got clarity over the kitchen layout?

Now choose the kitchen style that matches your taste and requirements!

  • Are you looking for a contemporary kitchen design?
  • Or just wanna add the luxurious premium look to your kitchen space?
  • Or are you just seeking a wholly customized kitchen design?

Whether you like a German kitchen design or Italian kitchen design or just wanna add some diversified kitchen style elements from premium kitchens, including Insignia, Aurora, and Vista.

With TEL Kitchens, you can now have what you desire.


To get that luxurious personalized kitchen appearance, you can easily choose to mix match the trending features of various kitchen styles and get the desired wow factor crafted exclusively as per your taste and uniquely for your space.  

7. Pick the right materials.

By now, you must have thought of the kitchen style you are going to choose for your kitchen space, right?

So, you must move forward to your next step of planning a kitchen design!

Choosing the suitable materials for your kitchen space can actually add value to your money and your area. From kitchen cabinets to worktop materials, finishes, textures, and ample other essentials need to be accessed while designing a kitchen.

Make sure that you have answers to all your questions at this stage, including:

  • Which stone best serves the worktop’s functionality while maintaining durability and aesthetics?
  • Which wood type is perfect for your kitchen cabinets?
  • Which finish will add the aesthetic element to the space?
  • What cabinet colours will look aesthetically pleasing within the space?
  • Which accessories can be perfect for making your kitchen a completely functional piece?
  • Which flooring will look perfect with the entire kitchen design?

And many more questions that come to mind. Please make a note of it and try to get answers to all the queries concerning your dream kitchen!

This is the right step that will be a deciding factor for the look and life of your kitchen. So, being a trending kitchen choice, it is the time that decides the durability as well as the life of the kitchen.

There is a misconception about the fact that only expensive materials are durable and aesthetically appealing.

But the reality is entirely different! You can get the aesthetically pleasing materials serving functionality and durability devoid of burning a hole in your pockets.

All you need to do is choose wisely.

If you are confused about choosing materials, seeking a professional’s advice is always beneficial.

8. Choosing the kitchen appliances

Does your dream kitchen design contain an utterly seamless or traditional look?

With the advancements in designs and the construction industry, the kitchen designs are not limited to freestanding appliances and traditional looks only.

Modular kitchens of today come with a completely seamless look with no awkwardly matched appliances or freestanding ones.

The integrated kitchen appliances embedded well within the kitchen design are the perfect way to get the desired seamless look.

9. Garnish your kitchen with appropriate lighting and adequate flooring

Now that things have been well decided regarding appliances, accessories, design, and appearance, how can the lighting and flooring be ignored?

These two are the essential elements that can actually make or break the kitchen space look.

And when it is about the kitchen space, where the delicious dishes are garnished, how can the garnishing of the area be left alone!

Garnish the space with appropriate lighting to give that positive vibe to the space.

Also, you must choose the kitchen flooring that is water-resistant, heat-resistant, and durable enough to handle the chores of the kitchen space.  

10. Choosing the right kitchen manufacturing partner

Well, you must have followed the entire process step by step, right?

But do you think your planning for a dream kitchen sums up here?

Well, nope!

The path to a dream kitchen is not really easy.

Perhaps this is the right time to get some professional guidance if you haven’t done that till now!

A perfect kitchen design requires the desired expertise and proficient knowledge.

So to get an excellent outcome, one must select the right kitchen manufacturing partner who can guide you well while delivering perfection in terms of workflow and functioning at every step.

However, selecting the right kitchen manufacturing partner can be pretty challenging. So, while choosing the right manufacturing partner, you must check a few essentials that can help you select the right one.  

  • Research the service provider’s credentials
  • Ask for references
  • Examine their previous work
  • Check the history of services they are providing
  • Does the manufacturing partner you choose have a complete in-house team or subcontractors?
  • How often will they communicate with you?
  • How long will it take to finish the entire manufacturing project?
  • Any other queries associated with kitchen designing.

Sift through everything and make the wise decision to acquire the aesthetically appealing kitchen space!

Why worry?

Are you worried about getting partnered with the right kitchen manufacturing company?

Well, if yes, then it’s time to drop your worries aside!

As TEL Kitchens is here- UK’s premium destination for kitchen manufacturing and designing requirements!

TEL Kitchens is a one-stop solution platform with a complete in-house team of qualified professionals and zero outsourcing to ensure high-quality outcomes in time stringent deadlines.

So, whatever is your favourite pick concerning the kitchen design, TEL Kitchens is the name to count on!

Are you thinking about starting your journey with TEL Kitchens but don’t to how to start?

Follow the below-mentioned operational guide and connect to the TEL Kitchen design experts.

Take your step towards creating your dream kitchen with TEL Kitchens experts!

  • Write to us or give us a call

Either write to us or give us a call to get connected to skilled kitchen design experts.  

  • Tell us about your kitchen design requirements.

Discuss your requirements concerning the kitchen design and guide you with the appropriate suggestions. Our kitchen design experts will patiently listen to your requirements during the discussions.

  • Free home visit

Our kitchen experts will visit your space and spend time discussing your kitchen requirements and desires concerning your dream kitchen.

The experts will measure the surface appropriately to craft the best design exclusively as per your requirements, space, and taste.

  • Presenting the kitchen design

Our design experts will craft the kitchen design uniquely for your area based on the professional’s analysis, requirements discussed, and space available.  

Bottom Line!

Kitchen designing and manufacturing requires expertise and professional experience to create a flawless outcome.

However, choosing one can always be challenging!

But not anymore!

Now, kitchen experts are available at your fingertips!

So, what are you waiting for?

Let your fingers do the talking!

Write to us @ or call us @ 020 8610 9655 and get connected to the top kitchen design experts in the UK now!

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