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How Much Does A Bespoke Kitchen Cost?

How Much Does A Bespoke Kitchen Cost?

A bespoke kitchen can be an excellent investment if you want your kitchen space to last longer.

But how much exactly should you expect to pay?

Does it really cost a lot as compared to the standard kitchen?

Well, if you think so; then you are completely wrong!

Bespoke kitchens are certain about delivering high quality with a promise of longevity devoid of burning a hole in the pockets.

What makes a bespoke kitchen?

What makes a bespoke kitchen

Anything of your choice that can be embedded within a kitchen design whether it belongs to the same style or not makes a bespoke kitchen.

Are you confused?

Well, consider a simple scenario!

Suppose you like the elements of a German kitchen but want to go for the styling of an Italian kitchen design.

Obviously, the design styles are completely different!

So what will you do?

Will you try to make two separate kitchens or try to embed both in one by separating the dedicated space?

Obviously, this won’t be a way to design your kitchen!

Then what will help you get both without obstructing the aesthetic appeal?

Well, that is where a bespoke kitchen design comes into the picture!

With a bespoke design, you can actually get the elements of both without hindering the appearance.


A bespoke kitchen design or a customized kitchen design enables you to design a kitchen space with a combination of both.

  •       The elements of a German kitchen design style
  •       And the styling of the Italian kitchen type.

And astonishingly, all this without compromising on the appearance.

The amalgamation of both won’t even make you feel like an awkwardly matched arrangement but this will provide a more streamlined appearance to the space.

However, beware of the services that provide such outcomes which can be more like a horrible dream for you!

Try to choose the services that do wonders within the space rather than the blunders which you have never even expected.

If you are searching for a bespoke kitchen, you probably are already familiar with the bespoke kitchen and other essentials associated with it.

So let us directly get acquainted with the costs associated with it.

Bespoke kitchen costs

You probably have done your research if the query you are searching for is about the bespoke kitchen design costs.

However, suggesting the costs to implement a bespoke kitchen design is challenging to say without analyzing several considerations.

However, the various factors to be considered before deciding on the cost include:

1. Space

Space plays a crucial role in deciding the cost of a bespoke kitchen design.

It’s not about the materials or design only, but space is also a significant deciding factor.

If you have a huge space, the design is generated accordingly and the materials are also used as per the design only but if the space is small the costs change.

Therefore, it can be said that “NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL.”

That means each kitchen size will adhere to different costing criteria.

2. The materials used

The higher quality you choose, the greater the cost will be affected.

So, the materials also play a crucial role in deciding the cost of a bespoke kitchen design.

The number of cabinets, the materials used for the cabinetry designs, worktop materials, kitchen island, splashback, and even the floorings.

Every module’s material can affect the cost of a bespoke kitchen.

3. Kitchen accessories selection

Some people like to keep it all simple and streamlined while others want a kitchen consisting of complete modern kitchen accessories set to keep it all uncluttered.

The selection of kitchen accessories highly affects the kitchen cost.

It goes without saying that the leading kitchen design game majorly revolves around kitchen accessories.

And so, the customized kitchen cost design is highly affected by it.

4. The worktop stones

The kitchen worktop, splashback, and island, all of them require durable stones to serve the functionality.

The quartz, granite, marble, and porcelain stone have different pricing that is generally selected based on the individual’s choice.

Therefore, this certainly affects the overall cost of designing and installing a bespoke kitchen.

Can I fit a bespoke kitchen myself?

Only if you have the desired expertise in the same field.

This is not an easy DIY that you can quickly fix yourself.

Your single wrong move can turn into a bizarre nightmare.

So, if you wanna get the desired outcome without errors, then you must seek a professional’s help.

Bottom Line!

Bespoke kitchen design is the one that will be built around how you want it to look and work rather than adjusting with the available ideas on the shelf.

However, it is always essential to choose an established service provider with an excellent reputation to deliver high-end bespoke kitchen designs.

TEL Kitchens has been a premium destination to cater to all the requirements concerning the bespoke kitchen designs.

It’s said that nothing is better than hearing about a company through the “WORD OF MOUTH.”

TEL Kitchens take pride in sharing that it’s a prominent word of mouth choice in the UK.

A trusted stop for the majority!

Explore your inspiration for bespoke kitchen designs with TEL.

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