pinterest How Kitchen Island enhance the look of entire space?

How Kitchen Island enhance the look of entire space?

How Kitchen Island enhance the look of entire space
Including Kitchen Island in the modern kitchen design adds style and functionality to the home. Keep exploring this space to know how Kitchen Island has completely revolutionized the look and feel of the home.

Kitchens are no longer those cluttered places that served only as cooking workstations.

Over the years, kitchens have undergone a drastic transformation and are now one of the cornerstones of the home.

Modern kitchen designs have turned open-plan with no more butler doors separating the dining sections and cooking area.

Wanna know everything about Kitchen Island and how they enhnce the look?

Stay on the page to know more about Kitchen with island types, kitchen island cost, installing a perfect kitchen island, modern kitchen island deigns and more.

Let’s roll in!

What is an island in a Kitchen?

What is an island in a Kitchen

Kitchen islands offer additional countertop and storage which is not connected with the rest of the kitchen cabinetry and counters.

As their name says, islands are placed in the middle of the kitchen and have an independent counterspace.

They can serve as cooking & prepping area, breakfast counter, dining area, multipurpose table etc.

Modern Kitchen Island typically has drawers, cabinets and even a sink space as well depending on your requirements.

How Kitchen Island enhances the look and make work flow easier?

Prepping, serving, dining and socializing!

Turning it to breakfast area by sliding the chairs beneath the counter space to cooking the meals by installing the hob, turn the kitchen island into the zone you want!

1. Optimizes the space

Kitchen Island plays a crucial role in optimizing the kitchen space and ensures maximum space utilization.

Typically, if you want to keep the kitchen open and struggle with limited wall space, Kitchen Island pose a perfect solution to this problem.

You are able to get the perfect kitchen triangle that makes your manoeuvring seamless.

Also, with portable kitchen island you can easily house appliances either integrated or freestanding.

2. Turns the kitchen more versatile

Apart from adding style and functionality, islands deliver a space to entertain, socialize and do other activities as well.

This area serves as a boon for parents as they can sit with their children and make them do the homework along side while performing kitchen chores.

3. Additional space

Kitchen islands help you perform maximum space utilization from your fixed budget.

It indeed turns out to be the heart of the home where everyone likes to connect and socialize.

How big should a kitchen island be?

While designing a kitchen with island, you should make sure that there is enough space around the island to move around in all four directions.

Even with appliances around, you should be able to seamlessly operate them or open the appliances’ door without creating any clutter or mess.

Building a too big island could turn your kitchen overcrowded and a small one could make it look awkward.

For an open plan kitchen, you can design any type that you feel but for a walled kitchen you need to be careful of all the four sides of the island.

For small kitchens, portable kitchen island works as the best.

How much does a Kitchen Island add value?

Is the kitchen worth adding the island in the new kitchen design?

This question must be boggling in your mind while looking for kitchen island ideas.

Be it storage or counter space or a hub of activity, kitchen island alone has the power to attract the buyers and add substantial value to the home.

Rest, it depends on overall quality, design, island kitchen layout and more that plays additional role in determining the cost and return over investment.

How much does it cost of add a kitchen island?

It’s always better to get the design perfect when you are going for new kitchen installation or a complete renovation of your space.

A perfect planning ensures flawless and timeless appeal to your kitchen that lasts for years to come.

While coming on to kitchen island cost, there is no size fit all approach with kitchen designs.

The cost depends on the layout, types of island, materials used, features you want to install plus existing conditions (if any).

Is Kitchen Island a good option?

The concept of Kitchen Island is no longer a luxury but has turned into a necessity for modern homes that deeply enhances the look n feel of the entire space.

Long, slim, round or compact, kitchen islands are highly adaptable and offer oodles of storage to the kitchen.

The modern kitchen island is aesthetically designed keeping in mind the ergonomics of the kitchen and thereby, keeping the things within reach with minimum physical discomfort.

Adding a kitchen island is not only good but indeed a great idea for every kitchen design.

How much space should be between Kitchen Island and counter?

There is a misconception that more the space between the counter and the kitchen island, the better it is.

But, it’s not.

Having a large kitchen island or huge space between counter and the island would negatively influence the efficiency and work flow of the kitchen.

Also, aesthetically it may look out of proportion and awkward from design and layout angle.

Depending on the design and to ensure practicality as well as safety, there should be a minimum of 1.1m distance between island and the counter.

This spacing also depends on the size and style of the island along with room space.

What things to consider before designing a kitchen island?

Let’s check out 5 essential things that you need to consider getting your kitchen with island perfect.

1. Function of the island

Before designing the kitchen it’s important to envision what exactly is needed or functionality of the island.

Whether it’s cooking, working out a space for food prepping or you need a kid-friendly space and what about seating area?

Everything has to be worked in detail to ensure getting the picture perfect.

2. Freestanding or integrated appliances

Integrating appliances significantly improves the efficiency of the homemaker as well as boost flow of the kitchen.

Want a lose control of appliances, then freestanding in your ideal pick.

Some appliances that can be easily integrated are sink, hob, dish washer, oven, pull over freezer and more.

3. Storage

Apart from counter space and beautiful aesthetics, islands do add a significant storage space.

Think about the items that aren’t accessible or come in the way of your current kitchen design.

Work with your designer and explain him about your requirements and other space requisites.

Yes! Your island can easily store bulkier items to family heirlooms to baking supplies- everything at one single place.

4. Layout, style and design

Explore Google or Pinterest for trending and stylish kitchen island ideas for your dream kitchen island.

Explore the colours, check new styles such as open shelves, ornate legs or sleek lines.

Figure out everything you love and share these ideas with your designer to make sure that kitchen is functional and is practical indeed.

Types of Kitchen Islands

From simple to complex and from inexpensive to pricey, kitchen islands are primarily categorised into two segments:  portable kitchen island and fixed kitchen islands.

Let’s explore some of the trending kitchen islands types.

1. Base Cabinets Island

Types of Kitchen Islands Base cabinets:

It’s the best way to reuse the resources.

Here old base cabinets are used and a slab of stone is placed on it to turn it into a basic kitchen island.

2. Table Island

Table island

Here the island comprise of a built-in table without any cabinets or storage space.

It can be used as informal dining or having an additional preparation space.

3. L-shaped kitchen Island

L-shaped island

Do not get confused with an l-shaped kitchen with an island. It’s different.

Here the island itself is styled in the form of Letter L adding style and dynamism to the overall space.

4. Rectangular Kitchen Island

Rectangular island

It resembles like a gallery kitchen with one side as island (without wall) and the other one with wall.

You can easily add cabinets for additional storage space and can serve as brilliant counter space too.

5. Circular Kitchen Island

Circular kitchen island

Circular Kitchen Island adds visual appeal and value to your beautiful kitchen design.

This type of kitchen offer ample preparation area and a good amount of storage and seating space.

When to avoid a kitchen island?

The main purpose of adding a kitchen island is improving functionality, efficiency and aesthetics.

But, if addition of an island is disrupting the work flow and interrupting the work triangle, try reworking out by changing the layout of the island.

If there are space constraints or there is not enough room in the perimeter of the island to walk around, then avoid going for Kitchen Island.

Should the kitchen island match with the cabinets? 

A kitchen island serves as a centrepiece that adds to the stylish appeal and wow factor to the kitchen.

It perfectly depends on your choice whether you want to match the cabinets with the slab stone to turn it minimalistic or try going for contrast to make it stand out.

The goal is to make sure that it should deliver a cohesive look to the entire space.

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