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TEL Kitchens Delivered 89 Modern Kitchens at Luxe Tower and Eastlight Apartments

Luxe Tower and Eastlight Apartments

Do you wanna see the exact definition of luxury?

We bet you haven’t visited the Luxe Tower and Eastlight Apartments!

If you would have then probably your perception of the luxurious apartment would have been different.

TEL Kitchens is back with an exceptional experience of delivering 89 kitchens with Canbury Constructions.

Let us take you to the lovely experience of crafting this luxurious apartment’s Kitchens.

How did it all start?

The path to delivering excellence wasn’t easy!

Since all the companies work collaboratively to attain the desired luxurious outcome.

We also worked collaboratively to define the luxurious apartments in Dock Street.

Being a kitchen design and manufacturing specialist, and a collaborative partner of Canbury Constructions, we discussed the client’s requirements and their expectations.

Project Description

The primary requirement for all the kitchens was to embrace modernity.

Every kitchen design and space required different planning with style statement additions.

Well, before discussing the entire project, don’t you think that we must start it the way it actually went?

And it was pretty obvious to get familiar with the space as well!

Rather than just being a well-structured vacant space, the space has to say a lot more!

Therefore, it was necessary to visit the space.

Kitchen spaces uniquely catered to the space and client’s requirements!

Visiting the space was a perfect turn-on for us to start with the project.

And the plus point was the client requirements were somewhat similar but the space suggested experimenting with the different layouts.

Indeed the 89 kitchens is a huge number!

Creating an exclusive space while maintaining the aesthetic appeal was indeed challenging!

But worrying wasn’t our cup of tea.

And so, beginning with the designing and manufacturing of the kitchens was necessary.

But wait!

You thought we are actually beginning with the manufacturing thing as well?

How can you forget about the TEL Kitchens designing process?

We know you forgot the Kitchen Rendering!

Ohh that’s not done!

Depicting a kitchen design in 3D Renders and getting it approved before starting with manufacturing is what makes us separate from the rest.

Even though it wasn’t necessary but as two minds can do separate wonders and even the suggestions concerning the kitchen designs were also welcome.

  • Bold themes
  • Complementing colours
  • Unique finishes
  • Pretty textures
  • And aesthetic appeal

All were the primary elements of our 3D architectural visualisations to let our clients witness the real appearance of the space and what it will look like after completing the construction.

And surprisingly the reaction was more exciting than we thought.

Our partner was more than happy to view the space with exact elements, colour combinations, finishes, and textures.

Post the approval and suggestions, the finalised renders then went to the exact manufacturing warehouse to proceed with the execution of the kitchen elements.

Kitchen Designing and Manufacturing

Designed for the convenience and aesthetic appeal with kitchen ergonomics in mind, all the kitchen designs were crafted with a minimalistic and modern touch.

You must be wondering about the details of the kitchen space, right?

Obviously, it’s a huge project and how 89 kitchens were built at once from a single team only was commendable!

But here the team’s proficiency and experience helped us shine and deliver the project on time with complete satisfaction.

Let us talk about the specific kitchen design details to make you familiar with it all!

Kitchen Units

Kitchen Units are crafted with a featured lightings lacquer finish or veneer finish, magic corners, vegetable drawers, and featuring cutlery drawers.

And not only this but recycling bins and pull-out waste were also a part of the design.

To accommodate everything nicely, each shape and size of utensils have complete space.

Kitchen Countertop and Kitchen Splashbacks

Since the kitchen worktops and splashbacks are the primary components of the kitchen space, it indeed needs to be durable, functional, and aesthetically appealing too.

With all functional elements in mind, the composite stone was used to add the functional yet eye-pleasing addition to the space.

Kitchen Layout

The kitchen layout is the foundation of the kitchen spaces that will be the deciding factor in how you can incorporate other elements within it.

Since every kitchen space was unique and with a different structure, the three kitchen layouts followed for all the 89 kitchens.

However, which one will be perfect for a particular apartment was decided with the help of the space only.

The three kitchen layouts include:

  • L-shaped Kitchen Layout


Though it is the most common kitchen layout that is often opted.

But it is indeed a functional choice that actually matches the kitchen spaces.

Each L-shaped kitchen layout was designed with the desired functionality and aesthetic appeal.

And we were more than happy to craft the dedicated space for every unit and kitchen accessories.

While following the traditional working triangle rule within the kitchen, convenience and functionality were attained.

  • Straight Modular Kitchen Layout


For the larger kitchen spaces, a slightly reserved plan as per the requirements shared.

This kitchen layout is an elongated kitchen plan that is big enough to accommodate all the appliances and other essentials.

Either exhibit showpieces or maintain a decluttered ambiance,

This kitchen layout offers it all while adapting a luxurious style.

Don’t worry about the storage, as it has more storage than you think.

  • Small L-shaped Kitchen Plan


L-shaped kitchen layouts work best for every kitchen space, but what if the kitchen space is smaller than you thought?

Well, that was our focus query to be answered for the smaller kitchen spaces.

But our team of professionals attained excellence in that as well.

Since the L-shaped is the most functional one, the small L-shaped kitchen layout was perfect for the compact spaces.

While overcoming the space restriction, the solution of small L-shaped kitchen layouts went perfectly for the compact kitchens.

Kitchen appliances

As shared earlier the entire kitchen design setup was a modular one, the kitchen appliances were integrated well within the design to create a more streamlined outcome.

However, the topmost kitchen appliances used for all the kitchens include:

  • Siemens integrated a single multi-function oven
  • Siemens integrated microwave combination oven
  • Siemens induction hob
  • Siemens integrated tall fridge freezer or under counter fridge
  • Siemens integrated a multi-function dishwasher
  • Wine Cooler Unit
  • Built-in canopy extractor hood

Kitchen Sink

As per the space stainless steel under the mounted single or double sink as appropriate.

With the functionality and convenience in the mind, everything was well planned and manufactured to fit in the space.

 Installing the kitchen

Since everything was crafted at the TEL Kitchens warehouse, it is essential to install the kitchen perfectly within the kitchen space to give a more streamlined look.

Well, don’t think that this will call for additional time requirements.

As not only the manufacturing team is completely in-house but also the logistics and transportation are managed internally.

So, no excuse for any delays with the installations.

Once the manufacturing is complete, our team themselves visit to install it appropriately to give an errorless output.

Who said that only manufacturing requires time.

Even the appropriate installation also requires time.

But again, that is not an excuse as this was done in the mentioned time frame only.


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 Bottom Line!

Did you also find it an amazing experience?

Well, we actually experienced the amazing!

And the fantastic part is taking a bow at our team for showing great calibre to serve such enormous requirements with satisfaction.

Well, wait, the best is yet to come!

“The outcome completely exceeded our expectations, and we are proud to have you as our partner”

Indeed, such words made our day!!

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