pinterest A complete "How-To" guide on fitting a kitchen

A complete “How-To” guide on fitting a kitchen

A complete “How-To” guide on fitting a kitchen

“Fitting a kitchen, yourself” – doesn’t it sound interesting?

Well, it probably sounds exciting now, but it can be horrible too!

Wondering how it can be horrible?

Well, fitting a kitchen yourself is not only the catch but designing, manufacturing, and installing it appropriately is the real meaning of fitting the kitchen.

And if you think that you can do it easily, you are probably wrong!

Because one bad move or one wrong choice can cost you a lot.

After reading so many DIY guides, it might sound easy, but it is not always easy to implement.

And when it is about creating such a functional part of the home, the expectations get more on the higher side.

This is the reason why it is always good to take the kitchen design professional’s help. It will not only provide a functional piece in the home but also

  • Saves you from making costly mistakes
  • Provides precise, accurate, and desired outcome
  • Provide a kitchen with lesser physical discomfort
  • Convenient and efficient kitchen space
  • A kitchen design exceeding your expectations
  • And most importantly, an aesthetically pleasing appearance that you will fall in love with.

So, it definitely requires professional expertise to get it all, and that too is devoid of any hassles.

How to fit a kitchen?

How to fit a kitchen?

How about having a beautiful yet functional kitchen space that gives you a sense of comfort along with all the operational elements?

Mesmerising indeed!

Now imagine yourself doing everything to get it all for your kitchen space.

Did you find it challenging to choose it all on your own?

Indeed, it is!

And what the major challenging part is choosing the style material, getting it, all well measured and based on those accurate dimensions.

However, the technology and expertise have made it possible without any hassles.

Connecting to a kitchen design and manufacturing expert can help you fit a kitchen design efficiently to transform it into a completely functional piece.

However, TEL Kitchens has brought a simple process to fit a kitchen in the desired space hassle freely.

Here’s all that you need to follow!

1. Choosing your kitchen design, manufacturing, and installing partner

Once you have made up your mind to bring the change in your kitchen space, all you need to do is choose a reliable kitchen design, manufacturer and installing partner.

Researching the elements and materials according to your desire is a perfect way to start with. This will help you generate a wide array of queries that will help you choose the partner by clarifying the doubts.

Our design experts patiently listen to the requirements and begin with the discussions phase.

2. Determining your requirements

The essential step of beginning with the fitting of the kitchen design is determining the requirements. This may include the below questions.

Analysing answers to the same might be helpful to initiate kitchen design.

  • What kitchen style can fit well in your area?
  • How much area do you have?

How can you bring in real change in your kitchen?

  • What essential elements do you require to embed in your kitchen space?
  • How can you bring the desired seamless look in your kitchen that matches your style, needs, and taste?

And several others.

The design experts will answer all these efficiently as per your desires.

3. Strategizing

Since planning a design and getting one as desired is challenging, strategizing things well is essential.

The kitchen design and manufacturing experts will visit your space to get accurate dimensions.

Since it is not only about getting familiar with people, to attain higher accuracy within the designs, our kitchen experts will visit the location to get acquainted with the kitchen space too.

Even the minute details are a part of the kitchen design process, and this strategizing phase focuses on the same.

4. Set a realistic budget

Setting a realistic budget for every design and manufacturing process is essential.

This spares you from being over-ambitious about the kitchen design.

However, selecting the budget won’t provide anything short, but it will help you choose the best while matching the taste.

Getting hold of the appropriate materials that are in your budget is the need of the hour, and design experts are familiar with the high-quality materials that may land within your budget.

5. Finalise the Layout

Working on the kitchen layout is imperative for a perfect workflow and enhanced efficiency.

Based on the kitchen space and keeping in mind the kitchen ergonomics, a kitchen layout is finalised.

However, if the space permits experimenting with the various layouts, one can choose from the U-shaped, L-shaped, single wall, galley or island kitchen.

Select the one that matches the requirements and choice.

The kitchen design professionals ensure that your kitchen follows a perfect work triangle rule to have a smooth workflow.

6. Analyse the storage needs

It is time to start by identifying the storage requirements.

This will help decide which kitchen cabinets will be an efficient solution for your kitchen space.

You can choose any with a wide array of options from larder units, base units, drawers, tall units, and many other styles.

And the best part is, an open shelving arrangement can help you save from a lot of closing and opening of the doors.

The modular kitchen cabinets facilitate better organisation.

7. Plan the design

Ultimately, it is your choice to select a traditional, modern space or an utterly modular kitchen style.

You can generate further elements that may help you choose the other essential elements based on the choices.

8. Find suitable materials.

Choosing the lower quality material will undoubtedly lower the cost for now.

But it will increase the maintenance cost, and not only this, but it also affects the kitchen durability.

From kitchen splashbacks to countertops, flooring and other materials, select the perfect materials for your kitchen space.

9. Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

Kitchen accessories have a lot more to say rather than just accommodating the kitchen essentials!

From wicker baskets, cutlery organisers of variant sizes to pull out spice units, inner dividing systems and corner units to utilise the dump spaces, kitchen accessories can help use it all efficiently by providing a space-saving solution.

Kitchen appliances are not only awkwardly matched adjustments anymore.

Today’s kitchen appliances blend seamlessly within the design to create a more streamlined design.

10. Colour selection

A pop of colour always makes a difference. A diligent colour selection enhances the mood while making the space more lively and classy.

Whether you like a single pop of colour or a two-toned contrasting, or a timeless white, your colour selection can change the entire scenario.

11. Appropriate Lighting

Well-lit kitchen space is an essential element that can make or break the entire mood.

To keep the mood enhanced and joyful, choose the appropriate lighting that blends seamlessly within the kitchen interiors while helping you focus on the specific tasks with task lighting.

Bring in the difference with the well-distributed lighting and use it all as per the requirements.

12. 3D Renders

Are you done with the planning?

Here starts your designing phase!

With 3D Renders and architectural visualisation tools, the technology has made it possible to see your dream kitchen design with accurate elements way before actually laying down a brick.

It is indeed a perfect way to connect with the rendering experts to have an eye-appealing and aesthetically pleasing modular kitchen design.

13. Manufacturing the kitchen

Once you are satisfied with the 3D renders, based on the appropriate dimensions of the space, the professionals will start manufacturing the kitchen at their warehouse and craft it with the chosen elements.

14. Installation of the kitchen

The best part is that post-development, the professionals themselves install the kitchen in the space by fitting it well.

And not only this, but the installation by the professionals also includes the maintenance phase and after-sale services. So, you do not have to worry about anything for the upcoming several years!

Why go for the DIYs when you can get it all hassle-free with professional help!

How long does it take to fit a kitchen?

Kitchen fitting time might not be calculated just like that.

Designing a kitchen, manufacturing it and its installation indeed requires time. Along with this choosing the suitable material and getting your hands on the perfect materials that not only suit your décor but also suit your pocket is essential.

However, there is always a breakthrough in this as getting some professional help may facilitate picking the right choices while getting a kitchen space designed, manufactured, and installed in a lesser time than what you have thought.

How much does kitchen fitting cost?

Designing and fitting a modular kitchen cost varies as it entirely depends upon several parameters, including the

  • Kitchen Size
  • Shape
  • Materials
  • Kitchen Accessories
  • Styles
  • And many more.

However, with the help of professional advice, you can always get a completely functional piece in your home, devoid of burning a hole in the pockets.

Everything needs to be taken care of well, from designing a kitchen to manufacturing and installing it.

And the kitchen fitting cost might depend upon it.

So, you must choose the services from a reliable service provider only.

Bottom Line!

Designing and fitting a kitchen is indeed a hectic process.

But by just following the process mentioned above to fit a kitchen, no matter how big your modular kitchen is or how small a space you have to experiment with, your kitchen style is traditional or completely contemporary; you can still get it all in a systematic and well-planned manner.

At TEL Kitchens, we plan, design, visualise, manufacture and install kitchen designs that exceed our client’s expectations while adding value to the property.

So, if you are looking for the best kitchen design and manufacturer in the UK, TEL Kitchens is the name to count on!

Get in touch with the kitchen design experts today!

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