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How TEL Kitchens Delivered 44 Modern Kitchens at 2 Jubilee Street, Stepney Green, London E1 0LA

Jubilee Street, Stepney Green, London

And that is what was the topmost requirement of our 2 Jubilee Street, Stepney Green, London E1 0LA project!

We are very excited to share our best-ever experience building and designing the project from scratch.

Indeed, the project was huge, comprising 44 kitchens in total, but the requirements and experience of working on it were outstanding.

How did it all start?

A few months ago, we got a call from someone living in London. They were looking for kitchen design services for their newly built and actually wanted a convenient and durable kitchen design.

Since the project was huge, they were also a bit sceptical about whom to choose as their services provider!

But yes, that single phone call actually kick-started their project.

After the phone call, what process they followed was pretty easy to go through, and that is not what we are saying, but it’s our clients who actually said it.

Well, here is how it all went!

Discussions and Suggestions

Post the call discussions; the client came to our workspace the very next day to have further communication over the same.

With the details of the entire kitchen space of all the 44 kitchens, we finally got an idea about their requirements but was that enough to craft it all?

Well, being experienced in the field, we know that it wasn’t enough and a lot more had to be explored.

Building connection with a property visit

It’s time to build the connection!

Well, no, we are not talking about the clients only, but the space too!

TEL Kitchens experts believe that before starting the work, it is essential to get familiar with the space and reward our clients with accuracy and precision.

So, our proficient professionals went to the clients’ space to have accurate measurements and understand the client’s expectations more clearly.

Developing 3D renders

Once our team got the accurate measurements, it was time to pace up the kitchen design process.

With the high-quality 3D kitchen render of the entire space, our professionals crafted the whole design of the kitchen with all the elements, floor plan, textures, materials, colours, and adequate lighting to help the client visualize their space devoid of any further imagination.

And that is what helped our clients to share their suggestions about the expectations of their dream kitchen.

Refining of requirements in the rendered image

Well, yes, it wasn’t the final one that we showed to our clients as even the last-minute changes were made based on the client’s opinions.

And our expertise always believes in welcoming all suggestions.

So, even the minute changes were considered well to craft a highly satisfactory space for the clients.

The final Designing phase of the space

How can we not start with the final design process after the client’s approval?

As it was the time to transform a plain walled space into a completely functional piece.

With the start of the kitchen design, our kitchen design experts followed the entire approved kitchen design while keeping in mind the client’s requirements and professional aspects.

When the design process is functioning with the complete blend of client requirements and professional expertise, how can one expect anything less than excellent?

And that is what happened with them.

Manufacturing of the kitchens

But before we delivered the kitchen designs, the entire kitchens were manufactured in our warehouse as per the client’s approved design.

And we are glad to share that with a complete in-house team of professionals, we were able to develop it on time with no delays in the deliveries.

Post-development, our professionals themselves installed the kitchen in the space and what happened later was unbelievable for us too.

Delivering the completely designed kitchen space

Here comes the final stage, and we actually crossed our fingers for the most-awaited reaction of our client.

And to our surprise, it was more than expected.

And they were delighted with this complete functional piece, handcrafted by the kitchen design experts.

Wanna see the outcome??

Here is the final kitchen design, exclusively crafted and designed by TEL Kitchens experts!

Stand out properties of the kitchen spaces

Stand out properties of the kitchen spaces! 

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

The L-shaped kitchen design with complete handleless kitchen cabinets in textured grey and integrated appliances alone created a completely seamless look within the kitchen.

Based on the client’s requirements, look at these kitchen cabinets in the concrete finish is attaining heights of sophistication within the space.

Kitchen Splashback and Kitchen Worktop

Kitchen Splashback and Kitchen Worktop

Kitchen worktops are those functional elements that are essential to make kitchen space more operational.

The extreme hot and cold resistant property and the capability to adhere to all the wear and tear are the functional characteristics of this kitchen countertop and splashback in a durable Vanilla Noir stone.

Especially the textured black splashback and worktop matched with textured cabinetry is the primary appealing characteristic of this kitchen design.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

When it is about the grey and black colour theme combination, how can kitchen appliances be awkwardly matched?

Our professional team installed and fitted the black kitchen appliances within the space to make the appearance more seamless.

Kitchen flooring

Kitchen flooring

While keeping it all modular style kitchen, the wooden flooring is the perfect pick in this kitchen space to add the elements of a traditional touch.


A kitchen space with dull lighting is always mood-shattering.

But look at the appropriate lighting arrangement, highlighting everything efficiently, making the cooking mood always joyful.

Kitchen sink, taps, and channelling

In order to create a smooth touch matching the space, the kitchen sink, taps, and channels are crafted with the SS finish.

This cold rolling stainless steel or SS finish produces a less pitted yet smoother surface.

44 kitchens

Yes, the most remarkable fact about this project was manufacturing and designing a total of 44 kitchens.

And what was more astonishing about it – the client was looking for exactly the same setup for all the kitchens.

This includes the colour combinations, textures, materials, and appliances.

However, the only change was the kitchen layouts.

The entire kitchen design requirements were different only in terms of the kitchen layouts suiting best to the space.

Kitchen Layouts

Jubilee Street

According to the client’s requirements, the kitchen layouts were divided into three styles only. This includes:

  • U-shaped Kitchen Layout
  • L-shaped Kitchen Layout
  • Single wall Kitchen layout

And, Bang on!

The most challenging yet unique requirement was to deliver it all with an aesthetically appealing appearance that somewhat resolves the ideology of similar kitchens within the entire project.

Giving our team a great round of applause that they delivered it all with no installation and manufacturing errors.

Bottom Line!

With so many exciting and interesting things happening throughout the journey of developing this project, what was the most satisfactory part were the reviews we received from the client.

“It was more than what we expected. We are delighted to share our experience of working with the team ‘TEL KITCHENS.’ And the most fascinating fact about the outcome was that we actually thought of getting a similar output but the results exceeded our expectations. It was pleasant working with such a cooperative and talented team.”

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